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  1. "Permission to jump in an x-wing and blow stuff up?"
  2. Poe, Greer, Tallie, L'ulo Very fun list, didn't feel outclasses by anyone except a guy who I think is the best player in Holland or something! He got me with Tavison, Kylo and Quickdraw partly because I forgot Tavison's ability.
  3. Nice one, I went 2-4 but could easily have been better. Mistake was going back for Hyperspace on Sunday, which I was way too tired for!
  4. I meant 9 ships in total, but for fun you can do anything you want.
  5. Not many wins but many defeats! Games with 9 ships are fairly unlikely to end quickly.
  6. All great replies, thanks! I just sometimes find it hard to know how to improve or what I've done wrong, since most advice or discussion is about what list to take. I agree with the points about how hard it is to discuss strategy though, of course it isn't easy.
  7. I've always thought this is a strange thing about X-Wing... seems 90% of discussion is about lists and maybe 10% is about tactics and ideas about flying. There are one or two articles about things like rock placement and turn zero, but not much talk about it on the forum and in the community. A few of the podcasts have started up theory episodes, which is great. Has anyone noticed this, or it bothered them? And what are your questions about strategy?
  8. Looks like there are some more in London shops today. I guess on the initial delay, some stores order a lot and some play it safe. Where I play regularly, I think they just managed to fulfil the preorders (a week late) and still haven't had anything else.
  9. No idea, still almost no stock in London. Maybe a few Sith Infiltrators left from the half of the wave that did arrive.
  10. I've faced them twice, everything seems to depend on how long the droids survive. Game 1 I was always putting 2 damage though and not finishing them off, meaning Dooku could run around unchallenged and I could never score enough points to win. Game 2 I one-shotted 4 droids in a row and then mopped up the Sith quite easily after. I think they're a really scary faction though, those droids with infinite calculate tokens can do some damage if you don't finish them off.
  11. I think you can't really let people change them after they land. The whole point of the design is that you have to consider what you want before you know your final position. That's why it's so annoying to forget it!
  12. None that I know of. I really can't understand how anyone could prefer 1.0 to 2.0, or why it would make people leave. It's crazy, it's a much better game now. I don't think there was any perfect way to do the conversion kit thing. No way they could have produced hundreds of individual conversions for ships. In games like Warhammer 40,000 the new edition of the game includes basic rules for your army, then you have to wait months for the faction-specific books to come out. And that happens every couple of years.
  13. I use those but I still forget to flip it. I think playing more slowly is the real answer, the game is played way too fast for all the stuff going on.
  14. Not quite as simple as that though, since whether you get 2 or 3 attack dice can be vital, and not clear which one is best until you see where your ship has landed. Personally in a tournament I wouldn't let someone change them after making their move, and I'm probably the nicest opponent in the universe.
  15. I have tokens but I still forget them a lot of the time. I've tried placing the token on top of the dial, but you need to do that every time or it tells your opponent what you're planning to do. The game in general is played way too fast for the amount of triggers happening, we really should step through each action much more carefully. I think for system open I'm gong to write SFOILS on my hand, not sure that's even legal!
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