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  1. Not sure this is the right place for this. Sending you a message though.
  2. Hey again folks, Decided I got way too deep into collecting and have to back things off a notch. Have a bunch of stuff from alt arts(commons and rares) to full on expansions. All of it has either been sleeved or can be sleeved(at request) prior to leaving me. I am US Based. Have done and am willing to work international. Only things I'm looking for: -Warhammer 40K stuff(very specific wants only, will need to provide pics if not NiB or NoS) -Another medium of exchange Stuff I have:(QTY in Parenthesis) Alt Arts: Squads: TIE Interceptor(3+) TIE Fighter(3) Boba Fett/Slave I(2) TIE Bomber(3+) Y Wing(2) X Wing(1) Han Solo(1) Ships: CR90A(1) VSD II(3) ISD I(3) ISD II(3) Raider I(3) Gozanti(1) GR75(3) MC80 AC(2) Neb B Escort(10+) Upgrades: Assault Proton Torps(10+) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits(10+) XI7 Turbolasers(6+) Leading Shots(4+) Bomber Command(Big Boy size, 8+) Commander: Custom Commander Leia Tatooine Glossy Card(Not FFG, local Tourney, 8+) Acrylics: Red/White Objective Tokens(10+) Squadron Tokens(both types, 6+) Concentrate Fire Tokens(10+) Navigation Tokens(3+) Engineering Tokens(10+) Evade Defense Token(5) Green/White 2016 Store Champ Set(Range and Sqds) Dice Bags: Rebel Red Bags(2) ISD Black Bag(1) Imperial Symbol Black Bag, used (1) Expansions(Come with all cards and components): Rebel Squads I (Sealed, 2) Corellian Conflict(Opened, unpunched) Interdictor Assault Frigate Liberty GR-75 Gozanti ISD I/II Home One/MC80 Raider Gladiator Thanks for looking if you got this far ?
  3. I like Lancers Rogue Bomber Black Dice speed 4 pretty good deal for 15 you lose a hull point compared to an X Wing sure. They're more specialized bombers as opposed to the X Wings generalist stance I haven't tried Scurrg yet though they are on the list Z95s have become a favorite lately. Their dice is swingy sure. I somehow have done real well with them especially vs generic TIE variants and Mandos. I can't throw blue dice for my life, give me red dice then things get interesting
  4. It depends on your meta and experience For example, locally my Dodonna dual Liberty(GT, IO, XI7, DTT) with 2 flots and squads runs rampant through almost everything. I ram both Liberties down the enemy throat while my squads tie up things long enough for the cruisers to do their job. I have a feeling id get my *** kicked at regionals or above. My meta is also no more than 6 people including me right now. I also enjoy what I call Raddus' revenge The Raddus ship is a MC75 Armored with Hondo, Boarding Troopers, X Racks, Hicap Ions, ECM Preferably another ship overheats the target's defense tokens( O Pulse or normal attack) then you use BT to discard 3(Brace, Redirects) and then attack with the double arc you setup. Expensive but fun. may also result in your opponent rage quitting, flipping the table, crying salty tears or a combination of the three.
  5. Admiral 3 points When you overlap or are overlapped by a friendly ship, each ship suffers 2 facedown damage cards as opposed to the normal 1.
  6. I will not be able to get a good enough picture to assure you that they are perfectly matched up. They do match up and never had an issue with them. More importantly, never had an opponent have an issue with them. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/191250-litko-corsec-and-ffgs-ranger-rulers/ Read that thread, especially the first post if you're looking for an exact measurement comparison. Keep in mind the sample size of that comparison and that products are going to vary due to manufacturing tolerances. Keep in mind if there is an issue during gameplay you or your opponent can request a single set of tools be used between both players.
  7. New boxset with Resistance and First Order? Maybe even some 3d obstacles and station(yeah right, I know....)
  8. I have a Litko set in the green flavor that I really like. Gotta say though, those recreator ones look very nice.
  9. US Based Willing to work internationally Anyone have a Gladiator II Alt Art for trade? Also looking for a Rhymer AA still. Have to trade: VSD II AA ISD (I and II) AA May have an Acrylic turn dial Evade acrylic tokens Raider I AA May have others, if you have one of my wants let's deal.
  10. The Generic anti-sqd is 2 Blue, 1 Red http://starwars-armada.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorian_Gauntlet_Fighter I was curious if you could use flight controllers through the relay and still get the boost.
  11. Please correct me if wrong, The Mandos(what I call the Gauntlets) if activated via relay(Lambda Lambda Lambda...) from a ship with flight controllers equipped would throw 3 blue and 1 red anti-squadron, correct? Not as good as a standard TIE Fighter with Howlrunner throwing 5 blues with Swarm yet more durable....
  12. IIRC Mel and/or others have them on Shapeways. Bit expensive though... Better off buying an extra expansion here and there. Especially the ones with good cards...
  13. Why not do your own? The Polish guys are doing some excellent stuff for their tourneys. Or use some of the excellent art from 3rd party Armada websites. Something I've been considering doing as an experiment. Not sure what paper to print it on. Wouldn't an Alt Art Demolisher title card be neat? Or better yet, a Tatooine Leia alternate art. Guaranteed to distract most male opponents into making a tactical mistake
  14. What about Relay 2 Counter 1 Lambda and not Lamda at the same time. I know how some people feel about Relay 2 and instead of nerfing it with errata, balance it out with a Rebel version
  15. Recently finished another for fun painting project for another player I game with. The Defenders were fun to paint and I really like how they came out. Might do up a set for my own collection.
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