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  1. Hmm...weird! I am positive that I printed to 100%. I had FedEx print it on cardstock, and then at work I printed it on regular paper at 100% and both are the same size. If anyone could post a picture of their YV-666 in a microhanger I would greatly appreciate that.
  2. Sorry, I know this is a super old thread, but I was wondering if there is a special way to get the YV-666 to fit in the box? All my other microhangers seem to fit fine, but I can't get the YV-666 to fit.
  3. I wonder why FFG hasn't announced this?
  4. Very nice of you to offer it up for free. The insert looks really nice. I would be interested if I wasn't half way across the world.
  5. Its free, so no complaints from me. I hope they are able to fix the random enemy type spawning though. I dont really want to see any wampas showing up on Tatooine.
  6. Although I liked the movie, I dont really care if we get any Solo characters in IA. I would however love to see some Rogue One figures make it our way.
  7. Thanks everyone. I actually confused this redux set for the Dunwich expansion set, and not the core box. This opens up a whole bunch if new questions that thankfully were answered in this thread.
  8. As a new player, does this delux set replace the original notz, or do I need to buy both?
  9. Yes, I love the app. I love that the cards do not have point values on them and are controlled by the app. I also love the themed events. Some good stuff here that could translate well to Imperial Assault.
  10. I love what they are doing with X-wing. I hope they do the same with IA.
  11. Fantasy Flight reviving Deciphers SWCCG confirmed!
  12. These are great, but I cant justify the price. If it were $35 for the core box and expansion then I would do it.
  13. This stuff is all so amazing. Keep the photos coming! I was curious your process on painting the crates? They look much better than mine.
  14. Curious to see if anyone has painted their IA Jedi Luke using Sorastro Legion Luke techniques?
  15. Totally agree. I would have never even made an attempt at the hobby if it wasn't for his videos.
  16. These look great. See, and I was thinking I needed to do a wash. Guess not...
  17. I am curious how others painted their 3D doors, crates, and terminals. Show off your results and technique!
  18. I agree. I don't need to be over saturated with IA stuff...I am just now beginning to catch up on my collection, and I am very, very far behind on actually playing through the campaigns. So, really...I don't need much to make me happy.
  19. I love this guys artwork, I actually have it printed out and hanging above my painting station at home. Interesting that he hasn't been working on anything new. That makes me believe the game will focus on the app and blister packs for the near future.
  20. I second this. I would love to watch you paint. ...this sounds creepy doesn't it?
  21. Your stuff is amazing! Do you happen to have an instagram account? Id like to follow if so...
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