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  1. Say my list is as follows: - AP-5 carrying Leia Organa. Currently on 1 Hull, no shields. All charges active. - 4 x Blue Squadron Pilot B-Wings, none are stressed. I dial in a 3-straight with AP-5, 2-Ks with the B-Wings. I use Leia's ability at start of Activation. I move AP-5, who overlaps an asteroid, rolls a hit, and is destroyed. The B-Wings reveal their dials. Is the revealed 2-K a red or white maneuver? Does Leia's ability still apply?
  2. Please disregard the one broken cannon, currently working on a replacement/substitute as soon as I find appropriate greeblies.
  3. Unfortunately no. Obstacles are objects (RR: "Objects") and since buzz droids say "cannot", that overrules other effects (RR: page 2, "Golden Rules"). The general rule for remotes says they don't count as moving through or overlapping obstacles. The specific rule for Buzz Droids says basically "except for these buzzy bois".
  4. Situation: A U-Wing has bumped a TIE Fighter in such a manner that both nubs on the U-Wing's base are in contact with the TIE Fighter's base and the ships are at 90 degrees to each other and at Range 0. The next turn, the TIE Fighter attempts to perform a 1-hard in the direction of the U-Wing, cannot complete the maneuver, does not move at all. Still at Range 0. The U-Wing then flips the Pivot Wing card to the (Closed) position, reveals a 0-stationary maneuver, and rotates 90 degrees. Because of this rotation, the bases of the two ships are no longer in contact. The RRG section on Stationary says So by that rule, the ships continue to be at Range 0. However, the RRG section on Range says Therefore they would no longer be at range 0? Which rule applies in this situation?
  5. Hey now, let's not be hasty and jump to conclusions.
  7. Either: 1) Finally winning a Store Championship 2) Finishing in the Top 8 of a Regional 3) Making Day 2 of Worlds with a 5-game win streak that included defeating three identical Ghost-Fenn lists in a row. Looking forward to the January soft-reset for Hyperspace season. New meta, new ships, new year. 2019 is going to be lit on fleek, or whatever the youths are saying these days.
  8. I was running a four-ship Rebel list (Rex, Lowhhrick, Jess, Ezra) versus Ghost-Fenn. Initial engagement, I lose Rex. Next turn of combat, I lose Lowhhrick but take Fenn down to 1 Hull. Ezra is off stressed and out of combat, Jess is trying to stay in the range 1 donut hole of the Ghost but a coordinated Boost right down to the bottom edge of the board makes her eat a 5-die shot to lose all her shields and eject M9-G8 to avoid a Direct Hit. But then I look at the board, think, and dial in a 1-bank and a boost. The Ghost does a 2-hard... and bumps with its back corner off the mat. Fenn comes screaming out of the corner... right into Ezra's arc. One hit goes through and that's the game. It was the luckiest bump in X-Wing history and I still to this day have like a 10% belief that my opponent might have handed me the match either out of exhaustion or just a desire to stop playing 1.0.
  9. Round 5, Day 1B, Worlds 2018. Going from being tabled to winning 100-47 in the span of about 90 seconds.
  10. Say I have a Binayre Pirate with Cloaking Device, and at range 0-1 a Trandoshan Slaver with Cikatro Visago and Rigged Cargo Chute. During the End Phase, can I use Cikatro's ability to swap the two upgrades? The card for Cloaking Device says Small or Medium Base, and Rigged Cargo Chute says Medium or Large Base. Does Cikatro's ability allow you to ignore these restrictions?
  11. Let's say I have Evaan Verlaine (Initiative 4) with a Dorsal Turret (currently aimed to the rear) and Han Solo (gunner). I have ships in range in both my front and rear arcs. Engagement Phase begins. At Initiative 7, I may make a turret attack (granted via Han's ability). Do I still engage at Initiative 4 and make a primary attack? I know that I cannot make a second turret attack (prohibited via Han's ability). Confusion comes with pages 5 and 7 of the Rules Reference that say: "Each ship may perform only one attack when it engages during this phase" and "Each ship engages only once during this phase." Does the Initiative 7 attack granted by Han count as engaging?
  12. 4 CAZ with Crack/FAA + AP-5 with Inspiring Recruit if you want to do stress-removal shenanigans or Intel Agent if you want blocking shenanigans.
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