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  1. Dreadai

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Something that has come up in the Krayts thread is that you can use Composure to force Snap Wexley to fail his free boost to gain a focus, and then take a TL as his action, so he gets double modded attacks ... this makes me happy ... the only sad time is that he moves at i4 rather than 5!
  2. Dreadai

    Baby Blues, Too (2.0)

    That's why R5, you can use it without charges to flip cards face down like damaged engine, hull breach or fuel leak. Choices seem good! Also, Jess really wants to be able to reroll twice a turn, she *will* get targeted to neuter her offense, and being able to reroll twice for defence and once for offence in clutch turns really adds to her value
  3. Dreadai

    Baby Blues, Too (2.0)

    Jess needs a mech with charges on it to get the best out of her ability.
  4. Dreadai

    Rank the T70 pilots

    I love the T-70 and can't wait to fly more and more of it. Ifind ello asty more reliable that Nien Nunb. He doesn't need any upgrades, though I usually make him heroic. He can joust for ever with his white t-rolls into a focus (or, as he is moving at i5, maybe a lock if not receiving return fire!) I get the PA Nien build, but for points efficiency at i5, it's hard to look past the beasty boy. My order is Poe - can be built "cheap" or expensive, but double reposition at i6 and emergency Slam to get out of dodge make him a tricky customer and strong end game ship. Ello Asty - White turn-around, he is the closest ship to a tie defender with a white t-roll. While he can't action efficiency as well as Poe or Nien, he doesn't need upgrades to support him. Nien Nunb - Maybe tempered by my failure to get value from him in the games I've played, He really needs to get PA on to extract maximum value, however even naked he can replicate Ello Asty's ability if you can land red moves in the right place. Jessika Pava - Still amazing, still hits like a truck. The only issue with her is that she needs to fly with other ships. She acts as a great sponge for torpedos and early alphas, helping to keep more valuable, stronger end-game ships alive. Blue squadron rookiee - I put these high because of sheer efficiency. 4 of them with HLC, or R$ astros is so good. It's just a shame you can't run 4 with R2 astros I've not experience of flying the other named pilots yet, though I have a bunch of lists for post christmas to get them all on the table! I
  5. Dreadai

    Baby Blues, Too (2.0)

    First squad I put down on the table was Jessika Pava and three baby blues. Jessika Pava (52) R5 Astromech (5) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (46) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (46) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (46) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 The lack of symmetry in the blues annoys me though, so next thing I'm doing with the 4 T-70s is 4 blues with HLC. Being able to take a focus every turn and not have to decide whether or not you have to spend it on attack is a massive benefit of i1-2. A HLC with focus averages 3 hits, that's a lot of punch. I'm interested by the red squadrons, but also in trading in the named low initiative pilots like Bastian to shoot last with a double modded attack.
  6. Dreadai

    Poe/Nien/Bastian (competitive)

    Well done, you got an internet point.
  7. Dreadai

    Poe/Nien/Bastian (competitive)

    Yeah ... he wanted to know how to get 3 actions.
  8. Dreadai

    Poe/Nien/Bastian (competitive)

    It involves Nien doing a red move with foils closed to land in range 1 of an enemy and then PA focus into barrel roll before taking a TL. The theory is that you end up range 1 in bullseye to shed all the stress as you get it from red moves and linked actions. Its not going to be something you manage to pull off every game!
  9. Dreadai

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Don’t forget static discharge vanes to toss your ion token into someone else!
  10. Dreadai


    I’ve flown heroic Poe in a couple of games. Heroic/Title/R4 and Proton Torps are his mainstays I think, though pre-move BB positioning is really powerful too.
  11. Dreadai

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    why deal in real terms when hyperbole laden diatribes will suffice. Decent i6 aces will feast on Kylo, Poe is the best of them. Interestingly, you can easily build Poe to out point Kylo, and even put regen on him if you like.
  12. Dreadai

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Not yet. I’m not sure they are needed. Poe does fine with R4. Maybe even better than with bb-8. They also hike the cost as you ‘need’ to put primed thrusters on him too. I think R5-X3 is a better choice for Ello and Nien Nunb doesn’t want to be doing blue moves
  13. Dreadai

    Are triple T70's viable?

    (55) Nien Numb (5) Pattern Analyzer (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic Points 61 (56) Ello Asty (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic Points 57 (68) Poe Dameron (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (2) Black One (2) R4 Astromech (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 82 Total points: 200 flew this last night, Ello and Poe didngood work. Nien got trapped and killed early so I didn’t get much value from him. My main finding is that Heroicnis pure 100% staple onto T70s. It mitigates those double blanks and makes them much much harder to kill. Procced 5 times last night. So good ill probably change the list up, lose torps on Poe to put R5-X3 on Ello so he can t-roll around in the rocks for fun
  14. Dreadai

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    One offs? Didn’t you see PAX. It was wall to wall dash roark.
  15. Dreadai

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Swarm Tactics torp Poe with target sync, Torp Jess and a filler blue squadron to act as a blocker I think is my starter. Poe looks like a ridiculously good i6 Torp carrier with easy double mods, For Jess, target sync gives her a double modded torp as long as she fires before Poe. I considered putting an A-Wing in instead of the blue squadron rookie, but decided the T-70 poses a bigger ongoing threat.