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  1. Hmm...weird! I am positive that I printed to 100%. I had FedEx print it on cardstock, and then at work I printed it on regular paper at 100% and both are the same size. If anyone could post a picture of their YV-666 in a microhanger I would greatly appreciate that.
  2. Sorry, I know this is a super old thread, but I was wondering if there is a special way to get the YV-666 to fit in the box? All my other microhangers seem to fit fine, but I can't get the YV-666 to fit.
  3. I wonder why FFG hasn't announced this?
  4. Very nice of you to offer it up for free. The insert looks really nice. I would be interested if I wasn't half way across the world.
  5. Its free, so no complaints from me. I hope they are able to fix the random enemy type spawning though. I dont really want to see any wampas showing up on Tatooine.
  6. Although I liked the movie, I dont really care if we get any Solo characters in IA. I would however love to see some Rogue One figures make it our way.
  7. Thanks everyone. I actually confused this redux set for the Dunwich expansion set, and not the core box. This opens up a whole bunch if new questions that thankfully were answered in this thread.
  8. As a new player, does this delux set replace the original notz, or do I need to buy both?
  9. Yes, I love the app. I love that the cards do not have point values on them and are controlled by the app. I also love the themed events. Some good stuff here that could translate well to Imperial Assault.
  10. I love what they are doing with X-wing. I hope they do the same with IA.
  11. Fantasy Flight reviving Deciphers SWCCG confirmed!
  12. These are great, but I cant justify the price. If it were $35 for the core box and expansion then I would do it.
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