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  1. Hahahahahaha I also hope it shows up in time. This was just too good ^^
  2. Jamming beam appear to cancel die results (possibly 0 damage?) and linked batteries small ship only. Im not holding my breath
  3. Short answer yes It would depend on ship and paint job, but yes
  4. So you know the dials already, champ? Please share the knowledge ^^
  5. Lol! take your 'like' and the door's over there ^^
  6. Where's the wave XII article, Lebowski?? WHERE'S THE ******* ARTICLE, LEBOWSKI!?!?
  7. If legion minis were painted then I'd be all over it like a bad rash. As it is, I'd prefer 40k
  8. There is a thread below with quick youtube clip of the models (sexy) but i havent seen other info images... Someone needs to .jpg this **** stat!!
  9. Where can i find pics and info!?! Ed - found some images noice!
  10. Personally PTL if decent green dial (protectorate, lancer) Expertise for offense based ship (COBRAAAA, Dengar) Pred for other EPT carriers that A. Aren't low PS squad (would rather attani or deadeye or who knows what) B. Have crap *green* dial (my scurrgs like intensity) C. Dont have the red dice output to warrant expertise (eh - see above?) There are exceptions but this is generally my take
  11. Coming to xwing from MTG - I think this game is ludicrously simple. You could triple the complexity and imo this wouldn't be approaching MTGs shadow yet Also i vs'd bobagator once and that was all kinds of 'doesn't matter what you dialled in'. Likewise I think there is a VCX build that does a similar thing nowadays?
  12. I cant decide if 30 pt thweek wants PRS or AT (alongside both titles and FCS) I don't play a lot of Reb or Imp so i can't gauge which is more likely to have an impact with various pilot abilities. I'm leaning toward AT because it's a constant passive What say you, Forum?
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