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  1. Really? Type "unicorn" into a google search and let me know about the pictures that pop up.
  2. Then change the plot then? Are you aware of the point of this thread? The term "unicorn" has a lot of cultural baggage and weirdness associated with it (for Americans at least).
  3. Hopefully no new factions. One can already make a compelling argument that seven factions are excessive. Boxes based on large overarching events/themes (not niche keywords) would be good. For instance a shadowlands themed box with tainted characters (for the 7 GCs) and maho (and maybe even an oni) would be great.
  4. The adept says "return this character to your hand", thus Yokuni should not be able to initiate this copied ability as he was never in the hand to begin with. You can't return to a place you never were. Additionally, now there is a card with a dynasty card back in your hand, which is weird (and will affect how random discarding will work).
  5. Nice analysis. Im extremely pleased with the Lion politicians we have available in the core set and was planning an honor running deck similar to yours. Although I'm leaning more towards Crane as a splash (as of now). Steward of Law, Above Question, and Voice of Honor seem like (slightly) more interesting considerations to me than what Dragon has to offer.
  6. I will be the voice of dissent, I guess. I'm not really feeling the Dragon Clan right now. I think a better starter theme for Dragon would have been a set of monks with explosive kiho actions - this would be more fun and more straightforward. The focus on attachments just feels kinda weird and unnatural imo. I don't really like the card mechanic for Yokuni. I feel he would be better served to have an ability that looks at and/or manipulates an opponent deck/hand in some manner (i.e. divination, like in the story), not copy another ability. Also, I feel this is the weakest art we've seen thus far (still decent though). I typically like Alayna Lemmer art, but I don't care for the stronghold art at all. Niten adept is also one of the weaker pieces to make the core set imo.
  7. Hey! CCG is waaay cheaper. It's such a bad distribution model they had to stop printing cards for 2 years, which saved everyone a ton of money! ?
  8. To riff off the OP's point about Scorpion being type-cast, I tried playing Old5R during Emperor Edition and founds that "themes" were just a terrible, terrible design decision. The card pool was already divided up nine ways with generally non-interacting clans and then it was further subdivided into even further smaller groups with niche keywords (e.g. magistrates, ninjas, etc). In the end, decks were largely pre-constructed after the themed stronghold was selected. I much prefer the New5R approach were you (seemingly) must marshal both political and military might; this should allow for more creativity and give completed decks the feeling of an entire clan working in concert. The Spider Clan was so bad! Maybe this isn't a sacred cow, but as an outsider who tried to get into Old5R, the whole notion of a legitimized Shadowlands faction seemed so forced, unnatural, and antithetical to the purpose of the setting. I am a little more sympathetic to the Mantis Clan, but hope they aren't brought back simply to keep the clan count as low as possible. I actually kinda wish they had reduced the clan count to 5 to maximize the intra-clan card pools. (Again, this is the opinion of someone who wasn't heavily invested in the game, I'm sure there would be rioting if they reduced the clan count to 5.)
  9. I'm very pleased with lion previews. The cards seem stronger than what we saw with the crane at first blush, but appear to require more interaction and planning to get the maximum value out of each card. My favorite element of the lion is definitely the secondary graveyard recursion / "Kitsu" theme. In addition to being an interesting mechanic, it also adds a mystical flair to what would otherwise be the most straightforward clan. I'm a bit torn on my feelings about mirrored nature of Toturi and Hotaru. I was somewhat expecting Toturi to have an interesting tactical ability, although the additional ring effect could be interpreted as the result of employing superior tactics, I guess.
  10. Is that the Phoenix clan champion or an image from a waifu pillow? The latter seems a bit more likely. And what's the deal with the toothpick arms? This art isn't reflective of a 4 military force character.
  11. Paying 7 fate for a 6/6 turn 1 and 4/4 turn 2 is a weak play. The ronin is an inefficient generalist, but if we ever play against one another, I strongly encourage you to run three copies to prove me wrong.
  12. I think it's too early to say what's an auto-include (as we don't fully understand the environment), but I'm happy to share some of my favorite cards thus far: Crab: Eager Scout and Shrewd Yasuki. The former will be great for poking provinces early with the help of attachments. The latter seems like reasonably cheap card draw. Crane: Voice of Honor. Dragon: Doomed Shugenja - seems like an amazing value play. I'll probably be running 2 copies for a long, long time. Lion: Staging Grounds and Ready for Battle. Phoenix: Mori Kurio and Know the World. The former punishes decks that heavily favor one type of conflict - badly; this is an environment shaping card. The latter is an amazing swiss-army knife, which I'll probably run 1 or 2 copies of for the next 20 years of L5R. Scorpion: Nothing so far. (Let's be honest though, Bayushi Shoju will be the best card in the game.) Unicorn: Nothing so far. Neutral: For Shame!, Shameful Display, and Cloud the Mind.
  13. http://l5r.gamepedia.com/Wandering_Ronin This card? This card is terrible! It is an auto-exclude.
  14. Loving this card. It's sure to be a staple, as well as a good justification for splashing lion. Nice art too.
  15. Baller status card... so good! You can deny opponents rings, you can double up on a ring you favor, you can steal fate... so many applications.
  16. Well. I am kinda blown away right now. This game is shaping up to be 10x better than the CCG. It should be stated that they've done an amazing job of weaving the concept of honor into the fabric of the game.
  17. I can accept fantastic, supernatural occurrences in a fantasy setting. No problem there. The problem is when behaviors or motivations of characters/groups don't make a whit of sense or story plots resolve in an irrational manner. The most obvious and largest blunder would be the inclusion of the spider as a great clan.
  18. I played only a few games of Old5r and lamented that such a nice piece of IP was wasted on a game with such weak mechanics. I also have strong negative feelings about the CCG model and how the old story completely jumped the shark, both of which contributed to me not investing in the game. The new game appears to have addressed virtually all my issues. So, yes, I'm very excited for the release!
  19. This was really great, thanks for posting. This seems to be more fun to play than old5r even with the gimped card pool. Everything seem to flow so nicely with the new mechanics. While we didn't really see honor matter much in this game, I can envision its potential as a fun game mechanic when we have access to all the cards. I imagine decks will be built and played to operate at the margins of the honor continuum, by disregarding it entirely or by targeting it as a secondary win condition.
  20. She could have dispatched him more easily, but she had her honor dial set to 1.
  21. We aren't talking about physics, we are talking about art. You can start on any color on a color wheel and work your way around. Crane mon should be on an end because it doesn't fit nicely between any two colors because it is so light. I probably shouldn't waste more of the FFG server space arguing over such minutiae, so ill desist...
  22. Almost. The crane mon is a much lighter hue than the other six, so it needs to be either the start or the end (doesn't fit nicely in between any pair of mons). The most aesthetically pleasing order is light blue > dark blue > dark green ... then follow the color wheel... exactly what they did. Didn't you guys ever play with crayons as kids, ?.
  23. The clan order on the poster is by color guys, lol. I've seen about 30 posts over the last few months perplexed by the ordering so I figured I'd finally step in.
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