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  1. Think people in the UK are waiting too, I didn't bother to order one in the end. Fireballs sold out where I usually shop, just a tiny restock of Vonreg came in.
  2. Can decide if I'm happy for posting my best ever result (4-2) or gutted for missing out on the cut in the last game!
  3. The unplanned reposition is the most common one for me. Along with mindlessly forgetting initiative order.
  4. For what it's worth I didn't find 5A much more mentally tiring than anything else. It's definitely less taxing than desperately trying to keep Poe alive, and not boring like flying 5 generics in formation. The games seem to go really fast though, you look up and there's 15 minutes to go.
  5. For me, I struggle with being too intuitive and not logical enough as well. Sometimes I can't tell you why I thought a move was the best thing to do. Also not as physically fit and mentally sharp as I could be, also working on that. Also I don't care enough to be really careful (I'm not naturally competitive), which is a strength and a weakness in different ways. I always play much better in big events than casual nights, I guess that's because it focuses the mind and makes me more serious. I think developing that mindset is the most important thing. Simple thing like always running through all 5 dials at the end of planning can help. But then I will still do a boost or a barrel roll I hadn't planned and mess something up
  6. Nice one! I ended up going without Greer, and with an extra Recruit instead. Then optics on everyone. I do love Greer, but at least now all the ships fly basically the same. Very hard to say which version is best, they’re probably all about the same. I do think Ronith will just get better and better with more practice.
  7. Great reports man, will definitely watch that game above. I almost took some Cova-based squad but opted for 5A in the end. I have no idea why everyone went head-to-head with you, but nice work!
  8. Oh yeah, I was happy with it, last year I was 2-4. A guy from my group made top 8 with 5 X-Wings, which was fantastic. I started looking for 1 win, then break even, now I just look for positive result. I didn't ever expect to do as well as that. I think a lot of it is psychological too, I always play better in more serious tournaments and against better players. Just need to get into that mindset more often!
  9. I went 4-2, missed out on the cut in the last game, had a fun day. Yeah, I followed the range control plan and it worked to a certain extent, but damage can be difficult to force through. Also Koshka moves after Ronith and the Blue Squadrons and Boba moves after Tallie and Zizi, so controlling range and getting shots wasn't always easy. Timo also avoided a couple of blocks that another player might have fallen for. That's how he managed to remove 2.5 A-Wings and my 4 damage on each Firespray scored 0. It was also round 1 and I didn't know how good a player he was!
  10. I lost to Timo in swiss, believe I got 4 damage on both Firesprays but not enough to get any points. To be honest I wasn't completely sure what he was doing with them to make it so effective. I was flying 5 A-Wings so the threat of the bombs, 000 and re-rolls against stress were quite hard to get through. I wasn't ever hit by bombs but I had to constantly avoid flying too close to either ship, which obviously made it difficult to get through the defensive modifications they both have with my 2 dice attacks. And blocking Boba is relatively pointless of course. There was one really good turn where he caught a Blue Squadron Recruit between the front arcs of both ships, I think that's the benefit of keeping them fairly close together. He also won the initiative dice roll so Slave 1 became massive.
  11. I would definitely slow down if someone asked me to speed up.
  12. I took about a 3-4 month break after System Open 2019, I was completely sick of it. Worked out really well in the end, I just wasn't having fun.
  13. It does take time to get out of the faction-locked and pilot-locked mindset, I think that's something that's essential in 2.0 particularly. I used to only fly Resistance, then I went to Imperial aces and now I'm back with 5 A Wings and experimenting with First Order. I get that you might be put off by the changes, my list (Vade, Soontir, Inquisitor) was completely removed and I was down for a while. In fact I almost gave up my System Open ticket. But it's better to learn to enjoy the challenge of new problems to solve. I don't really list build that much anyway, so I usually pick something someone else has suggested. In the end I took a relatively new list and still felt competitive.
  14. Well done! I didn’t play at all on day 2, it’s too much for me! And I had a good day on day one so I was happy with that.
  15. There definitely weren’t as many generic swarms as expected. I faced Fenn and 6 Mining Ties, that was it. Didn’t play against any droids or 5 X-Wings
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