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  1. Stream for Worlds?

    I think x-wing junkies are streaming too?
  2. Streaming of Top Cut from Italian System Open

    It’s all on the event Facebook page - also on the first earth Facebook page.
  3. Was messing around with Resistance Bombers

    You can only drop one set of mine tokens per ship with minefield mapper. Recent FAQ clarified.
  4. Who is a better M9-G8 carrier?

    I love M9-G8 on Jess, and on AP5 ... the latter with weapons engineer. For 21 points, you get rerolls for two friendly ships, or if you like, you can switch it onto enemy ships to blunt offense. Paired with his stress reducing pilot ability, he's a 21 point power piece who can really turn the tide of a battle.
  5. Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say

    I find it interesting that people equate long term players quitting the game with 'the game is bad or unhealthy'. People move from hobby to hobby and game to game all the time. That someone has played x-wing for 5 years, and is now moving to something else could be as much to do with their own mentality and approach to hobby play as with the game itself. Trying to intellectualise why you are moving to a new game is fine, but then imposing your biased view on the community serves to dissuade new people from getting in to the game that you used to love. Conflating declining numbers at x-wing night with a perceived reduction in quality of the product, when you attend x-wing night and spend the time complaining about the game is just weird. It's nearly as weird as the mynocks complaining about the state of the meta while reinforcing and promoting the lists that meta is comprised of. ('Raptor attack is bad for the game and broken as all **** ... hey lets all fly it at the next big tournament, and all make top 16.... now lets podcast complaining that 8 of the top 16 were the same list!') If you want to change your local meta, or your regional meta and so improve the play experience for new and old players, as a community, you must actively take steps to play things that subvert the so called 'power lists' rather than just jumping on the latest bandwagon and yelling how broken it is while rolling around in your swag brag of acrylics.
  6. Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say

    But your use of data is heavily biased to what people play in countries that provide data. It's US centric and top-cut centric. We have a straight data point of arced ships winning 2 or maybe 3 system opens (Imperial/Palp aces) - the same number as fat turrets, or regen turrets, or bomb turrets... You are correct that turrets are heavily favoured over arcs as a competetive choice that makes life a bit easier for pilots, but saying that arcs are not competitive at all is still fallacious.
  7. Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say

    I agree with the OP. The game isn't perfect, but rather than complaining about it, we just play the game that is in front of us, and encourage new players to do the same. This has led to a developing and flowering community. Our local FLGS has between 8 and 15 every Tuesday with a steady run of people looking for pick up and league games. We have a solid culture that you play whoever asks whether you are a top tier player or a newbie, so everyone improves bit by bit. Our last GNK had 18 players for a 3 round Swiss with a mixture of top meta lists and more funsies stuff being rolled out. As a group, we are pretty sold that this is one of the most open meta environments to date. We have good players flying all 3 factions, and doing equally well. At big tournaments, we have a reasonable, if not stellar showing, but that is improving event by event.
  8. COTD #9: Cruise Missiles

    They are a great card, and a perfectly acceptable way to shed a point in a list if you can’t afford harpoons. I don’t think they are ever ‘better’ than Harpoons but they are a close second.
  9. Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say

    I can’t agree with you here. Most of the problems raised by the community are not valid, they are born out of salt and frustrations out of players self imposing other rules on themselves that make their version of the game harder. The problems won’t grow maybe some folk will perceive their own problem growing due to a steadfast refusal to adapt their gameplay to the current game design. As OP said - the game is in a great, healthy and growing place. No need to rain on a positivity thread by recanting the lines you’ve heard on podcasts for the last few months
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Clearly you get very upset very easily. Having judged and reffed at a number of nerd based hobby events in the past, it really is thankless. Perks or no perks - and lets be frank, these normally equate to some alt arts, room and board, you are (for free) giving up a weekend to stand in a room with a number of people playing a game you love while you don't get to play the game. In this instance, you have to not conflate the roles of TO (Organiser), Marshall (Head Judge) and Judge. They are a scale of authority, and our man Dragoon was talking to the bottom 'level' of judge. He follows guidance and process applied by those higher up the chain. To influence judge methods, policies and processes you really want to start looking higher up the chain of authority rather than ragging on volunteers who are doing what their 'boss' tells them to do.
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Gave us an example of a case where the judge explicitly followed the ruling of a Marshall. Be mad at the Marshall, not the judge who has been put in that position.
  12. Our local store folk love the wookiees list when I fly it. I usually have a queue wanting to get time in against it so that they can beat it at tournaments. It has all led to me getting a bit disheartened by it in general ... a few games against lists built to tech against the list (or natural predators for it) and it can seem like it has a load of unwinnable matchups. Then I see tactical wookiees make 2 appearances in top 16, and one at top 4, with a third player flying the magic carpet ride to top 16 all at Birmingham system open ... and I realise it is a really strong meta call right now ... I'm partially tempted to fly them exclusively until I git gud with them ... and part tempted to put them away and join the Lowhhrick/Ezra&friend revolution... I can't see a future for rebels that doesn't include that particular wookiee right now.
  13. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Despite living in a populous area, with two game stores within 45 minutes drive of my house, I recognise much of what you put in your post, especially this part. Our local meta is healthy, and I think that is because we regularly have 20-30 people turn up to play games on x-wing night, and groups of up to 8 randomly form and start playing on other nights. We maintain this by keeping open discussions going about what we are flying, and why ... if someone wants to practice with the recent meta bogeyman, there will be someone who wants to practice against it, similarly if someone turns up with a desire to play funsies lists, most folk have a funsies list ready to go. Having the flexibility is key to building a welcoming environment. We have premier event winners, worlds top 8 players and more at our store regularly, and one of the best games I have ever lost was against one such person when I'd been playing about 2 months, and was getting a bit cocky. I'm a bit baffled by the perceived downturn in the US x-wing community right now. It doesn't mirror my experience of the game, and the community in the UK at all, and I can't help but look to cultural differences as to why that is the case.
  14. So like ... it seems like a self fulfilling prophesy ... Fuel is cheap, so I will drive places rather than use transit as it is more comfortable ... so noone uses transit, so no invests in it, and because voters drive everywhere, politicians keep the rates on fuel low, so fuel is cheap ... Interesting to note that the dollar cost of an x-wing ship is (give or take) the same as the sterling cost ... so there is (currently) approximately a 20-40% mark up on buying models in the UK over the US. Sadly Brexit will likely increase the disparity further over time.