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  1. AgentoftheEmpire

    Spare Parts Cannister Poe

    *me overreacting to theoretical outcomes* OH GOD NO! RUN FOR THE HILLS! WERE DOOMED!
  2. AgentoftheEmpire

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Huh? What are you babbling on about? How am I trolling? None of the Inquisitors we have met have an established ability of battle mediation. So......not sure what your getting at.....
  3. AgentoftheEmpire

    Republic Upgrades Article

    My point was as a character, Assaj wasn't really one to to battle meditation. And only the other person to do battle meditation that wasn't a Jedi was maybe the Emperor? So your second point doesn't really hold water imo.
  4. AgentoftheEmpire

    Republic Upgrades Article

    GOOD!!! Battle Meditation isn't really an Assaj thing anyway.
  5. AgentoftheEmpire

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Not sure how I feel about that last bit on spare parts canister.
  6. AgentoftheEmpire

    They're up!!!

    Me trying to process all the changes:
  7. AgentoftheEmpire

    If you had the power to nerf two cards...

    Dear God, I am getting sick of seeing dumb posts like this because it all boils down to one thing : WHATEVER I DON'T LIKE SHOULD BE NERFED!!! These forums are really taking the fun out of this game.
  8. AgentoftheEmpire

    Resistance points PDF updated yesterday

    That does not work? Prokets require a bullseye arc and turret ships do not have that. EDIT: Congrats, I played myself. I suddenly realize how that works.
  9. AgentoftheEmpire

    Rebels Lurking...

    Somebody gets it!
  10. AgentoftheEmpire

    T-70 article.

    Does it state in the rules that friendly ships can lock other friendly ships?
  11. AgentoftheEmpire

    T-70 article.

    Nien Nunb, Ello Asty, Snap Wexley and probably more have also not been spoiled. They are also included.
  12. AgentoftheEmpire

    T-70 article.

    ?????? Care to explain? Poe is clearly one of the best pilots in Star Wars history.
  13. AgentoftheEmpire

    T-70 article.

    You two are talking about different things. You yourself are talking about the charge for Poe while Frimmel is talking about the Black One charge.
  14. AgentoftheEmpire

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    Old Falcon title is Rebel only, no?
  15. AgentoftheEmpire

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    According to official tourney rules, you cannot have 1 ship lists.