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  1. Neither. Originally with 2.0 I was going to shift to a single faction (empire), but eventually figured the conversion kits were such a deal that I would get all five since I had ships from 1.0 for all of them. I haven't played enough from those sets since 2.0 came out to justify buying enough ships to start one or two new factions from scratch. Saw the minis for the first time on Friday and really happy for my decision. I find them super tiny and the finishes look to be a poorer quality than the other ships. While the 3packs are ok price wise, the thought of $20+ cdn for a single one of those models has me saying hells no.
  2. If you aren’t planning to play competitive just use the dials, cards and bases from the conversion kit. When you find ships you really like buy the models. Be on the lookout for 1.0 clearance sales on ships, a bunch of stores are clearing out inventory with great deals.
  3. FO beat FO at their own game? null, midnight and QuickDraw paired up with dormitz. You have room to sprinkle some upgrades around (hst and sf gunner being def adds) and leave a small bid. Then you can place your entire list after the trip ups to aim to get in behind them fast as you can. Dunno how good it would be against other lists but high iniative and janky placement options with 10/11 red dice and some decent pilot abilities ain't that bad
  4. I believe the article meant primed thrusters when they said advanced sensors...
  5. That was a great game to watch. You flew your phantoms very well. Good luck with the rest of the games tomorrow.
  6. Camp specs online YouTube channel has several unboxing vids of the new starter sets. Link to one here: look pretty good, but considering the earlier box set was 24 minis for about the same price, if you can still find a copy of it it will be a better deal. I do like that they are including some custom pilots and alpha strike cards. Doesn't cost them much and adds extra play value. models
  7. I bet you always made sure to correct people and tell them that your dolls weren't dolls, they were "action figures"
  8. Speaking of failed actions did anyone else notice that you can no longer slam yourself off of the board, but that it instead counts as a failed action? It's now in some sort of weird no mans land between a move and a boost/barrel roll. It can bump and go over obstructions like a move but can't let you flee. This means a yv-666 equipped with an upgrade allowing it to slam wouldn't allow Moralo be able to use it to do his party trick.
  9. Yeah, they are beasts with grenades
  10. It's even better when you first use veers to give them an aim token. I was using this to great effect the other night with a group of snows right behind a large wall when my opponent had to get into my deployment zone. I kept all my other units back so if he tried to push my snows he would open himself to return fire from an atst and some troopers behind heavy cover. 11 black dice with scopes and aim would jump out, kill a unit and jump back. Worked well until he was finally able to move Vader up to take out the snowtroopers
  11. Interestingly enough for 2e the bombardier is a gunner crew type not standard crew.
  12. So we won't have enough generics to run them on the amount of ships we are converting (no double generic yet-1300, vcx100. No 4 ps1 z's or 3 green squad As etc). I feel that is a poor decision. And even though Maul came with sheathipede expansion and the new card has already been shown to have the "can equip if Ezra is in your list" it looks like you have to buy the scum converter to get his card. There's another x-wing 2.0 promise that didn't seem to make it through to game launch.
  13. I believe they were rolling two die with two tubes at worlds so I think it was the regular article error and not a difference between the partisans and regular u wings otherwise the swings would do the same.
  14. Oh FFG, how we love the Easter egg errors you throw into EVERY article...
  15. If you have been following the legion release cycle it's safe to say half of Europe will probably be getting their hands on copies around the time of gen con anyway.
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