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  1. I remember reading someone used a house rule in their HOTAC game that allowed them to equip an RZ1 config where you rolled a green ‘accuracy’ die with your two die shot. An evade result allowed you to cancel a defender’s evade result. The green die could be modified along with the red attack dice via focus. I thought this was a pretty good house rule, to help the A-Wing more consistently hit high agility targets without raising its damage ceiling. Always wanted to see something like that with official backing.
  2. Trying to figure out the optimal configuration for this squad. I have been favoring: Jess Pava Automated Targeting Priority Red Squad Expert Heroic Automated Targeting Priority LT Bastian Automated Targeting Priority R3 Astromech Nimi Chireen Automated Targeting Priority Total: 198 points Enough to fit an R4 on someone I suppose. Lots of firepower, reasonably durable. Can get a fair number of double mods. Has to rely on blocking or spreading out arcs to pin down aces. Overall I just like the archetype. It can survive a mistake or two. Open to suggestions or to hear if you have a preferred 4X squad
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