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  1. Kingston for PC, but I do agree that armada fleet designer is top overall assuming you can use it (great and easy to use UI that manages your collection as well as the CC campaign too).
  2. While true, you already do this for ships hull. That said, if the bases were a little larger I would seriously considering wiring up an LED hp gauge to each squadron.
  3. Have a set and have played a number of games with them. They do exactly what I want them to do; limit the constant picking up and putting down of squads. Even if I played tournaments, I'd still use them to simplify casual games...since we bump everything and it has definitely resulted in questions as to whether someone is at a certain distance or in a certain arc. End result? They work and add convenience to what is imo a sub-optimal system created by FFG.
  4. Heh, I've considered a HWK-290 repaint with some X-wings/B-wings. This is basically my CC campaign fleet minus the a-wing and flotilla.
  5. Used the designs for the start of the CC campaign yesterday. Only thing was that the card slot works just for the card without the protector. Not a huge deal or anything, just something I didn't account for. I did end up taking one and wiring a 5 button recordable sound module to the back to see what I could do making sounds come out of it. Speaker isn't quite at the level I want, but it works.
  6. You resolve the command as if you'd spent a matching command token to the command. So a squadron command would give you the ability to command up to the ship's squadron value AND an additional squadron (due to the token effect stacking).
  7. Yeah, it's tough. I think part of it is the drive to get better, be more efficient...whatever you can do to make your strategy more effective. Some people just don't have that as it relates to gaming. They may put that energy into other things instead (jobs, kids...etc). I won't say mine had no fun playing a ship only match, but its a significant time investment in a niche type of tabletop game (even if its the coolest looking tabletop game ever...sigh). That or maybe my mix is off. I've been running 1 part rebels, 1 part imperials, 1 part kids are in bed. Maybe I need to follow Undeadguy's advice and add a splash or two of wine.
  8. I think the focus is basically on Major Derlin + Something that reduces damage prior to his ability activating. 6 damage with Derlin alone reduces the final damage by 1/6th, whereas applying brace or foresight's evade can result in Derlin reducing damage by 1/3rd or more instead (6 braced to 3, then reduced to 2). End result, you want derlin doing his thing when there are low amounts of damage getting through.
  9. What gave you the most trouble with your previous variation?
  10. Yep, couldn't agree more. Nullification abilities are helpful on a small and limited use scale where their effects do not outright cause denial of the normal playing of the game. Game theory would seem to force the meta to always be thrawn vs dodonna. Why play anything more expensive if it can just be nullified? Plus, as others have noted, it's just not fun to come up with a cool build centered around your admiral and then have the opponent tell you that you've wasted your time.
  11. At the beginning of the ship phase during rounds 3-6 you may change the top command dial on up to 3 friendly ships to a (navigate) or (concentrate fire) command. Thrawn allows the enemy to begin their attack unimpeded while he strategizes, then when they are engaged, he shows his true brilliance in commanding his fleet.
  12. They look great (blue a-wings especially)! I think the a-wings were the most enjoyable fighter to paint, though I'm liking my prototype b-wing quite a bit.
  13. First attempt at wiring and stuff with this a couple weeks ago. Took a lot of research and digging around the forums to understand what all I needed to do. Pic is low quality until I get around to making a better one.
  14. Excellent discussion! I have decided that the scout frigate will join my Tiger MKII for my CC campaign fleet build. We'll see if this list will work: SHIP: MC80 Assault Cruiser 114 Admiral Ackbar 38 Electronic Countermeasures 7 TOTAL POINTS: 159 SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 Boosted Comms 4 TOTAL POINTS: 76 SHIP: CR90 Corvette A 44 Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 7 TOTAL POINTS: 51 SHIP: MC30c Scout Frigate 69 TOTAL POINTS: 69 SQUADRONS PTS Jan Ors 19 X-wing Squadron × 2 26 TOTAL POINTS: 45 OBJECTIVES assault: Advanced Gunnery defense: Fire Lanes navigation: Solar Corona Basically, add on Biggs and another X-Wing and then trick out the MC80 and MC30+Foresight.
  15. Yeah, definitely thin the paints. There are some good guides out there for how to thin (youtube searches and stuff) that will help your painting considerably. As for painting very small lines, its crazy tough even with the smallest brushes. To be honest, if I'm doing very detailed work, I'll pour myself a drink to help calm my hands. After having attempted detailed painting after coffee...yeah...that was awful.
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