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  1. I flew this list just *** a reason to have 3 N1s on the table. I won the game, and it seemed good and fun if not A-tier. Anakin Skywalker - N1 Juke R2 Astromech Padme Amidala Juke R2 Astromech Naboo Handmaiden Mace Windu Calibrated Laser targeting I put decoy onto padme so that I could keep her debuff in the game as long as possible. this allowed her to talon roll and still have a token for defense. I've got the following list also in my bag to play some evening Padme Amidala R2 Astromech Naboo Handmaiden Anakin Skywalker - Aethersprite R2 Astromech Delta 7B Stealth Device The idea being to decoy anakin giving him all the defensive mods that he needs to score points in the early game so that he can close out the end game. Reminiscent of the 100 point ace from version one with Lowhhrick and Fenn As the handmaidens are so expensive at 44 points, I think they need to be run naked. I've dabbled with putting regen on them too as their gun is worthless, so a disarm token isn't a bad thing.
  2. My favoured build is Paige gunner over Rey for the free rotates, however Rey is awesome in herself as she makes you not entirely helpless if you get your actions shut down either by a block, or a panicked pilot. I don't think I'd ever run Vennie without either of Perceptive co-pilot, or C-3PO on board. Considering both his ability and the VTG shots, you are going to need a lot of modifiers for those shots, so force, rerolls and focus will all get used up quite fast, and faster still if you are the focus of incoming shots.
  3. You can't build a list that only functions if all pieces are intact. When you lose your M9-G8 carrier, you should have ensured that you are up on points, then you are still left with a giant points fortress and an end game ace that you can use to close out. M9-G8 and perceptive co-pilot is the power behind the gunship Vennie because it makes for two hyper accurate shots.
  4. You know what M9-G8 does right?
  5. line Up to joust a tie swarm. Rule of 11. Proton bomb out the front into the swarm. Then double tap something to death. Then proton bomb out the rear as you jump over them. Whatever doesn’t die is on 1 health after turn 4. Tie swarms that don’t joust in a block you can just pick apart. Honestly bomber vs tie swarm is a 90/10 matchup.
  6. nope. The only thing that is staples to Vennie is VTG. You want to give him M9-G8 too so that means flying him with an Astromech carrying escort (usually Bastian, though the new resistance transport is another option) im a bit astonished at the general tone of this thread to be honest. Vennie is a great piece, he costs half your list when built well but he does the work of two ships comfortably. He’s my favourite ship in 2nd edition to date and I’ve not even scratched the surface of what you can do with him. Still need to fly the stealth device/Rey build.
  7. On Traj Sim and costs. Star fortress already got a 10+ point drop to coincide with the 10 point increase to traj sim.
  8. The best Vennie builds come in at 104-106 ... no idea where 125 points comes from. Percop plus m9-g8 on an escort Bastian and you get something that is hyper accurate. Just flat out stating that they are in a bad spot is baseless hyperbole. They fly differently and you cant mindlessly shove them into the enemy like you can with quad T-70s. I got top table on an 87 person hyperspace trial with Vennie/Bastian/Lulo. Since the points changes I can’t fit Lulo anymore but there’s a lot of good solid fun and competitive advantage to be had from a star fortress.
  9. I love flying my Vennie. So good with Paige and VTG. Paired with Bastian with m9-g8 to make his shots hyper accurate. It chews up ace squads with those double taps.
  10. Traj Sim is expensive, but in a swarm heavy meta it's worth the points. Trading one damage on the fortress for one on every enemy ship is great. the threat of bombs (especially bombs with fuses) is a real thing. I've won games with the upgrade alone ... it makes games against Tie swarms, or Fang fighters much more one sided. The issue is when you face a list that can eat the single damage to give themselves better position to annihilate the bomber with massed fire. A fortress can eat a round of fire from a Tie Swarm, but it's less happy against any of the higher power massed guns.
  11. I just flew my Paige / VTG Vennie for the first time since points changes. I traded Lulo for heroic/crack/optics Tallie and dropped Bastian to the i1 rookie. I really missed his TL efficiency so might drop optics to get Bastian back. It’s still a strong ship and builds are many and fun. I’m trying out the stealth device/Rey version next I think 🤔😬😆
  12. If Anakin fails his barrel roll pre-move can composure trigger to switch force for focus? the answer is no. By the way!
  13. Dreadai

    Figuring out Ric

    I've flown a number of Ric builds, and I find him best when kept light and cheap. He disproportionately impacts games for his points value, causing opponents to fly around his ability. I run him as a flanker, usually with a regen droid to keep him in the fight. If he gets blocked and killed, he has distracted the list so that he gets a good pass in. Similarly, he is really easy to outfox people with as they expect him to go fast, and the best move for him is often a 1 bank, or 2 straight. One thing I have enjoyed is the evade as calculate droid as he can always determine whether to reposition as an action, and still have a focus mod, or to lock (or focus)
  14. Is it super relevant? If you roll a focus, you can add one but the net result is the same after you spend a force/ focus - you turn 1 of them. If you don’t roll a focus, you can add a focus result, then spend a force/token to change it - you are still modding that same result. It doesn’t say you can only modify it once. Outstanding question for me ... if I roll a focus and TL reroll it into another focus, is it the same focus result, or a different one. Its like inception, but with weighted dice.
  15. The best time to start playing a list is just after it has taken the full force of the nerf bat.
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