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  1. Wedge and Fenn in the same ship, with the added possibility of throwing your opponent on a rock. I hope Ensnare is priced appropriately.
  2. Not a scum player, but I have a serious question for you all: Why aren't you flying Palob? Even without Moldy Crow, at 40 points naked Palob is an incredible support that can set up kills by removing defensive mods (and he can even jam for double the aggravation). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to continue to hang on to my focus tokens, but is it just that scum points are awkward right now and fitting in 40 points is too difficult to do effectively?
  3. I don't think you'd get much value out of angled deflectors. Luke likes locks, but he can't get them if he's reinforcing. Further, reinforce will only benefit if he ever takes 2 or more damage, which is less likely thanks to his ability. You would need to prevent 2 damage from reinforce for it to have had any benefit at all, and then you have to factor in the cost of trading your normal action for a reinforce.
  4. Countdown is a much better flanker than a jouster. 2 or more guns on Countdown is very dangerous as his ability can only pop for one attack. I also think intimidation is a trap on Rhymer. Yes, he can launch a range 0 torp, but that is an edge case benefit and should not be your game plan.
  5. I think he's sharing a beer with Carnor Jax and Thweek
  6. hargleblarg


    Low I cheap ships make good blockers. You don't generally want to use an expensive ship to block because the blocking ship frequently loses its shot and/or is more vulnerable. Because of this, deciding IF you should block is most frequently done while still listbuilding. Occasionally, and typically towards the late game, you may use an expensive ship to block, but only if either A) You have enough ships left over to leverage the block, or/and B) The blocking ship is highly damaged and blocking will ensure it doesn't get shot this round. Easy ships to block are those with either large bases or predictable dials. For example, a stressed X-Wing only has 6 blue maneuvers, and often you can predict that maneuver based on what is more likely to get it back into the fight. Blocking is most effective when you have ships to take advantage of an actionless defender. So early to midgame is typically good, endgame becomes more difficult to leverage as you lose ships. Blocking is especially great if you can block a high-value ace early, as you can eliminate a lot of your opponent's list in one round of fire.
  7. I'm running a very similar squad (Instead of SFs, I'm running all FOs with optics on everyone). I'm currently 8-0 at league night. Granted, league night is not the most competitive scene, but my group has some very good players.
  8. Tie FOs have been very good to me with the new points. If I wanted to go all generics, I would go 4 Omega Squadron Aces with advanced optics and fanatical and 2 Epsilons with optics.
  9. I had the same thought. There are a couple of differences, of course. The biggest obvious difference is maneuvers vs actions, but also that the ruling refers only to effects that "Treat ______ as ________" and not effects that reduce difficulty. However, if they use this as precedent, future rulings would likely stipulate that the more difficult difficulty persists. It really is up in the air until we get official clarification.
  10. That's been my exact experience so far. I take big rocks because I know I can fly around them with ease while forcing my opponent to engage in predictable lanes.
  11. That's awesome. The efficient cost of FOs and SFs makes me think that FO swarms are going to have a bigger impact on the meta than anyone predicted
  12. Has anyone else tried putting an advanced optics FO swarm on the table? 6 epsilons with optics gives you 20 points to play around with. I upgraded 3 to Scorch, Longshot, and Rivas and I have found that this squad does a ton of work. It's most clearly comparable to the 6 tie Howl swarm. The biggest disadvantages are the loss of Howl's passive mods and Iden's Hail Mary save. In return, however, you don't have to fly a tight formation, which lets you create more elaborate flight patterns such as pincer formations. Advance Optics makes up for the loss of Howl and those extra shields give overall more bulk to the list than Iden, although you're still more likely to lose an early ship. Finally, that dial. Those sloops give you a lot of flexibility when you need to turn around, and those 2 hard blues give you such good movement options when you need to clear stress. In conclusion, if you haven't put 6 FOs on the table yet, I think you really ought to try it.
  13. The effect is, "the attacker rolls 1 additional die to a maximum of four." This effect isn't fully resolved until you've rolled your dice, which again, are all rolled at the same time. If it read, "if the attacker is rolling 3 or fewer dice, it may roll one additional die," then the order you resolve abilities would matter. But the maximum of four is part of the ability itself, which means that restriction hangs until dice have been rolled.
  14. Have any of y'all looked in the RRG under attack? Roll attack dice all happens at once. Specifically: 2. Attack Dice: During this step, the attacking player rolls attack dice and the players can modify the dice. a. Roll Attack Dice: The attacking player determines the number of attack dice to roll based on the chosen weapon’s attack value, range bonus, and any abilities that add or remove attack dice. Then they roll that many dice. b. Modify Attack Dice: The players resolve abilities that modify the attack dice. The defending player resolves their abilities first, then the attacking player resolves their abilities It doesn't matter what order you trigger either effect - you roll all your dice at the same time. If you roll more than a maximum of 4 dice, you're not following the text on seventh fleet gunner.
  15. Looks solid. If the bid isn't important to you, it could be worth it to upgrade one epsilon to Rivas
  16. It's insane to think that a contracted scout should ever be worth 25 points. That has nothing to do with this discussion. Large base costs have nothing to do with their ability to be spammed. You can already run 4 large ship lists (jumps, scum falcons, and lambdas). None of those lists are oppressive nor are they particularly competitive. Those costs are more based around hitpoints than anything. I just don't see any compelling argument why anyone shouldn't be able to play double decis if that's what they want to put on the table.
  17. My FO swarm dropped 11 points, allowing me to fit in some interesting upgrades and pilots
  18. The biggest problem I've found on Midnight is that she's still a tie fighter. Losing Juke is unfortunate, but losing that ability to hold on to an evade really hurts her survivability, especially on the turn you acquire the lock.
  19. "You can't shoot all of us!" Cheered the droids seconds before Anakin shot them all.
  20. hargleblarg


    Having played with concussions on Talli, the biggest problem is giving up any defensive mods on the turn you establish your lock. The target lock requirement is the #2 thing keeping missiles down in my opinion (cost being #1)
  21. Talonbane is really interesting, and yeah, afterburners makes him really exciting, but at that price you can get Old T, which seems really unfair to our favorite black sun fighter. Lack of linked actions and a miserable dial (why can't we have that 1 straight) don't help either.
  22. Back to answering the question, by faction, here are the good ace deals: Rebels: Jake Ferrel. Let's face it, if you're going for aces, you probably aren't flying rebels. Sabine is close with her prepositioning, but I3 means she's heavily reliant on prediction and blocking for true ace play. Empire: Soontir Fel, Named Strikers, Whisper, Echo. Even with afterburners, Vader can't reliably dodge arcs, but he hits like a hammer Scum: Guri, Fenn, Old T, Kad Solus. None of the other starvipers quite fit because of their reliance on linked actions and lack of blue hard turns. Resistance: Any RZ-2. With the ability to engage while running, even the low I pilots are able to get out of likely arcs without forfeiting firepower. Black One can turn Poe or Nien into an extraordinary ace temporarily. First Order: Kylo. Blackout is an honorable mention, but double silencers hasn't yet emerged as a meta power and Kylo is too much of an upgrade over Blackout. Scorch gets an honorable mention as a cheap filler, but the lack of linked actions or boosts keep him from reaching pocket ace status. Republic: Any aethersprite, really. Stressless bonus reposition is phenomenal. Anakin is clearly the best, but don't underestimate CLT Obi or Ploon as a cheap ship your opponent can't afford to ignore. CIS: Nothing yet. The belbullab has the statline to make it a consideration, but it's too important currently in CIS to keep all guns on target so you don't lose by attrition. When we get their weird nautilus ship, cagey aces might become a viable CIS strategy. Maybe.
  23. None of those ships are aces though. That's an alpha strike list.
  24. The community more or less agrees that an ace is a ship whose primary survival method is not to get shot. In practice, this typically involves high initiative and multiple repositioning to ensure you can dodge arcs. Ships that can do this reliably need to be flown well, hence the term "Ace." Soontir is the classic example of this and currently the most cost effective. You can get cheaper aces, but not nearly as effective at ace-play. I6 and double repositioning along with a fantastic dial give him the ability to survive much longer than his 3 health should allow. Midnight is the only cheaper I6, but lacking a boost makes it much more difficult to dodge arcs. Resistance A-Wings are all super efficient and can arc dodge well even at lower initiatives because they don't have to engage directly to have guns on target. They aren't quite as cost-effrctive as a well-flown Fel, but you can fit a lot of them in for an ace-heavy squad whereas Soontir basically has just a small list of Vader, Whisper, and Duchess to choose from as partners.
  25. hargleblarg


    Missile slots are everywhere, so realistically, no missile should ever come close to the power level of proton torpedos. What I would like to see is more focus missiles. My ideal missile would probably look something like this: Attack:Focus. 2 dice. Range 2-3. 3 charges. If this attack hits, cancel all dice results, then the defender suffers 2 damage. Gives 2 dice ships like Z-95s and A-Wings a missile that would be simultaneously worth using but not overwhelming when spammed.
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