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  1. For epic, great. For 100/6, not likely. As mentioned, 40k 7th edition shows how bad a game can get if a build carries across your full list and limits your flexibility.
  2. Ta! Only play Scum. And I'm ig'nant.
  3. If a ship with no tokens is hit by his pilot ability can they choose to discard all the tokens (that they don't have). Or, do they have to take a damage as they have no tokens to discard?
  4. Sorry, confused. How was the first bomblet not detonated before the second was laid in the next turn? I had wondered why it came with two tokens.
  5. You play 4 games. 2 of the games with the list you made, 2 picked out the hat. 2 points per win, plus 1 point for each game your list loses. Will need to be split into 2 populations so you don't randomly play your own list. Would that work?
  6. Hmmm.... 59 copies in hand luggage on a plane for limited Gencon 'release'. Thousands of copies on slow boats chugging around the world to feed the rest of us chumps.
  7. Did somebody manage to do a thing with a Firespray? Harsh.
  8. Nice idea, but not for a card that is already useful. You'll get my vote if you look to boost an underused card like Flight Instructor or summat.
  9. 35 years old and remain deeply embarrassed about my choice of hobby. I'd get more respect hanging out at the pub being racist and disrespecting women like a real man. I have come to accept that this is life, and I must wait for my children to be old enough to engage in my awful, awful life choices. Until then, you chumps are my only company. Ugh....
  10. Totally agree on it being a mess. Just regarding EPT, the worst candidates were Deadeye and Mindlink. With one gone and the other receiving its own treatment then it may no longer be a problem.
  11. Tell your opponent to read the internets. They will know that Nym is totes OP and immediately concede.
  12. Not sure if all the threads are still stored, but ParaGoombaSlayer (was that his name?) did an analysis on this. It turns out that Andrew isn't Dengaroo, so don't bother. You're welcome.
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