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  1. Nomad Searcher

    About Monsters and Plots

    Well,here goes other asking to the members this forum:someone know who was the artist that made this pic?
  2. Nomad Searcher

    About Monsters and Plots

    As mister Foti is too many busy to answer me,someone here can clarify my doubt and say what are the monsters in the pic above? At least,the monster on the build top is too many far away to a identification,and the things on the walls aren't in the book D20 Monsters.
  3. Nomad Searcher

    About Monsters and Plots

    Well ,I put my question on the gallery that Anthony Foti have Deviant Art on the same week that Julia suggested this.Unfortunately, I never got a answer.I presume that mister Foti should be busy like a bee,or something like that.Neverthless,thanks by your attention with me, Tsuma!
  4. Nomad Searcher

    About Monsters and Plots

    On For the Greater Good box,the Anthony Foti art show two cops with guns in a alley,with something weird on the bricks walls near them.Above on a building top,monsters are stalking. I'd like know what are the monsters kinds that are show on this illustration.