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  1. I enjoyed the episode. That General Weiss impression was great!
  2. Ally packs: Han Solo Chewbacca Rebel Troopers IG-88 2X R2-D2/ C-3P0 Kayn Somos Boba Fett Leia Organa Echo Base Trooper Dengar Lando Calrissian Bossk Ob-Wan Kenobi Alliance Ranger Captain Terro 2X Jabba the Hutt Ahsoka Tano 2X Emperor Palpatine Yes, I would need advice on command cards as well. Sounds like we will start with the Jabba map, and if that's successful try out the Hoth map.
  3. My friend and I both have a pretty good IA collection. Between the two of us we own all the expansions, and duplicates of Core, Hoth, and Jabba's Realm, and maybe 60% of the ally/ villain packs. We would like to set up a 4 player skirmish with our friends who don't own any IA stuff. I am looking for suggestions to make 4 lists that would be evenly matched against each other, and also would feel thematically right. Can anyone help us out? I don't have enough skirmish experience to whip up these lists myself...whatever I come up with will be out of balance, I am sure of that.
  4. Just curious if the characters created for Imperial Assault, and the missions, are considered canon in the Star Wars universe? Will we ever see characters like Vinto and Blaise make an appearance in a comic, or maybe have their name dropped in a cartoon or movie? Just curious... Either way, I wish we had some sort of background story on our heros.
  5. I quickly flipped through the core campaign book and didn't see them being used. Did I miss it?
  6. I am trying to find where the colored side of the crate tokens are used. Does anyone recall using them in either campaign or skirmish?
  7. My guess is a blister pack wave of some Rebels figures...I'd love to get a Kylo Ren and some Rogue One stuff though. I would love to start seeing app DLC being released alongside blister pack waves...we have more than enough tiles to make up some new mini app campaigns. So here is what I hope the future release schedule looks like: Blister pack wave + app DLC Small box expansion Big box expansion Repeat
  8. Seems like all the IA events happen in Orange County/ LA. Where the San Diegans at?
  9. Is the all maps group up to date? I am looking through it and I dont see the Mos Eisley Back Alley map anywhere...
  10. This sounds really fun. It would be great if you could create a road map for others to follow in your footsteps.
  11. As you know, taking the leaders in and out of the plastic bases causes the bottom of the leader standees to get torn up. The easiest solution is to just not remove them, but sometimes you have to. So, I was wondering if anyone has modified their standees to solve this? I was thinking a protective film of some sort would do the trick? Perhaps some packing tape, or maybe masking off the bottom and using a spray on clear coat? Anyone have some ideas?
  12. Keep an eye on the socal group to see if there are any upcoming events, or maybe you can even organize your own informal get together thru the group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/socalimperialassault
  13. I feel like we will get some IA news once Legion releases in March. So, hopefully we are not too far away from hearing something. I hope its some ally/ figure packs that are specific to a new app campaign.
  14. In addition, this is how Zombicide works. The game comes with a bunch of scenarios to play through that are unrelated to each other. Instead of upgrading at the end of a mission, you upgrade as the scenario progresses. We could totally borrow that idea from Zombicide, but it may not even be necessary. Instead I am thinking that throughout a mission there will be supply crates that would give a specific upgrade, maybe armor or a new weapon?
  15. Yes I like this idea as well. Another thought would be that if these are one off missions perhaps we could control one of the iconic allies or villains, such as a one off mission where you are boba fett trying to capture a bounty? This is an idea that would be easy enough for us fans to do ourselves using the existing game components. Hmm...now you got me thinking...
  16. There are so many available side missions in this game that I think someone could just go create a campaign narrative that strings them together, without having to create any new missions. I would totally be interested in something like this.
  17. I ran into this when there was a combo of quest 098 and 019 on the table. 098 reads: each survivor and enemy within 2 spaces of the bomb is killed. 019 reads: 1# kill the last <star> on the map \ 2# kill the last <shield> on the map So if the bomb from 098 wipes out all the Railroad and Synth tokens at the same time both quest conditions are met at the same time.
  18. Its on my to-do list, but I will probably wait and see how Sorastro handles these guys. Plenty to of Imperial Assault and Zombicide to paint in the meantime.
  19. Is Gideon still a powerful hero in a 2 hero campaign, of does he really need there to be 4 heros to be effective?
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