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  1. It is quite possible that the Nantex originally had a mod slot and then somewhere down the pipeline in playtesting they found that the slot enabled some bad things and removed it. But maybe it was too late to change what was in the packaging. That would explain the quick build cards showing it could take mods.
  2. Yes ala Advanced Sensors.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NCLLvYhi3E The knee-jerk reaction of some CIS players.
  4. Oh calm yourself. How about you try the ship out before you complain?
  5. Since Sun Fac will be heavily involved with tractor tokens, he better be **** expensive. Tractoring your opponent is a super powerful effect in 2.0 and is not fun to play against.
  6. I mean, they have so many new pilots they have to add for the Rebels and Empire. The ships we have for both factions are solid. There really is no need for a ton of new ships for either faction. As a primarily Imperial player this is fine. I am content with the ships we have especially since the standard TIE Fighter is actually good now.
  7. Pffft. I've been flying Kylo+ Zetas since April. Only difference is that I have my Zetas carry missiles. People underestimate the kill boxes you can create with the heavy weapon turret ability. TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 38 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Concussion Missiles (6) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 38 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Concussion Missiles (6) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 38 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Concussion Missiles (6) TIE/vn Silencer - •Kylo Ren - 81 •Kylo Ren - Tormented Apprentice (76) Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 195/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  8. Oh well. The world keeps spinning. To be fair, this is an FFG stream we are talking about. So everyone should have expected nothing. That way your not disappointed.
  9. Deplete on top of weapons failure sounds incredibly bad for your opponent.
  10. Strain? Mag Pulse hands out deplete.
  11. Truthfully, if you are running mutiple ships equipped with missiles, only one of your ships needs Mag-Pulse Warheads. Have that ship fire first to proc off the effect and have the rest of your missile squad hit the target with concussion missiles for example. For example, if points allow, my Kylo+3x missile Zeta SFs will be modified to have one copy Mag Pulse Warheads while the rest have concussions.
  12. Except the ship was around well before that during the development of TFA. Source: The Art of The Force Awakens EDIT: This reply was for the guy who claimed this TIE was based on the fan art of a "TIE Vector".
  13. All of them!!!!.......except for filthy pirates.
  14. My own personal opinion is to swap out SF gunners for concussion missiles and passive sensors if points allow. I have had great success with Zetas with concussion missiles since people underestimate their ability to create unique kill boxes with heavy weapon turret.
  15. I am curious. Does anyone think Epic will get any OP support/events? I would like it if it did.
  16. As someone who has flown two-ship lists in 1.0, dabbled only a little in 2.0, and have flown against it in 2.0, I agree. I tend to believe that most players who play two-ship lists plan on destroying everything but the circumstances of a particular match can change plans.
  17. If you fly in a way that gives your opponent the opportunity to fire off most if not all his Energy Shells, you did something wrong. Energy Shell Vulture swarms rely heavily on getting a good "shooting round 1" alpha strike. And even then they don't get rerolls on their attacks. I used to be super scared of them, but not so much anymore.
  18. 0 on both counts for me. Most of my games are not lost in listbuilding but rather poor flying+poor dice. Rebel Beef never scared me at the Denver SOS (then again, I was flying Vader+Phantoms).
  19. Galactic Empire: -All TIE Phantom pilots. A great ship that requires some measure of careful planning to leverage the cloak-decloak cycle and is highly rewarding in the hands of great players. -Howlrunner. She is what makes TIE Fighter swarms enjoyable and have teeth. -All the Inferno Squad pilots. They have such great synergy together as Inferno Squad or part of a larger TIE swarm. -All TIE Reaper pilots. The chassis is such a great platform. It is decently maneuverable, has good firepower and is a good support platform for aces. Major Vermeil is the obvious standout for having a good offensive-oriented ability. -Planetary Sentinel, Countdown and Duchess for the TIE Striker. Good generic TIEs that hit harder than standard TIE/lns, a pilot that slows his own death down, and a solid I5 ace. -Rexlar Brath in a TIE Defender with Juke. A match made in heaven. Rebel Alliance: -Luke Skywalker in the X-Wing. He is so much fun to fly and can tank against swarms if flown right. -All the U-Wing pilots. The entire chassis is a fantastic support platform with good unique pilot abilities all around if equipped right. I am glad it is seeing so much play. Republic: -Wolffe and Sinker in the ARC-170. A really good "ace" type pilot with a solid offensive ability and a good force multiplier pilot for Republic swarms. -Obi Wan with CLT in the Delta-7. When you get magical Christmasland set up with your attacks, Obi Wan hits hard. CIS: -Count Dooku in the Sith Infiltrator. He has such a neat ability that allows you to be versatile and perform tricks as needed, even for an I3. Resistance: -Poe Dameron, Snap Wexley, and Nien Nunb. Poe Dameron because mutliple actions is always good while being an I6. Snap Wexley is a solid pilot and a good candidate for advanced proton torpedoes (boost into range 1, lock and nuke target). And Nien has a solid ability that potentially opens his dial. Despite not seeing much changes into 2nd Ed., the T-70 is still a solid fighter while being made more versatile in the form of weapons hardpoint ability. -Blue Squadron Recruit in the A-Wing with Squad Leader and L'ulo. The I1 A-Wing with Squad Leader is a great, cheap coordinate ship which may be replaced by the Resistance transport expansion. L'ulo needs no explanation. -Rey in the Millenium Falcon. Despite not being as efficient as her 1st Ed. version, she is still a lot of fun to fly. She works really well with a lot of Resistance A-Wings as wing mates. -Vennie in the MG-100 Starfortress. This guy can throw firepower and tank some damage when equipped with C3PO. -For the future:Vi Moradi in the Transport Pod. She looks like she has a solid debuffing ability while also revealing a ships maneuvers to you. First Order: -Kylo Ren without any upgrades and Blackout. Blackout is such a fun TIE Silencer pilot, especially with Trickshot. Now I know conventional wisdom tells us that Kylo Ren must have SNR or Hate, but I believe that any good player worth his salt can fly him without any upgrades. -Quickdraw and Zeta Squadron Survivors with concussion missiles. Quickdraw is emblematic of the whole "revenge" them of the First Order in X-Wing. Attack me and a hit back harder. I think people have been sleeping on ZSSs with concussion missiles. In a block of 3, if they are ignored, they can ruin your day. Also they can joust, fly past you in different directions and fire their missiles backwards in a potentially well-crafted killbox.
  20. lol, I missed John Wick 3 in theaters. Heard it was good.
  21. And thus the salt flows. Definitely not representative of everyone present, but the way some sound, you would think FFG kicked their dog.
  22. Revive this tread!!!! I may have bias because I'm an OCX local. Our Hyperspace trial can't come soon enough. I need more opportunities to make sure all remaining systems bow to the First Order!
  23. I think the physical TIE Echelon might be a scaled down version. It briefly appears on the Smuggler's Run ride and looks much bigger.
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