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  1. ... So Kavel's out-of-arc bonus die helps land the Ion. That's pretty nice. I had EU to try to maneuver behind obstacles so I'd get the Trickshot bonus but throwing 5 dice for TLT only brings 2 damage no matter how BA it looks. I was throwing Ion from a Focus/TLd Dace for the HWKs terrible dial allowed him to slow roll through combat and troll the ionized ship and with the possibility of an EMP. (Side note: I finallay used the EMP last night on the third game of this list and it made a large base ship coast too close to the edge and it flew off the next round. Beautiful!) Does the TLT draw too much attention to the HWK? It has 3 less HP than the Y-Wing. Not a glass cannon by any means but people tend to ignore the HWK as is. Also, what crew do you put with Dace?
  2. Well planned trio of pain! I'd loath the have to trudge through this grueling conglomeration of shields and hulls myself, but I'd love to try. Let us know how it does over about half a dozen games.
  3. I like to run the Ion Turrett on the HWK with Dace. One pop and it's two damage plus a white Straight-1 next movement phase. It gets really brutal if the target is stressed. Using the HWK green1 to clear stress every turn and still stay in range, I was able to chain Ion tokens w/2damage on a single ship for 3 consecutive rounds while blocking it twice with my other ships to deny it's actions. I won that game. Kavil had the TLT w/Trick shot throwing 4-5reds times two, but that night the HWK was to be feared.
  4. That's some pretty impressive amount of ships crammed in there. In our area, the Scyk hasn't been very popular but I've noticed that they can be extremely hard to hit. I'm not sure how Sunny will hold up (she reminds me of Lando) but the list sounds like it'd be fun to watch! I'm imagining a Vet triad with two flankers hanging back like a football defensive line. That's a pretty smart move to not mindlink all. Your miniAces can get stressed as needed while the Vets play a more sensible game. Play it and post back your results including your formation. I'd like to see how it goes. It's neat to have a 5 squad build, but my only change would be your Swarm Leader Veteran (from you triad) to Serissu for the Attoni buff and then drop one of your flankers for a slippery Laetin. I've been using Laetin with Stealth Device and Mangler for a cool 27pts. Use Evade as an action so having 4 or 5 (r3) evade dice on top of that is murder on the TLT game because every miss puts an extra evade token on her. I've had to clean up up to 4 tokens during End Phase. She's gotten underestimated each time like she was a 12pt headhunter until they waste an entire combat round trying to focus fire and she hulks up with every missed shot. M3-A Team 2.0 (101) Laetin A'shera (27) - M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2), Stealth Device (3), "Mangler" Cannon (4) Dace Bonearm (34) - HWK-290 Adaptability (0), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Inspiring Recruit (1), EMP Device (2), Moldy Crow (3) Kavil (40) - Y-Wing Trick Shot (0), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Extra Munitions (2), Twin Laser Turret (6), Unhinged Astromech (1), Engine Upgrade (4) -- (EU to help position behind obsticals and out of arc to bump the TLT up to a 5dx2 turret.) Let us us know how it flies!
  5. I like the dual card like the U-Wing. If it is possible maybe they could do "walking" as an action when going in for a block. Low PS should allow that set up as a form of interception. "Landing" on another ship could allow for an attack while touching. The target ship couldn't return fire at that range but a friendly ship could pick off the droid fighter. Landing would reduce its agility BUT it would also treat the touching ship as an obstruction based on the location of the bases.
  6. I really like the droid ship being immune to regular stress but having no option for focus due to it's program. Inversely, I wonder if a Jedi starfighter would have an auto focus similar to Luke and Poe but one step further. Be interesting to see how Players still around a high PS with one shield and two hull with Astromech ship. Just a thought.
  7. I guess the question is, with Dace's pilot skill saying "when an enemy ship RECIEVES...", can he deal one damage extra for each instance of ionization during a single Combat Phase? If so, the there's more than the Z-95 substitute is a cheap blocker and can throw more Ion tokens with the EMP device that goes into the Illicit slot that the Protectorate doesn't have. Dace could potentially be part of a devastating Combat Phase that could kill an ace in one pass. Currently I'm running a Dace list like this: M3-A M3-A Team 2.0 (101) Laetin A'shera (27) - M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2), Stealth Device (3), "Mangler" Cannon (4) Dace Bonearm (34) - HWK-290 Adaptability (0), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Inspiring Recruit (1), EMP Device (2), Moldy Crow (3) Kavil (40) - Y-Wing Trick Shot (0), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Extra Munitions (2), Twin Laser Turret (6), Unhinged Astromech (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Dace flies slow and creates his own Ion opportunities while the Scyk is extremely tough to hit and Manglers everything. Kavil is especially odd with EU to help him boost or not in order to line him up behind an obstacle so as too utilize his Trick Shot. Just a thought. If Dace has extra Ion goodness then I'll need to make a 3.0 version Ds.
  8. I still play Vader because I love his action economy but the rule book clearly states that the same action cannot be used twice. Vader can't double barrel roll or double evade therefore wouldn't that count towards 2 Crit Flip actions being the same ruling? (Recently Vader's made it in my list again toting Swarm Tactics for an aggressive DeltaSquadronPilot (TIE/D) using Tractor Beam to shoot first. Fun times!)
  9. Thanks for the paste references Parravon. I don't think I caught their rewording saying to actually place a die as a token is spent. It used to be a difference between modifying the actual dice and spending a token (like a currency) but now they're one in the same. Most of the builds seen around here are Scum or Rebs and our few Imp builds are mostly Defender based, but I guess my take away from this thread is ... kill Omega Leader on the first pass! Thanks for the post.
  10. The idea of the "Bump" comes from that we're playing a game that takes place in a virtual 3D space but on a 2D board. Ships that bump from what would've been an overlap cannot shoot because, in theory, they are above or below the other one so they can't shoot as they pass. The Bumper looses their ability to take an action because, in theory again, their "action" was swerving so as to not hit the other ship.
  11. Not for nothing, but I've just started playing Scyk and I've found that Laetin A'shera is really tough to hit when I drop Stealth Device (3) on her. I finish it off with the "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) title and a Flechette Cannon (2) it's a modest 25pt ship especially against Gunner. At one point I had 4 evade tokens on her by the end of one combat phase. If you want to spend the points, switch the Mangler for the HLC and it goes to a 30pt ship. With the HLC you get 4 reds from range 2&3 and 3 from range 1, but I choose to spend my extra 5pts elsewhere. Potato, potato.
  12. With the X-7s loosing some momentum, here's the final iteration of one that I've been flying the last month or so. I don't have a third Defender and I also like to throw lots and lots of red dice. Vader's Defenders (100) Darth Vader (32) - TIE Advanced Swarm Tactics (2), TIE/x1 (0), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Countess Ryad (37) - TIE Defender Adaptability (0), TIE/D (0), Ion Cannon (3) Delta Squadron Pilot (31) - TIE Defender TIE/D (0), Tractor Beam (1) Target locks all around because it's a simple setup but there's a lot of dice to throw. Depending on the opponents setup, I commonly slow roll Vader and Delta back together as Ryad runs ahead a bit and they all focus fire. Vader uses Swarm Tactics to let Delta shoot his Tractor beam first (using /D title) to lower target agility for the current combat phase and hopefully barrel roll off the board or onto and Astroid to cause damage and prevent return fire, before his primary follow up. Then Vader does his thing with his bonus Crit. Ryad uses /D title the same but the Ion cannon forces the target into a straight 1 making the continued abuse easy to predict if there's anything left of the ship. TB doesn't roll large ships, but the reduction of evade dice usually cripples their defenses completely. I flew against a Dash build last night and ate right through him in 3 rounds and only landed the TB twice. I'll actually spend target lock on a no damage roll like TB because of the dice reduction on a large ship. On higher agility ships, TB really messes up positioning in an asteroid field. With the maneuverability of a barrel roll, if I can't land them on an asteroid, it's still fun to put them facing one or at least pull them into or put my guys out of arc. I like the TB for defense reduction and Vader let's it hit during the start of combat phase. If you swap Vader for another Delta /D with a tractor beam then you could layer the reduction of the evade dice. Swapping out Ion cannon with TB for Ryad gets the party started. And at 97 points. You can now add an EPT like SwarmTactics(2), LoneWolf(2), SquadLeader(2), or my favorite for Ryad... Ruthlesness. ( just keep your distance)
  13. Beautiful synergy!! I like the use of Rage, EBaff, and EI so much I was inspired to make my own using that self-killer instinct! I only added Vader for mutually insured destruction and some self contained R1 bombers.
  14. Suicide Squad (99) Echo with Rage, Electronic Baffle, Experimental Interface, and Vader to put the nail in the coffin. Major Rhymer using Assult Missles with Engine Upgrade to ensure range 1 and Extra Munitions in case Deathfire dropping Proton Bombs twice with Extra Munitions daring to draw double Direct Hits!
  15. I've enjoyed flying this list at our local store. The two PS8s allow more choices for squad movement, but Vassery shoots first since he can drop an enemy defense roll by 1die for the rest of the round with TBeam and then fires a 3 primary using free Target Locks on both shots from Deathfire's or Tomax's TLs. Tomax has unlimited Crack Shot and an extra shield in case Vader (crew) wants to cause trouble and Rebel Captive in case the opponent does. Finally, Deathfire can drop a Conner Net before or after his movement (twice). Enjoy! Def BoBo (100) Colonel Vessery (38) - TIE DefenderVeteran Instincts (1), Tractor Beam (1), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Tomax Bren (35) - TIE Bomber Crack Shot (1), TIE Shuttle (0), Shield Upgrade (4), Darth Vader (3), Rebel Captive (3) "Deathfire" (27) - TIE Bomber Concussion Missiles (4), Conner Net (4), Extra Munitions (2), Guidance Chips (0) If RebCaptive (3) isn't your cup-o-tea, I've thought to drop him and then swap VI (1) for Ruthlessness (3) to add up to two more possible damage for free (throwing the PS order off but making it 99pts to try for initiative) or just go for Opportunist once the opponent's tokens are all stripped away.
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