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  1. Hard enough to buy one!
  2. I’ll try that alongside Jess and the Reds. Definitely has more of the action economy that the genetics are lacking.
  3. Rebel beef, especially with U-Wings who can basically stay still as long as they want and rotate to face whatever approach you choose. Droid swarm with Energy Shells, way too good to have that many 3 dice attacks which deny range bonuses.
  4. Yeah, I was flying in formation, 4 arcs on one thing.
  5. In my first game with them I killed a Republic Arc in one round, then turned onto Obi Wan and killed him in one round. Awful. I’m not used to playing like this, but it seems the best way to go is just full on towards whatever you need to kill, ignoring everything else.
  6. I usually make the mistake of winning early and setting up much harder rounds! 6 rounds is really too many for me, but I have been flying quite acey squads as well. Know yourself too. At UK System Open I really couldn’t face day 2, but I signed up with everyone else. Ended up hating it and dropping out after 2 rounds. I’ve been much more light on x-wing since then, even took a month off.
  7. Trying out Jess+BB with 3 Heroic Red Experts. Won 2-0 last night against republic, deleted an Arc and Obi Wan in 2 consecutive rounds. Not as fun to fly as the 3 aces but much easier and more in line with where the game is right now. Sadly more hull and dice is a lot easier to win with. They do get fun mid-game when the knife fight breaks out too. Would consider the 4 i4 ones or even 4 i1 with Advanced Optics, but Jess adds a nice bit of interest so I don’t want to take her out.
  8. What's the style of play, straight joust?
  9. Scared of running Mace without R2!
  10. UK stores are saying 27 June on their websites. X-Wing releases are a farce, any other product or service it would be disastrous to be so vague about release dates. 'See the new Avengers movie, maybe coming to a cinema somewhere near you at an unknown future date!'
  11. Jedi Knights with Sense are infuriating.
  12. You want to apply a bit of shading, but just where it meets the red parts. Might actually be better to wash the red areas and just allow a little to collect on the side that meets the white foils.
  13. Slightly fallen out of love with Rebels because of the dominant play style and lists at the moment. I don't really enjoy flying big blocks of beef. Love Resistance and I've been experimenting with lots of variations of T70s and A-Wings. I'd like to try Imperial but it's a really big deal to buy into a new faction. Bought some Republic but haven't really had a chance to use them yet.
  14. "Permission to jump in an x-wing and blow stuff up?"
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