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  1. X-Wing player it sure does feel dead. Just comparing lack of resources on the net compared to X-Wing. The fleet builders are really bareboned compared to X and while the blogs/sites for Armada are good there is really only a couple compared to X. I would kill for a fleet builder on a browser that lets me input and save what I own and then tell me what I need to buy to complete a fleet list. Also would be nice if the builders were updated with the FAQ's
  2. I have to say as an X-Wing player just starting up in Armada the options for fleet builders is kind of sparse. With the X-wing builders, you can input your collection and find out what you need to buy to complete your lists. Not having up to date errata? Yikes, the X-wing builders are all usually updated within hours if not minutes. Even casual players want to play as balanced a game as possible
  3. Nastrado

    What the.... FFG

    T-65's have 2 viable pilots one of which you see on every rebel list. Be happy you have those
  4. Do what you want and **** that haters. People crying now are the ones who happily used pre nerf Biggs and Palp
  5. Yep, quite a few people at that. He has been called out cheating at previous events
  6. Lol no wonder Nova Squad deleted all those posts about the cheaters/judges/ffg I'll give you one guess where some of those judges were from.
  7. A few things the OP got WRONG. 1. He only got one loss for cheating and it was his next game. So the guy he cheated got screwed over and had a loss 2. The cheater made it to Day 2 with a 5-2 record 3. The person who got cheated missed day 2 by one victory, which if the TOs and FFG had not dropped the ball he would have had. FFG screwed this up royally. There is all the evidence you need in that video to see that he did this willfully and with intent. Ban him from all FFG events.
  8. However not a against the player he cheated who in the end missed out making day two by 1
  9. I suggest everyone contact FFG at https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/support/ and let them know how disappointed the player base is over the handling of the situation and how Mike was treated. Just imagine if the cheater makes it to the top 16 or 4 or hell even wins. That will be a boatload of bad press.
  10. Here is his friends post. Congrats FFG you pissed off 99% of your community
  11. One of the victim's friends posted on FB about how this ruined his friends day. He paid for travel, ticket and got ****** by FFG, Judges and the cheater.
  12. 4-3 made the cut yesterday if MOV was good enough. So there is a good chance that he got cheated out of going to day 2.
  13. That guy is actually a very experienced player and this is not his first worlds
  14. Lol I guess you also believe OJ was innocent
  15. The cheat went 5-2 and made day 2.
  16. I'm sure everyone will be happy to know that he is still playing and is 4-1 and most likely make the cut for day 2
  17. Not malicious my ***. It was blatant. all the evidence is right there. It's not like the dial flew into his hand by itself and made his thumb change the dial
  18. Only a DQ and a ban is an acceptable outcome. Blatant cheating needs to be severely punished when there is this amount of evidence. It undermines the whole game and is a slap in the face of people who follow the rules? Losing a match... just cheat worst thing that happens is you still lose a match.
  19. Miranda can out run any ship in the game and drop a bomb while doing it.
  20. With heavier and heavier small ships coming into play with every wave. The idea of "Large" ships losing half points when down to half health gets kind of silly. Take a look at these examples Small K-Wing: 9 health ARC: 9 health Scurrg Bomber: 10 health Wookie Gunship: 9 health (also with reinforce) Large Jumpmaster: 9 Health YT-2400: 10 Health Firespray: 9 Health Aggressor 8 Health Lambda: 10 Health When you actually look at it what is the real point of large ships losing half points? Heck you can't even say it's upgrade slots that make the difference since some of the small ships have as many or more than the large ships? Discuss
  21. The people who stream these really need to have an overlay. Since they barley call out what upgrades the ships have it would also help along with viewer being able to track damage. While most of us know what say a stress hog and other build nicknames are, new and casual players will be clueless.
  22. Honestly people should look at ThreeD6 (Canberra, AU) Twitch regional streams to see how a good stream is done.
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