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  1. For Vadar I'd rather see a shootier ISD than a carrier. And I wouldn't look to put your hopes on the opponent picking advanced gunnery either. I'd get gunnery teams on it and switch the hangers to a boosted coms. Could probably loose the lambda then. Chuck X-17s on it and relentless, goes nicely with the officer and squadrons. For the Arquitens and Raider you could get by dropping the rerolls. Both have redundant tokens to use for Vadar, although I know you won't be able to crit fish as much on the raider. I'd put enhanced armament on the Arquitens and Kallus on the raider. I think that'd put you at 398. Im never sure about how worthwhile morna kee is, you could probably take bossk instead and then keep the ordnance experts on the raider. With all the high hp squadrons ruthless strategists is a decent option as well, and can plink bossk then to get through scatter aces.
  2. I'd just go full 400. Change a regular TIE for Valen. He hits hard plus if you keep him with the 49s you can stick squads with them while forcing them to hit the 49s. If you could find a point to swap a 49 for bossk as well that'd be nice. Scatter aces could delay you a bit with all those black dice. But everythings pretty lean atm.
  3. Those look pretty cool @DOMSWAT911 And they've actually ended up becoming quite similar to Hera Syndulla, 28 points and all haha. Did you get a model for the coruscant carrier?
  4. From my own experience, nearly every game I play now both sides have a flotilla, 2 occasionally but not all that often in casual play. So my thinking was that if flotillas were moved into their own phase it wouldn't have had much impact in most of the games I've played where we have had 1 each for ship activations. I suppose I didn't say where I was coming from with this originally. By putting them in a following phase you could stagger the way squadrons are activated. So when up against mass flotilla lists pushing squadrons, your ships will all have a chance to go before they do. So it gives ships squadron-ing a priority over flotillas. And if you removed them from the ship phase then in most cases then on average the number of ship activations would probably go from 4-6 to 3-5. I also don't see why this would make everyone crash into each other. You'd just plan it like you do now, albeit a bit different. I've played other games with alternating activation mechanics and they all have the same issue to some degree, but as long as the units are balanced enough it's fine. I just find squadrons pulled by flotillas a bit too efficient. So if they were forced to go after ships but before the rest of the squadrons if help address this. My ships would then have a chance to hit them or their squadrons first. You'd have to change how you play them of course but in some cases you could use it to your benefit, like when going second. DeMSU and corvette spam can still be a thing. It's just now the squadron games stronger and has replaced them as the king pin. So true, this would make them relatively stronger and probably back on top. But at least it'll feel like I'm playing with proper spaceships than a were hybrid of xwing. There will always be some arrangement that's best. Perhaps rather than a separate phase, it could be that flotillas can't activate until all your other ships have gone.
  5. Can't we just have a phase in-between the ships and squadrons just for flotillas. Like a support phase or something. Time to repair off some damage on your capitals, mess up others dials for next turn, and still move some squadrons before the squadron phase comes around. Then the ship phase truely is for fighting ships, and flotillas are still useful but not annoying. Then if they ever added some other support ships like flotillas they could also slot in here. And it'll be like a sub-ship phase.
  6. You could take Dual TTs then instead of the X17s. Its a bit iffy which is better, sw7s and DTTs or leading shots and x17s. But I think you generally pull higher damage totals off the sw7s and DTTs, you just dont have the redirect mitigation. Depends a bit on what your shooting at I guess
  7. That one looks better, I'd stick a jamming field on one of the gozantis. The TIEs are just trying to delay stuff, so it'll help keep them going for a bit more. I also have a preference to just stick sw7s on the ISD. The x17s are already hindering their tokens so you dont need accuracy's as much, just go for reliable damage. A 6 ship Motti list I've used that has gone alright is GSD1, Demo, ordnance experts, engine techs, proton torps 83 Arq Light Cruiser, Blast Doors, Dual TTs 64 Arq Light Cruiser, Blast Doors, Dual TTs 64 Raider1, ordnance experts, flechette torps 51 Gozanti Jamming Field 25 Gozanti Motti 47 Soontir Fel, Zertik Strom, Saber Squad, Black Squadron 54 388 Most wanted, hyperspace assault, solar corona If you wanted a higher bid, could drop strom to a regular advanced. But with the jamming field and braces, he's pretty good. With the jamming squardons and the raider you can normally knock out their main squadron pusher with the demo and arqs before it gets too nasty.
  8. It doesn't seem very scary. If you were going for Motti I'd leave off the crit effect and go for an actual clonisher. Engine techs, expanded launchers, Intel officer. Ditch a bare goz for it. Or else take screed, and stick proton Torps on all the raiders, (and engine techs on Demo). Again ditch a bare goz for it. 7 activations is a bit unnecessary and at the moment your main threat is a little bit hamstrung. Another option would be to drop a raider, upgrade the demo and switch a raider for an arquitens with blast doors and dual turbolaser turrets. That'd give you some long range threat to tidy up after the demo hits. You should have a few spare points to upgrade the gozantis. Get a comms on one and jamming barrier on the other to follow the interceptors. I'd also consider dropping an interceptor for an advanced and another for Valen Rudor. In general I feel it's to dilute at the moment
  9. Your points totals dont really add up btw. The Arqs 5 points overcosted, but the lists 406 overall. Id drop both hangers. Switching to the quasar loses a lot of durability, so I'd also change to motti so its VSD-like. If you wanted 1st bid, just leave it there. But I'd probably go for a 400. I dont think a bare demo demands 1st as much. Quasar 1 tua, Flight controllers, coms, ecm 73 ArquitenLC needa, TRC, RBD, Hand of Justice 72 Gozanti motti, BCC 55 Glad 1 demolisher 66 Stele, Jendon, Rhymer, Jumpmaster, Tbomber, Tempest, Zertik, Tdefender, Saber squadron 134 400/400
  10. Or a Tarkin ET list. Demo, 3 Arqs with SFO, ET, RBD and DTT and Valen + Cienna is about 390 depending on Demo loadout. Spam nav tokens and CF dials
  11. I'd probably change the focus of the list from a combat interdictor to an objective one and squadron vsds. Konstantine is already giving you good movement control so G8s may be a bit more than needed. I think you'd get by with just a phylon. Switch to VSD1s to act as carriers, maybe ordnance experts if points allow. Grav shift and Grav well on the interdictor. I wouldn't bother with overload pulse, maybe SW7s if you want anything on it. That should free up a bit of points for squadrons. I'd try grab a lambda for strategic and switch opening salvo for station assault. You should be able to win the objective game fine with that which puts you 70-80 points up. If you really want a combat interdictor with konstantine, pair it with an ISD.
  12. Ive been trying to use the commanders I usually dont, and Tagges one I've never used. Didn't see that many lists on here with him used so have been playing around with him for a while. Originally tried to maximize on ships with defensive retros but it just doesn't seem likely you'd burn many tokens, if any on turn 2. So have tried to use him offensively as well 393/400 Commander: General Tagge Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Superior Positions Victory II-Class Star Destroyer 109 Warlord, Needa, Gunnery Team, TRCs Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer 92 Demolisher, Tua, OE, ET, ECMs, APTs [ flagship ] Arquitens-class Light Cruiser 95(70) Tagge, Centicore, SFO, RBDs, TRCs Gozanti-class Cruisers 39 Chiraneau, Boosted Comms, Comms Net 1 Captain Jonus ( 16 points) 2 TIE Advanced Squadrons ( 24 points) 1 Soontir Fel ( 18 points) Main things I'm iffy on are initiative bid and chiraneau. Squadron heavy lists could be troublesome and one intel isnt too hard to remove or avoid, so I think Chiraneau will last longer. And as the list works on a big turn 2, I'm thinking its probably better to go second so more ships will move towards me first. So was thinking of upping to points a bit by switching a TIE for Strom and the SFO for Admiral Titus in case they deploy their ships slow. Any other thoughts or lists with Tagge
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