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    Integrated Weapons

    Can't seem to find any information, and not sure this forum is even still alive, but here I go. Crimson Exemplar Integrated Weapons from the Integrated Weapon Systems advance no longer require ammunition to reload, instead costing him 1 Fatigue level. It requires a -20 Tech-Use Test to remove. The weapon upgrade Integrated Weapon says that Las Weapons no longer require ammunition or reloads, flame/plasma/melta weapons double clip size (but no information on how they're reloaded). It requires a +10 Tech-Use Test to remove. Is there any kind of reconciliation on this? Also, any details on whether either integrated weapon form can be used hands-free (since they can be mounted on a mechanical appendage or otherwise attached somewhere)? How do I reload a weapon upgrade integrated weapon? Do weapon upgrade integrated weapons cost me a fatigue level on a jam?