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  1. "If" they do a card pack I think it would just be new & existing upgrade cards to make some of the less used ships better, maybe new titles or configurations - reasoning being that putting cardboard bases in for new pilots will cost too much
  2. Looking for any advice to make some use of Hux crew please, (200 points) Starkiller base pilot - 56 (PS2) General Hux - 10 Tractor beam - 2 3 x Zeta sqd survivors all with SFG - 44 each (PS2) Thinking move the tie s/f's first then do hux's co-ordinate trick last so hopefully the tie s/f's have a couple of tokens each.
  3. Cool but which is it, sorry I couldn't work out if it he can or can't?
  4. Has there been any update on the order of the end phase in regards to Tavson & Baffle?
  5. Has there been any clarification on Tavson spending multiple charges on the one attack?
  6. Hi , just curious, if I attack with a missile that misses can I use a turret to do the bonus attack? RE: Tie Aggressor "Double Edge"
  7. I'll have to buy the wave 4 decimator if I want the 0-0-0 and BT-1 cards and I'm still short agile gunner that comes with Landos falcon.
  8. Can I please put forward a suggestion for the next Galactic Empire ship, the Tie heavy/brute possibly with the following stats /upgrades primary - 2 agi - 1 or 2 , hull 6/7 shield - 0 upgrade slots - 2 cannon / talent / mod baked in ability - maybe something similar to upsilon shuttle? movement dial only 1 red k'turn rest a mix of red/white/blue turns /banks Also for the love of god can you please put at least 1 "Agile Gunner" card in the Decimator expansion, I only play Imperial and can't justify buying Lando's Falcon for 3 cards I need.
  9. Backdraft - Wondering if this ability works with special forces gunner, can Backdraft make a primary attack forward then make a bonus primary attack backwards (turret) and gain the additional dice? I'm unsure as to the ruling between primary attack and bonus primary attack.
  10. Would have been great to see a list/red text or something to advise of the changes on the existing Quickbuild's, Also noticed on the Imperial one there is a duplicate of the Tie Striker - Black Sqd Scout and they both have the same loadout and the second one has skilled bombardier as a talent icon?. + no quick builds for the scum customized YT-1300 light freighter even though it comes with some?.
  11. Tried this list 3 times, lost all games vs 2 different people - found the homing missile most people just took the 1 damage and it wasn't potent enough, even when focusing on 1 ship
  12. never mind found it - A ship cannot equip more than one copy of an upgrade card with the same name.
  13. Can't seem to take the same device/missile/torpedo on the same ship? couldn't see anything about not being able to in the current rules reference?, e.g Tie punisher with 2 x proton bombs
  14. Alphaborn, I have same problem, the "my collection" isn't linked to the cards available so it gives you everything. I hope agile gunner comes out in the next imperial ship (please be heavy tie from solo).
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