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  1. No not discarded during rally. For example I have to prepare guardian 1 at the start as per the rules. On my turn I use that card to prevent damage. When I reset do I get to prepare that card again or does it get shuffled back in the deck and prepare a new skill card that a draw during scout? Also are items considered towards the prepare limit of 4? Sorry I should have explained a bit better
  2. If you decide to discard a prepared skill card for your role (such as guardian 1) during the rally step do you get to prepare it again for the next action step or is it shuffled back into the skill deck?
  3. Because per means each
  4. I saw a post somewhere that Alex Davey actually replied that the ability is only for that round
  5. Actually it did last game I played. I know the consensus is that it only lasts the one round but I would have to disagree because of the wording. Once PER round meaning each so if the golden rule comes into effect then Jyn's effect would overrule so charge would only take effect the current round only but the latter effect should remain. That's just my opinion but I sent an email for an official ruling
  6. Northside Brisbane as well, Magic Vault is pretty close to me but I also play at Annerley
  7. Just started playing back in Decemeber and am trying to find other players or when any events will be taking place
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