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  1. Ah another round of codes! I have lost again... I return to the cold void of space.
  2. Finally got my rejection this morning. I will return to the dark loneliness of space...
  3. dadocollin

    Alt art n-1?

    They’ll be selling them tomorrow, March 27, at 11AM Central Time: https://store.us.asmodee.com/catalogue/star-wars-x-wing-naboo-royal-n-1-starfighter_2736/ They announced this on the FFG Organized Play Facebook today.
  4. They’ll be selling them tomorrow, March 27, at 11AM Central Time: https://store.us.asmodee.com/catalogue/star-wars-x-wing-naboo-royal-n-1-starfighter_2736/ They announced this on the FFG Organized Play Facebook today.
  5. You all blamed Boba Endless debate on format Corona natties
  6. I guess this is a good time to admit I bought in to Legion recently. I mean, I bought a lot. Not even clone wars stuff either - original factions. Started making my own terrain. Bought a huge battle map from Europe. Preordered K-2SO and that guy he hangs around with. I mean they’re getting a Neimoidian! What was I supposed to do? Boba is a real pain in that game too though, so you’re not missing out.
  7. Yes the consoles are all separate or can be glued together. Word of warning: There are lots of teeny-tiny pieces that go onto the roof. Lots of them. And each console has two small pieces to glue into it. It takes some patience. Also, be careful gluing the door frame so you don’t glue the part where the door slides into it. It warns you about this in the instructions but maybe you’re like me and are too lazy to read and then spend 30 minutes filing the dried glue out. It is nice though once assembled. The door is removable, top comes off, and the back comes off if you wanted to expand it into a complex or power station like the one on Endor.
  8. This is very disappointing. I've been an X-wing player for years and just got into Legion. I've always been very honest and I don't think I ever made a request for any X-wing ship, even if there were minor issues or things broke right out of the box. I always fixed them on my own. When I bought my Legion core, the small movement template had a broken clip. I couldn't see a way to fix it so it would be functional. I had already glued all of the figures and started painting some by the time I found the broken template a few days after opening the box, so it would have been a huge hassle to return online and start over with a new box. I used the form and was very pleased to get a new one with a note a few weeks later. This is what I would expect from a company like FFG. When you consider that companies like LEGO still do this (and think how many LEGO sets are out there), I feel the customer service is what counts and it makes you want to buy more from a company. I'm sure this will allow them to cut more staff, but it's going to really hurt the customer service aspect of the company. And I think they're going to eventually realize that getting full product returns costs them as much or more as replacing the parts (although I'm not sure who eats the cost when you order from somewhere like Amazon - probably Amazon). If companies like Games Workshop that have thousands of kits can do it, then FFG (Asmodee) should be able to do it. I'll provide one more customer service experience. My young son and I have been collecting the recent Transformers line and one Amazon exclusive I bought was missing a piece. I called Hasbro (which Amazon auto-suggested as a first option) and was expecting the worst from a huge mega-corporation. Instead, I got a very helpful woman who was a great communicator and explained that they didn't stock the exclusives at Hasbro. Instead, I would have to return it to Amazon to get a new one from their stock, but as an alternative, she offered to send me (at no charge) an equivalent Transformer in the same price range (around $20) and gave me a list of options they did stock. Even though we ended up getting a replacement from Amazon, I was shocked at the level of service from Hasbro and their willingness to replace something without any proof or hassle. I know people abuse this type of service and it can be costly to keep shipping out little parts here and there, but I hope FFG reconsiders this policy. If you want to be a top-tier toy/game company, you should offer this level of support. It just goes with the territory in order to build confidence with your customers. It also makes your customers much more willing to deal with product errors when they occur knowing you will make it right.
  9. For Rebel I’d say pick up another B-wing and an A-wing and you’ll have enough to put together some XXBB or XBBA or throw the Y-wing in. Those lists can be very good if you look at what pilots people are flying together. For Imps, you’re all over at this point. You probably want to look at flying triple aces with Vader in the Advanced, one of the Striker aces and then pick up maybe an Interceptor for Soontir or the Prototype for Inquisitor. Or you can get more ties and fly an ace plus a mini swarm. If you’re going to start scum, the Firespray is your entry point. Also very good right now. Then I’d say get a Fang and you can already run a great list with just those two ships. Maybe then a second fang or a few other ships depending on what catches your eye as the aces lists are cheap entry, but can be difficult to fly because they don’t leave a lot of room for error. Lists like your beefy four-ship Rebels will feel much more forgiving as you’re learning the game.
  10. Nice work! I'm just getting into Legion and you've given me some great ideas for paint schemes. I also love the AT-RT with the different pose. Are you using Citadel paints? The AT-RTs metal made me think of their Coelia Greenshade over Leadbelcher. Definitely a distinct looking metal shade I haven't seen before.
  11. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you currently have three Starfortresses and a girlfriend who will play X-wing with you, there’s nowhere to go but down! Seriously though, you have a lot of Resistance and FO. You don’t need a big system like HotAc to plays some missions. Make up a plot and let her be whatever group she likes better. You can rescue a ship, make props like bases out of paper. Draw a little map and have objective-driven missions. You can skew points toward her for now as she’s learning. (I’m assuming she’s not going to be super into competitive skirmish right out of the gate. If so, just make up some lists and play. You might be surprised how fast she starts beating you.)
  12. dadocollin

    Boba is boring

    Scum has been down and out since the very first days of 2.0 when Boba and his pal Han gunner where lighting the place up (and still only dominant in combination with other undercosted ship combos). He (and his friends like Palob) were nerfed back to their hole where they’ve been since. Now Boba creeps into Hyperspace because again, there are some cheap and/or powerful options that have emerged (Maul, Fenn, fangs) and brought Boba back to the top tier. Please don’t nerf the entire scum faction off the board again! Boba is the king of scum. He’s the most iconic, his ability is filthy, and he’s intimidating. He still dies quite often and is expensive. I think he should always be an option for competitive scum lists. He’ll get rotated out, don’t worry. Like Wedge and Vader, Boba will always be just hanging in space with his engines idling waiting for the card prices around him to shift just enough to let him back into the top tier.
  13. I was a little surprised to see them cut all the V-19s. I mean, they come with the Republic starter, so this really does hurt new Republic players. I think you're right that they're now going to use Hyperspace as a rotating format to freshen up the game and force players to play different things and try (and buy) new ships. I think it's going to be good for the game in general and probably good for the FFG bottom line. As others have pointed out, these formats only really apply to the tournament scene, but it probably will hurt getting old players back or maintaining interest from players who are dedicated to a specific ship/build. On the flip side, players who have been obsessed with certain ships/builds that have not been meta may get the format to rotate into their favorite ships. If you have a limited collection, I would never expect to always have the hottest meta builds in any format. I think it's probably reasonable for FFG to expect players to invest fully into at least one faction to play in the (top tier) competitive scene. (By invest fully, I mean buy multiples of every ship in the faction.) They're going to mix up the hyperspace meta for two reasons: 1) To rotate out dominant ships/builds so the meta doesn't get stale or NPE; 2) To get players to play/buy other ships that aren't seeing much table time. With Republic, they're clearly removing the few dominant ships/cards and trying to get more Y-wings and N-1s onto the table (notice Rick Olie survived the purge). Removing the V-19s is how they're trying to accomplish the second goal for this faction.
  14. This probably makes more sense from a manufacturing standpoint being closer to a standard Tie body. Still, I think I’m happy they changed it further into the two distinct ships. This is a cool alternative though.
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