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  1. A fallout expansion. Didn't see that coming.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. I had originally flattened the base out in hot water...it wasn't perfect but as close as I could get. I think my problem was not giving the superglue enough time to set. I am new to assembling miniature's, and all my experiences so far have been with small figures, where the glue seems to set almost immediately. On my second go around assembling this model, I made sure not to use too much glue, and I gave it plenty of time to set. The model seems solid now. Tldr: flatten the base in hot water, don't use too much superglue, and give it plenty of time to set.
  3. I am in the process of assembling the downed atst model, but I am having issues glueing the head down. I am using loctite super glue gel, and it worked well for the leg, but isn't working so well for the head and other pieces. Perhaps I am using too much glue? Could that cause a problem with drying? Is seems the head isn't making very good contact with the base, so, my question is: if it is safe to use hot glue on this model or not?
  4. Thanks! Looks awesome! Did you make or buy the bunker?
  5. Video looks like its probably really cool...I just wish it was in English.
  6. Some really cool stuff here! I especially like the footprints in the mud. Awesome!
  7. Awesome. Love the imgur albums with all the details written out.
  8. Your stuff looks great! Could you post some wide shots of your table, so we can see what it looks like in its entirety?
  9. Models look great, and I really appreciate you outlining the steps you took to get there. Do more!
  10. Hmm...weird! I am positive that I printed to 100%. I had FedEx print it on cardstock, and then at work I printed it on regular paper at 100% and both are the same size. If anyone could post a picture of their YV-666 in a microhanger I would greatly appreciate that.
  11. Sorry, I know this is a super old thread, but I was wondering if there is a special way to get the YV-666 to fit in the box? All my other microhangers seem to fit fine, but I can't get the YV-666 to fit.
  12. I wonder why FFG hasn't announced this?
  13. Very nice of you to offer it up for free. The insert looks really nice. I would be interested if I wasn't half way across the world.
  14. Its free, so no complaints from me. I hope they are able to fix the random enemy type spawning though. I dont really want to see any wampas showing up on Tatooine.
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