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  1. If I attempt an action via Advanced Sensors and it fails, I had previously assumed I would not get an action after moving. I noticed when using the FlyCasual simulator that I was still getting my action after moving following an advanced sensors fail. Searched around a bit and haven’t seen a definitive ruling on this one. Thanks guys, and my apologies if I am overlooking something obvious.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! That does look like a fun Firespray. I take it the idea is that she is very consistent. Between the baffle, title, OOO-5 and composure you pretty much guarantee she will have focus/calculate all the time and maybe re-rolls as well. I will try that! I had also been throwing elusive on 4-Lom and I think that’s a good return on investment. I played my original list last night with some success- I had two out of three ships ioned after the first pass. Next time out I will take your version, but drop the hull upgrades in order to keep an ion cannon on 4-Lom so that I can have two ships that can reliably apply ion.
  3. Looking for suggestions to fill out this list. The idea is that 4-Lom is handing out stress and ion tokens, with Kavill providing ion support as well. The Cartel Marauders are there to swat the targets that those two set up. 4-Lom (49) Mist Hunter title (2) Ion cannon (5) Advanced sensors (10) Zuckus (2) Kavill (43) Ion turret (5) Cartel Marauder (38) x2 Total:192 This list really doesn’t need initiative so that leaves 8 points. Those could go toward putting Contraband cybernetics on the Cartel Marauders, or Elusive on 4-Lom, Proton bombs on Kavill for more area control or.... open to suggestion guys! Thanks for your input.
  4. Two talent slots and 3 green dice make RZ2’s a great vehicle for 1 point Heroic. I feel like I am going to want that stapled on
  5. This has got to coincide with an A-Wing price drop or even addition of talent slot. I mean... right??
  6. I think you’ve got it right with Blount and and AP-5– they are both solid choices. If you choose to upgrade I would throw in both B Aces with Elusive and shield upgrades. You must have picked up 2 rebel conversion kits? My 3rd and 4th B’s are sidelined until I can get the materials to supplement the two dials that come with one kit.
  7. Alright one more take on this, maximum goofy jank: Omicron Group Pilot Cienna Lee Freelance slicer ST-321 Whisper Juke Informant Collision Detector Grand Inquisitor Sense Collision Detector Total 197 Once again you are using Sense and Informant to look at opponent dials during System phase, which can be used to inform the decloak positioning. OGP can use also use that knowledge when coordinating at Ini 1 to hand out a reposition, triggering Cienna if desired. Between decloak, coordinate, and Cienna you have a ton of reposition options available after having gained knowledge of an opponent dial or two. The Lambdas coordinate action gives it a lock via title that can be spent to give out a jam via freelance slicer, or for offense if not. Not sure that Ini bid is important as prelnowledge could be just as useful to set up blocks. Possible changes: Echo might be the better choice here to get maximum use out of bendy decloak. Also could drop slicer and title on shuttle to get a stealth device on the phantom. There you go, a ridiculous jank list that may very well drop right away to a torpedo alpha strike... but if it works I’ll be grinning ear to ear.
  8. I guess I just fundamentally disagree with the premise of this post- this is a game that we play for fun. There’s a lot of fun rebel ships and combinations to explore, even if their top tier most efficient options are lagging behind the same in other factions. Is that enough to make a game truly unfun to play? The game has opened up quite a bit when it comes to fielding viable options. Maybe I’m just lucky enough to have a ‘fly-casual’ group of fun people to play with who don’t netlist and just bring whatever they feel like. If you’re not having fun, don’t play- but I would question whether you are taking a too narrow view of what a fun play experience can be. Conditions will never be that perfect ideal of balance across a game with this much content and if that’s a prerequisite for fun then that’s a recipe for discontent. There are also other play modes to enjoy- people have adapted HOTAC and plenty are playing No Glory format. TLDR: Games are meant to be fun. When we get too serious about games and competition fun stops being fun and really what are we doing at that point.
  9. Have been playing around with a different take on a similar list, ‘Ramming Speed’: Norra Wexley (68 total) Zeb Intimidation Veteran Tail Gunner R5 Arvil Crynd (46 total) Intimidation Proton Rockets Horton Salm (54 total) Ion Cannon Turret Veteran Turret Gunner LT Blount (32 total) Predator You get the idea- Norra and Arvel try to ram and disrupt, Blount and Horton benefit from having allies crowding enemies. If you’re lucky then Horton ions someone and makes them easier to bump. Like you said this isn’t meant to beat the meta but it is good fun to go for all those bumps
  10. Coming back to this concept. The idea here is that Sense and Informant give good System phase board knowledge to choose Echo’s decloak maneuver and bomb placement. Echo is going to be a real end game hassle to nail down, while the bomber threat can’t really be ignored. The 3 low initiative ships other than Echo will have good info to set up blocks as well. No bid doesn’t hurt it as you generally want to move first anyhow. Echo w/ Informant, Juke, Stealth Device (70) Inquisitor w/ Sense (46) 2x Scimitar Squad w/ Proton torps, Proton bombs (42 x2) 200 points total
  11. Really like your list- it looks like it would be a lot of fun to fly. Definitely a skill list that doesn’t leave a ton of room for error or a botched maneuver. I’ll try it out next time I get a game in but nobody is going for big point bids in my local meta. I’d be tempted to swap in Seismics for the Protons to give Fel a stealth device to mistake proof him a bit.
  12. Yeah I suppose that does allow you to maximize your rest-positioning more. You could drop Juke on Echo and put Collision detector in to come in right at 200.
  13. Total theory crafting- have not flown this or anything like it. Hoping you can help me refine it. The idea is to take maximum advantage of System phase information by using Sense and Informant to reveal maneuvers, and using ships that can all use that information to determine their location accordingly: Inquisitor (40) Sense (6) Echo (50) Informant (5) Juke (4) Duchess (42) Predator (2) Ved Foslo (47) Fire Control System (3) The idea is that between Sense and Informant, Echo can make a very educated decision about his (her?) decloak. Even if out-initiatived, Duchess and Ved can make changes to their maneuvers with the ore knowledge of opponent dials from the System phase. Other upgrades are sprinkled in to taste, but open to suggestions. Anyway hoping to have the chance to test it soon. Thanks for your input!
  14. I started collecting as soon as the first core set came out, played my first games in late 2012, excited to indulge my X-wing/Tie Fighter Pc game nostalgia. Only played games with people who I introduced the game to. Purely casual affairs where we would look through the very limited available upgrade cards on the spot, threw together a list with iconic ships, put on OT Star Wars music, found a soundboard, and had at it. First games had a realllly limited selection of ships and upgrades. You were either flying X’s and Y’s (with ion turrets) or Vader and Tie/lns. I was totally disconnected from forums or any larger X-Wing community and therefore ignorant about any new meta hotness and rarely ever flew the same thing twice for those trends to really become obvious. I do remember being amazed by Advanced sensor B-Wings (barrel roll then 1 turn wow!) Even I could tell though as stuff came out that there were plenty of pilots that would rarely or never see table time (looking at you Fel’s Wrath). It was a nice ‘pure’ experience though. Remember that movie where Brendon Fraser is stuck in a basement with 1950’s culture and emerges in the 90’s, completely ignorant about all the changes that have happened in the meantime? That was kind of my X-Wing experience when I finally started playing at a local game store after wave 9 (!!). I showed up with Soontir and a Tie mini swarm and was flabbergasted by SLAM- bombing Miranda just decimating them. I felt like the guy who probably spent years practicing his sword play who picked a fight with a gun wielding Indiana Jones.
  15. I like it. You could also make your 4th ship a Jess Pava with M9-G8. Give someone else a re-roll and she would be harder to kill herself.
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