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  1. I think lethal and scale is a good idea. I would also like them to get a defensive buff when in melee. They should shred stormtroopers in hand to hand but I tend to be underwhelmed by their performance for cost.
  2. Give it agile and outmaneuver or gunslinger.
  3. I think I will try running them with an at-rt escorting them. Use the at-rt to displace c3p0 to get a suppression, and r2 and heal the at-rt as needed.
  4. I think barrage on the at-st would be too strong. There are already multiple ways to give it aim tokens before activating and with the surge-to-hit pilot two attacks might be a bit much. Plus it could also double shoot with the mortar and give 4 suppression which seems too powerful. I could be wrong though.
  5. They also showed an Ashoka model, was it the Imperial Assault sculpt or something new?
  6. Also its rare for a leader 1 pip to not grant extra attacks, so I feel it its balanced.
  7. The xwing app uses accounts so it seems likely that this will as well.
  8. Yea I agree that mid mission the map and enemy changes would make it harder to add a character. My issue is that you cant add a player at the start of a new mission.
  9. I think it could work if you made a new character based on the average xp and gear of current players.
  10. I am so excited for this title and am eagerly absorbing every bit of information I can get. Unfortunately I was disappointed to learn that the game does not support adding or subtracting players once you begin a campaign. I know that there will be times while me and my friends are playing at our FLGS and someone will want to join in for a chapter. I understand that adding a player in the middle of a chapter would be tough, but the app should be able to adapt the game between chapters. I understand that the deck building aspect also makes it hard to jump right in, but surely there could be some way to generate a deck mid campaign. Perhaps the campaign story becomes too intertwined with the characters to make it possible? Maybe there could be a mercenary character in an expansion that can be used for adding a player? With most pen and paper rps, the GM is able to make adjustments on the fly based on attendance, and I think an app should be able to do that too. So again, I am not bashing the game at all and am still excited, but I know I am going to be disappointed when players want to join but can't because of the limitations of the app.
  11. Thank you as always for your inspirational work! Any idea what the size of the bases are for the hero models?
  12. Looks like they either changed the model or got a much better painter. Or both...
  13. Alright, I have to vent about the new size of the upgrade cards. The larger size is not a problem on its own, but having to store and organize two different sizes is proving to be a pain. I wish FFG gave us some way to trade in our small cards for the new versions. I tend to be very particular in efficiently organizing my game components and this situation is very clunky. Has anyone come up with an efficient storage solution to this? Do you think they are going to do the same thing with legion? Anyone else as unreasonably annoyed as I am?
  14. Repulsor vehicles only displace on final resting position of the compulsory move, so they would move over the melee if it was right infront of it when the speeder started its movement. Under displacment, pg 25. At least thats how I interpret it since they specify different displacement mechanics for ground and repulsor vehicles.
  15. On the print view, I would love to have the list condensed a bit more so I can fit the whole list in a screen shot.
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