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  1. They also got 2pt thread tracers. They'll have to change their loadouts and point their arcs forward slightly more frequently, but for potentially greater efficacy, especially if they opt for a couple clusters or concussions.
  2. Sorry, at this point I'm confident I'm not stupid enough to have this conversation.
  3. Curses, I never mastered the art of inserting gifs on this site
  4. You are free to believe in your religion; nobody here is trying to take that away from you. Scientific consensus disagrees with you, which is also fine. You are clearly not an expert in the bible nor science, so a debate with you on the topic is probably the most pointless thing I can think of.
  5. Just a reminder to everyone turning this into a debate. This is just everyone's fun personal list. There are no wrong answers. I want Midnight down to 34 points, General Hux down to 2, generic Xi at 37, and most importantly, original Snap at 50. Oh, and all named Rz2s up 2pts.
  6. I was flying an FO salad of Epsilon, Rivas, Fanatical Scorch, Daredevil Holo, and Daredevil Vonreg. Typically I have the firepower advantage and can leverage that by hunting with Vonreg on the flank, bullying with Holo and Scorch, and blocking exit paths with the I1 FOs. However, I lost the damage race thanks to the prockets and a powerful block from Merl that was probably my fault (There were two rocks between Merl and Vonreg so I didn't even consider the block during my planning, but I should have seen it as a possibility. Merl hard turn barrel-roll boosted to block my admittedly obvious 1-hard).
  7. New content and easy to miss. I don't hold it against my opponent, as I'm pretty sure he didn't realize it either. Still a really good ability; probably more confounding to your opponent than intimidation, since it works up to range 3.
  8. Having been knocked out of Swiss by this list this weekend, let me give a few of my impressions. 1st: This list carries a 12pt bid, which is crucial to lining up those prockets. 2nd: The added oomph factor of 3 prockets firing early is that it advances the A's into their preferred endgame early by deleting arcs from the table and making it easier for the remaining 2-3 I-5 aces to avoid taking shots. 3rd: Intimidation Merl is a beast. Merl is deceptively an I1 ace killer. One block from Merl turns Soontir into a structually damaged vulture. Merl has an ability that is probably worth 4pts and he gets it for free (It's crucial to note that Merl's ability only aplies to primaries. I did not realize this and lost Vonreg when maybe he might have survived a procket). I never played 5A, but I had a pretty good record against them and a playbook that I felt gave me a 60-40 advantage even against a good player. This list tabled me.
  9. Sloane is a force multiplier to be sure, but a 28pt 180 arc ship is excellent filler.
  10. Aftermarket Electricals Increase the difficulty of your hard turns. While you execute a red non-stop maneuver, during the check difficulty step, gain 1 deplete instead of a stress.
  11. One edge case of keeping them all I4 is that you can keep their foils closed until combat, and if 1 ship can't afford to take a strain due to a nasty incoming shot, it can still shoot 3 dice in a somewhat meaningful way with jamming beam before the rest of the squad fires.
  12. This is a false equivalency. The v1 and the nantex are wildly different chassis. Those 2 attack dice on the Nantex are attached to a very flexible turret, to say nothing of the 3 dice bullseye. Their dial is actually incredible when you consider they never have to stress themselves. If anything, the most comparable ship is the rz2. They have similar time on target with their mobile arcs, though the rz2 is still more suited to fly-bys while the nantex specialize in knife fighting The I3 rz2 is 34pts (unless you take the named I3. Rz2 pricing is stupid). So you could make a case for bumping the Stalgasin up even further to 34. Most people would agree that the rz2 is a decent chunk undercosted, so a very similar nantex coming in slightly cheaper is probably fair. An I1 Nantex at 31/32 would let you mass 6 with upgrades, but all ships are different and I find it interesting that there are no I2/1 generics. Interesting enough to be worth not changing.
  13. I think in the Nantex meta, the hope was that rey and colleagues could erase 1 Nantex a turn, which meant freelance wouldn't have an opportunity to trigger. Meanwhile, Korr let's you re-engage with Rey faster and let's you do cheeky things like blue maneuver over a rock consequence free.
  14. The DeathRey build is Finn Rose Korr Sela Title. Action: take lock. Engagement, roll 3-4 dice. add blank with Finn. Reroll all eyeballs/blanks. spend force to modify up to 1 blank and/or 2 eyeballs. Spend any remaining blank/eyeballs with rose to reacquire lock. Next turn sloop to maintain front arc. Boost as necessary.
  15. New baby is keeping my brain not good. I definitely meant to say, I don't think anyone considers the RZ-2 overcosted. You know, the opposite of what I wrote.
  16. They are now priced in line with RZ-2s, which are the most comparable ship. I don't think anyone thinks RZ-2s are undercosted. [Edit: I definitely meant to write overcosted. new baby means no sleep means bad brain worky]
  17. I mean, it's always been comically undercosted compared to other ships in it's class. Now they have an I1 with a significant ability for the same cost as a generic I1, a named I3 with a good ability cheaper than the generic I3, and a spammable upgrade that punishes block attempts, one of the main tools swarms have to fight them. All that said, I don't believe the sky is falling here, because there are strategies against 5A besides just listbuilding. But all RZ-2s could go up 2-3 points without seriously hurting the chassis.
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