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  1. I just came here because there is not nearly enough support in this thread for 6 Strikers! I was so sure they were going to drop the Sentinel to 33 pts. when the Striker released in 2.0 that I went on eBay and bought an extra set of Striker conversions to get ready for all the 6xStriker joy. And now, points update after points update, my poor Strikers are Sad...
  2. That looks like Sidon Ithano, the Crimson Corsair, at 1:20. He was in The Force Awakens and left on a ship that wasn’t pictured much. It’s within the realm of possibility they could do a Scum ship for him. We’ll have to see what he’s flying in Resistance.
  3. I'm hoping FFG re-release this ship in the next year since it really seems (thematically) like it should be on Epic tables. (I'm not sure it won't just blow up even faster there, but I guess that's what it did in the movies). It does have two new toys to play with as a bomber - the Electro-Proton Bomb and Delayed Fuses. It just doesn't seem like bombers in general are doing well and this ship has never worked well as a bomber with the cost of outfitting it. It's best build seems to be double-tap Vennie, which I liked to pair with three A-wings. It's a very fun list to play and feels thematic. I only own one of these and would probably pick up one or two more as part of a re-release. It would be nice to see them do the blue paint scheme next time and maybe a moving turret. I know this ship has scale issues like some others, but I'd rather this one stay the same size for the sake of people wanting to fly new ones with old ones.
  4. Yeah, see I think I’d prefer something that looks like that, but is sized with the central control pod there being roughly the size of a Falcon. I think FFG could price this then like an epic ship.
  5. I’d love to see an official X-wing AI (free) to go with campaign sets. The AI could just be part of an X-wing campaign app. (I think there’s something along these lines for Imperial Assault.) And if I’m super dreaming, some sort of base used for campaign missions with places to dock ships. It doesn’t have to be enormous, maybe the size of an epic ship, but more round/square. (More epic ships that launch small ships are also welcome.)
  6. This is the reason. I'll be buying a new A-wing because of the new paint job. I wouldn't buy it otherwise since I have three already. I am NOT buying a Defender because I also own three and it's the same old paint. If it was a new paint job, I would buy it. I bought the new Z-95 solely for the new paint. I bought the new B-Wing because of the excellent work they did with the moving parts. (I should also point out that I ate, drank, and slept ROTJ as a child. It's still my favorite SW movie, so it has nothing to do with "new" fans vs. "old.") Many people thought the new A-wing would release with the Phoenix squadron paint scheme as a companion to an epic ship, so it's nice they're releasing it on its own so people don't have to buy a huge ship they may not want.
  7. I think 95% is too much. I'd feel confident with 50-60%. Remember ships will sell in gobs when a list becomes popular and many ships have gone through at least one reprint in the past, meaning people were coming along and buying them later. You're right though, a huge chunk of the market takes place up front and in the days right before and after the release. While I'd like to think B&N at this point has noticed X-wing sales and is strategizing, knowing B&N as I do from shopping there for years and actually doing some online support for them as a side gig once, they're fairly clueless on anything that isn't books (and even there are often clueless). However, they have offered "B&N exclusive" editions of many Star Wars novels, which makes one think they have specifically targeted Star Wars as a place to pull away collector-type fans. Who knows.
  8. That is pretty great. I’ve been ordering minis from them for years.
  9. While I still think B&N doesn't know what they're doing, it's possible there is some strategy here. I agree that the big-box stores are starting to catch wind of the rise of board games. One very recent example: Target has exclusive rights to the new D&D Essentials box for three months before anyone else (from Amazon to local stores) will have it. Now, D&D is a little different because they're owned by Hasbro and one would think Hasbro would cater to the big stores if they could. Still, if you look at a game like D&D, local stores and B&N can't even come close to touching Amazon prices on new releases. If Amazon wanted to, they could probably single-handedly corner the X-wing market (if FFG would allow them). As games like this grow in popularity, more and more places/sites will want a piece of the pie. X-wing ships are expensive, so that can lead to lucrative sales, but also risk. I see several markets for X-wing product currently: 1. FFG direct - The only advantage here is getting product a few days before the game stores, but now they're offering free shipping on preorders as well, so you're not losing money ordering from them, but you are paying full retail price. Still, for the "health" of FFG, if you can't order at a game store, you're cutting out the middle-man here and letting them reap the full profit. 2. Amazon - Can be very competitive on price, but don't seem to be ordering the volume yet themselves to dominate (yet). A lot of ships still sold by third party sellers (who in many cases are game stores, cough cough), which means they can't discount quite as much. 3. Big Box stores like Target and Walmart - Not really in the X-wing game yet besides core sets. Not competitive on price yet unless they have clearance. I can see them being most worried about theft plus the risk/reward may not be there for the individual ships on such a large scale. 4. B&N - I put them in their own category because they're such an anomaly. Sometimes I feel like they must be losing money with these deals. Even at full retail price, you can still use 20% off coupons plus your 10% member discount. Then, they have these crazy BOGO or clearance-price sales that look like they're getting rid of the game (which they did for a time in 1.0, at least at my store) and then they're back. What if they actually negotiated early rights to this wave? Probably not, but look at my D&D example above. 5. Big game sites like Coolstuffinc - They order in bulk, offer pre-order, and can be very competitive on price. Also have loyalty discounts, but you often have to get past a certain spending threshold to get free shipping, which makes them not as competitive for one-off sales. Still, if you don't have a game store and are price conscious, this may be the best option for pre-ordering an entire wave. 6. Local games stores - The good ones offer enough discounts, pre-order benefits, freebies at events, and local camaraderie to make them the go-to for many people, but there are large swaths of the country that don't have a good game store (like where I live). It's worrying that they're facing so much competition. I have two small stores locally and one has tried to start X-wing twice and abandoned it. They keep getting stuck with product and it doesn't move fast enough. (They also don't offer any FFG giveaway events and no discount that I could see.) The other place is more of a boardgame cafe, but they've recently flirted with carrying a little product. I don't see it lasting here either because of a lack of any events and a lack of significant discounts.
  10. Isn’t it nice?!? I too thought flappy X-wings were a fail. I can’t blame them for trying. But I’m baffled by how they got this B-wing so perfect. I can’t wait until more people get their hands on them. (And for a little let down, I’m not impressed with the Resistance shuttle. Mine doesn’t connect quite right. Again, they took a good shot, but it’s kind of a silly ship.)
  11. I wouldn’t do a good job with my phone. I did just compare it to an original and it looks like much of the ship was resculpted, the guns in particular, but also other details like the engine block, cockpit, and wings. The nose blaster is also new. It also has nicer overall paint and new details like yellow engine glow. I’m wondering if any of these details had been added in the more recent reprints. I only have an original and the aces red one. I know it was through at least one reprint more recently. If not, this is a very nice upgrade. And the four moving parts make it super poseable.
  12. I just got my FFG direct preorder today. That usually means game store orders were also shipped and ships will be on shelves very soon.
  13. I almost didn’t order a new B-wing, but it’s one of the few older ships I had never bought more than the original two paint schemes. Let me just say first that I’ve been unimpressed by the other moving-winged ships. I had an X-wing too tight, an X-wing too loose, a stuck Fang, and a Scimitar with one side not quite right. But this B-wing has four moving parts and they all work perfectly - the peg rotates, the cockpit spins, and the wings both fold. The guns are better sculpted and the paint is nice. Great job on this one, FFG! So did I get lucky this time, or are they all this nice?
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