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  1. Also, I expect at least some news about Expansion!
  2. Never thought about it, but now when reading the rules for TI3 and TI4, it seems that you are right, it surprised me!
  3. I was also embarrassed when I played the first game in 4 editions for Necro, the fault is that the formalization "treats them like ships". But the Danes clearly explained the problem - no fleet suplly or capasity were not taken into account when drawing this ability is not necessary. Yes, a powerful ability, but it seems to me that in 4 editions each race, with the exception of Winnu, has strong racial abilities and technologies. EDIT: While looking at Dane's answer once more, he was only talking about fleet suplly, but I'm sure that in this case, capasity is not important.
  4. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1902562/verified-errata-k-yes-hyper-metabolism-wrong Here are the answers, explanations given by Dane Beltrani (the main designer of the game), and he was asked about the same topic. Yes, the ground force in the case of Necro, is not considered as part of the flit suplly.
  5. If it was confirmed by Dane, then it does not make sense to find out something else
  6. I will not say 100% of the correctness of my thoughts, but I would say that player A can play a second skilled retreat. Here timing is important. Read the rule of Timing 1.11. It follows from this that the player playing the first skilled retreat card hits the first time window, and when he plays the second card, the skilled retreat is already another time window. Rule 2.8 is important, for example, for Moral boost cards, because if you want to play 2 cards morale boost is simultaneous, then just get into one time window.
  7. I think that the official FAQ will explain everything exactly, when it comes out
  8. Yes, this is an unpleasant effect, but not fatal
  9. The second effect must be played, no matter what you choose in the first effect.
  10. Each fighter / infantry is counted separately for production cap. So the second variant is correct.
  11. Players do not receive action cards at the beginning of the game. Under the standard rules, they will receive the first action cards only in the first status phase. But you can get them before. For example SC Politics gives 2 action cards.
  12. Thanks for the proof! It is a pity that the new version also did not escape such simple mistakes. Personally, I was always upset by the incorrect validity of the PDS in the third edition on the races sheet.
  13. Letani Warrior can produce units while in transport
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