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  1. That's awesome! Any chance you're selling them?
  2. Ahhh the Scum. I'm glad there's a thread going on this topic. I'm playing a level 6 Scum (Cutter) along with a level 2 Psyker and Guardsman and a level 8 Cleric (Hierophant). At first, I wasn't sure how to be useful but now that I've settled in I've found myself to be a high contributing member of the group. The jack of all trades is pretty handy. The way my GM plays, our game is fairly difficult. We've burned plenty of fate points and had several characters die cause they burned all their fate points, lost limbs, been KO'd, been extremely underpowered in a lot of fights. Point is, our GM wants us to think. And because stuff happens and some of our characters are out of play at times, it's good to have a backup. That's where I come in. I'm not as specialized as any, but I have enough all-around skills to fill in when another character is KO'd/dead/hospitalized, etc. The_Shaman- they might not get sneaky as quickly as you like, but I still think you can make the argument that they're one of the sneakiest career paths. And you're right, they don't have the strongest social skills but I've been a pretty good backup and am now probably the strongest since our Cleric lost 12 Fellowship points when his torso was heavily damaged in a fight. They might not do double-duty as well as others, but they pull off quadruple-duty better than any other career path Ritesign- Agreed. If you have a GM that makes everything readily available from the get-go, then yeah, other career paths that give weapon talents much earlier have an advantage over the scum, but that's not how my GM has played it. We've been on feudal worlds with only primitive weapons and fighting pits with all our weapons taken away. We've also been in places where stuff was available but had no TGs cause we'd been robbed or had to spend all our funds on the last mission. Also, you mentioned the scums Underworld talents and my GM has created scenerios where those talents were useful and my Scum was the only one with that advantage. SomVone- agreed, medicae at rank 2 is pretty useful, even if they're just providing a cooperation bonus, which, as The_Shaman pointed out, is a valuable role. Niqvah- My scum is also the only character with the Barter skill. They've become a strong combatant, too, though at first all they could really do was dodge. Also, not having the Fearless talent hasn't been much of a handicap for me but that's probably cause I have a base 37 WP and our Cleric (who is the cell's prime) has the Iron Discipline talent. TurtleTron- I agree, I think my Scum is really starting to "bloom"now that he's rank 6. Adeptus-B- Exactly As far as income goes... Brother Siouxahn- Great point! The scum has access to the Underworld, take advantage of that! They are perfectly suited to becoming a part-time crime lord, all for the Inquisition, of course. A scum is definitely an opportunist. They come from nothing, they had no hand-outs, so they had to jump on any opportunities they could get. Adeptus-B- Exactly One of the first things I did was increase my agility. I'm now at 50 Ag, my Sleight of Hand is +10 and I usually set up a mark so that I have another member of the cell distract them while I'm stealing from them which gives me bonuses. I've made a lot of money pick pocketing. With a multikey I can roll Security at 80. I've made a lot of money being a burglar. With my Peer(Underworld) and Common Lore(Underworld) I got a connection with a fence. I set up a scam with my Cleric where we go to museums and galleries and examine priceless items and their certificates of authenticity. We then go to flea markets, thrift stores, street vendors and find cheap knockoffs. Our Cleric has the Trade:Copyist skill and makes fake certificates of authenticity for these items and then we sell them to the fence. This has been a great source of income. So, with some creativity, some cleverness, and if you don't simply rely on the Acolytes income, a scum can make plenty of gelts. Alternative tank- Another thing about my scum is his unparalleled dodging ability. As I said before, one of the first things I spent xp on was Agility. And the Scum can train Dodge at rank 1. The only other career path that can do that is Assassin which automatically starts with Dodge being trained. Then, Scum can get Dodge+10 at rank 4 and Dodge+20 at rank 6 if you take the Cutter path. Plus, I have the Step Aside talent which allows me 2 dodges per round. My scum is almost impossible to hit. In affect, I'm alternative to a tank. Instead of the character that attracts attention, takes hit after hit and just soaks it all up,my Scum attracts attention and then simply can't be hit. Oh yeah, I also have BS at 40, Quick Draw, Hard Target, Sprint, Deadeye Shot, Sharpshooter, Marksman, Armsmaster, and Acrobatics so he makes for one heck of a gunfighter. I'll admit, at lower levels, it was pretty tough for my Scum at times. I often felt useless. They fact that when I joined, the other two characters were both rank 5 didn't help. But I appreciate that now cause I think it made me a much smarter player. Praise be to the God-Emperor and the Imperium of Man.
  3. I’d like to incorporate the Emperor’s Tarot into my DH game but I was wondering, what’s the availability and cost of it?
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