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  1. So if we dont hear news on the app during GenCon, is it time to give up hope?
  2. I have been following Sorastro's excellent videos and have been very happy with my results thus far (finished up to Vader). My group is planning on starting the Jabba's Realm campaign in a couple of weeks, and I thought maybe I should switch gears and try to get some of those minis done (at least the heros). Are there any good guides out there on how to paint these minis?
  3. They look great. That must have been a lot of work!
  4. Thank you @Sorastro and @HK 47 for the replies. You know, looking at it with fresh eyes today and I think they look pretty decent. Its funny how hyper focused and critical you can be when you are staring at these little guys from only a few inches away for an hour at a time. With that said, I think I will jump ahead at watch the Han Solo video and see if I can get any ideas that I may want to try on these officers. Thanks again to this very responsive community, and a big thank you to you Sorastro for these amazing videos which I am addicted to watching. You really are the Bob Ross of miniature painting.
  5. Any advice how how to clean up these imperial officer faces? I think I let the fleshshade wash pool too much, and the kislev flesh highlights look like war paint makeup. Would making some sort of flesh glave help even things out? http://imgur.com/a/BvCW0
  6. Question: the gun on my e-web is still a bit warped, can I heat it up and bend it even after it's been painted?
  7. I just placed a large order for paint and was looking for a list like this. Thank you! Its too late for me this time around, but i'll reference it before my next order.
  8. Man, this sounds promising! I hope to check it out over the weekend. Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone, My wife and I are new to X-wing, but are enjoying it so far. As newbies, I feel like our lists are pretty basic and could definitely be improved upon. I was hoping some of the more experienced players here would be able to help create a rebel and imperial list that would be more interesting to play with than the lists we are currently using. Here is what I own: Both core sets. Millennium Falcon Slave 1 A-Wing Tie Advanced Thanks everyone!
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