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  1. dadocollin

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    I never understood why people bought these in 1.0. Still, it's an accessory. If they sell it and people buy it, then no problem. Then 2.0 came around and I had a gift card and I just picked up a pack of one faction. Now I'm like a total dial cover snob. I have to stop myself from buying more than one pack for each faction. I realize I probably need help. Just ordered these!
  2. dadocollin

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    I would think these would sell out pretty fast. If you want one, I'd get to their booth first thing. They should think of doing a limited run like this as prizes for a Systems Open or even something you could purchase as an event add-on like the alternate star maps. This would benefit those actually playing the game more, as opposed to those who might not care about X-wing at all, but will snag these just to re-sell.
  3. dadocollin

    Double-Tap Vennie

    Anyone play their Vennie list against the dreaded 3xUpsilons yet? Just curious how it performs. I would think Vennie would go down almost immediately, but that would allow your support ships to get behind the Ups.
  4. dadocollin

    Wave 5 predictions!

    So the new Hyena bomber has the bomb in the video above: This is a bomb that should be dropped by Republic Y-wings piloted by clones as seen in the video. I think that's our first clue that Wave V will have the Yellow Republic Y-wing that will come with this new bomb that will probably be most effective against droid swarms, but maybe all swarms.
  5. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Interesting that it comes in a droid bomber and not a Republic one. Maybe this is an indication the next wave will have the Republic Y-wing which will also carry this bomb. Yey!
  6. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    The Hyena comes with Traj. Sim., so the Bombardment Drone will probably be able to launch mines 5 straight then, right?
  7. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    The Hyena comes with Traj. Sim., so the Bombardment Drone will probably be able to launch mines 5 straight then, right?
  8. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Is this our first opportunity to launch a mine forward (not just a bomb, any "device")?
  9. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Is that a new bomb token as well? Looks like it comes with Bomblet generator and a third bomb.
  10. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I like that FFG is sticking to their guns: 1. No new content with re-printed ships. 2. They are going to get everything re-printed in 2nd ed as quickly as possible for new players. (These are not exact quotes. Just my understanding.) I get the frustration, but imagine how they'd be getting hammered if there was one new card in a re-printed ship pack that wasn't in the conversion kit. They had to choose one way or the other. I think this was the fairest decision for everyone as a whole. That said, I can see the frustration that "if" there is a new cannon in the Resistance Transport and "if" it's actually worthwhile (and "if" it's not Resistance only) then you get into the scenario with cards like Harpoon Missiles where you have to buy something just for a few cards. But at some point this is going to happen. New ships from some faction will have good cards that can be used by other factions. It's going to happen multiple times and more and more the further we get from 1.0.
  11. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I'll give you that, but show me the "Resistance Transport is coming" forum! There's a lot of freighter-type ships that are never going to get made. I just figured this would get lumped into that pile. I like the weird ships with strange functionality, so I'm actually on board for this one. Resistance is also one of my favorite factions, so a nice surprise.
  12. dadocollin

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Wow, so not expecting this. The N-1 and a B-wing with folding wings, spinning cockpit, and rotates on the peg - nice! And who would have predicted that resistance transport???
  13. dadocollin

    Happy Friday - Be better / Be excellent

    Or as the first lady would say...
  14. dadocollin

    New Player Squad List Help

    Both of these ships are almost the same price new at this point, especially the Phantom. You can get a new Phantom on Amazon for $12.89. The Tie Defender is around $15 new, maybe $9-13 used on eBay. I also buy miniatures from coolstuff.com. They have Defenders for $12.79. At this point, there was so much clearance on the 1.0 ships, that the new stock that's left is priced well in many cases.
  15. dadocollin

    New Player Squad List Help

    There are some good videos on YouTube about the basics of flying swarms in formation, but it's hard at the start. The Defender also has a white 4K move so it can very easily turn around, which is forgiving if you set your dial incorrectly one round or just make a bad move. It's built in ability also gives it a free evade action if you make a 3-5 speed move, so it makes it even harder to hit (it already has 3 green dice) and you can take an additional action. (NOTE: You can't take a second evade action in the same round. The rules state you can only do each action once per round. This is a common mistake new players make with the Defender. But you can still focus, lock, or reposition.) The Phantom has cloaking, but it'll be good to learn that mechanic so you'll be ready for it when you go up against them. Of all the imperial ships, the Phantom has perhaps seen the most top-tier flying in second edition.