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  1. Which one should I play in an incoming tournament this sunday, and why? REBELS: Shara Bey (50) Kanan Jarrus (12) Ship total: 62 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 5 Miranda Doni (43) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Concussion Missiles (6) Han Solo (14) Advanced SLAM (3) Ship total: 72 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 5 Wedge Antilles (55) Crack Shot (1) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 62 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 3 Total: 196 SCUM: Guri (64) Predator (2) Ship total: 66 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 Koshka Frost (70) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 5 4-LOM (49) 0-0-0 (5) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 Total: 190
  2. In my opinion the best MF pilot is still Lando. I have a Horny Lando list (much in theme with the character, btw) which has both pilots at 5 and the usual nice hotshot gunner / juke sinergy: Corran Horn (66) Juke (5) Fire-Control System (2) R3 Astromech (3) Afterburners (6) Ship total: 82 Half Points: 41 Threshold: 3 Lando Calrissian (80) Trick Shot (2) Hotshot Gunner (7) Kanan Jarrus (12) Nien Nunb (5) Millennium Falcon (6) Inertial Dampeners (1) Ship total: 113 Half Points: 57 Threshold: 7 Total: 195 Lando shoots first and removes a target's focus, then Corran proceeds with his juking attack (and possibly juke double tap). Sometimes, though, i feel like i don't have enough firepower with said list, though Corran hits like a ton of bricks. Happy to see a nice pancake + ace rebel list made it to the top! I was worried that, because of the new toys, the old rebels were going out of meta. Glad to see i was wrong.
  3. That's a nice list, but i don't like homing missiles that much. Most of the time they only do one damage. I play Heff with Leia, intimidation & Zeb, 4 talas with crackshot and Jake with proton rockets.
  4. Thanks, i really appreciate your suggestions. I'll modify the list as you said.
  5. here's a semi-swarm list i plan to play this weekend. It's a revised ABBA with the addition of an extra A wing (Arvel Crynyd). Green Squadron Pilot (32) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 33 Half Points: 17 Threshold: 2 Arvel Crynyd (34) Intimidation (3) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2 Green Squadron Pilot (32) Squad Leader (8) Ship total: 40 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 2 Blade Squadron Veteran (43) Tractor Beam (2) Jamming Beam (0) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 4 Blade Squadron Veteran (43) Tractor Beam (2) Jamming Beam (0) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 4 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v6!s=200!52:116,-1,-1:;51:122,-1,-1:;52:131,-1,-1:;75:-1,-1,13,12,-1,-1:;75:-1,-1,13,12,-1,-1:&sn=Crynyd and the ABBA&obs= Good? Bad? Any improvements to suggest or any idea which lists are strong against this one?
  6. why Lando? I tried it, but wasn't satisfied. More often than not you only get evades. Focuses are rare and they are the ones i need more in order to maximize han's attack. Leia at 2 points is op. White k-turns and tallon rolls (even if only once in 3 turns) really can make the difference in the dogfight. And putting her on a big ship that will move on the side of the board will make her more valuable, cause she's probably going to last longer. Also i see that predator might not be the best choice, and you'll probably be better with R3s on the X wings, but i gave them predator to save a couple points.
  7. Try Han, Wedge, Thane. You have some room for upgrades and the three ships hit very hard (with Thane shooting last). Han Solo (82) Trick Shot (2) Leia Organa (2) R2-D2 (Crew) (8) Wedge Antilles (52) Predator (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Thane Kyrell (48) Predator (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 You can also try hotshot gunner instead of r2d2 on Han for max damage from the X wings.
  8. I've a chance to play x wing this weekend after a long time so i wrote this list: Han Solo (82) Trick Shot (2) Lando Calrissian (2) R2-D2 (Crew) (8) Hull Upgrade (3) Wedge Antilles (52) Predator (2) R5-D8 (6) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-foils (0) AP-5 (32) R4 Astromech (2) Total: 197 is this any good? Wedge is the killing machine, Han is a good main ship and AP-5 is there to coordinate only, and distract some fire. As long as he lives one of my ships has one extra action, even if stressed. May not be much, but it's something, now that PTL is gone.
  9. yes, double shooting from a ship that is over 50% of your list is very good. I just like to focus fire for max damage against one opponent, so i shoot with han first to remove any focus and with wedge later to finish the killing. AP5 is a great addition to han but it helps wedge when he needs to regen or have double mods on a shot too.
  10. I use the same pilots but with very different settings: AP-5 (30) Wedge Antilles (52) Elusive (3) “Chopper” (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Han Solo (92) Intimidation (3) Hotshot Gunner (7) “Zeb” Orrelios (1) R2-D2 (8) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 lost only once to a weird 4 ship rebel list but i rolled very bad dice that time (like wedge shooting twice at opponent's norra wexley with no defence and scoring zero hits). The main difference i see is i keep han in the middle and wedge on the flank, while in your list it looks like Han is moving outside the obstacles area. Also some little Regen and that "in extremis" reroll of a green dice may help them survive a little bit longer.
  11. I usually keep Luke and Miranda cheap, so i can fit wedge inside: Miranda Doni (48) Barrage Rockets (6) Seismic Charges (3) Proximity Mines (6) Luke Skywalker (62) Supernatural Reflexes (12) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Wedge Antilles (52) Predator (2) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 you either keep 5 points for wedge's initiative bid or add advanced slam to Miranda for better reloading.
  12. i like Cracken instead of Garven, his ability helps much more, because you can trigger dutch's Target Lock with Cracken's boosted PS6 Attack during engagement. So you basically have Wedge + Dutch (action focus for both, then when Cracken fires Dutch locks for him and Wedge) firing both torpedoes full mods, after Cracken's 2 dice attack. And it costs less than Garven, letting you include a fourth ship (my choice, Crynyd, to intimidate an opponent).
  13. nice list, i like the kyle / dutch combo to have two full mod torps, but it's a little bit low on initiative to be an actual alpha.
  14. Use Dutch to pass a TL instead of garven. AP coordinates Dutch for a focus, then Dutch gets target for him and Wedge, so Wedge can focus. Biggs splits the Fire as usual.
  15. Personally, i don't think the Z-95 can cut it as a swarm fighter choice. It is more like a cheap filler or a small support (Cracken). If you are familiar with ties you'll love the A-Wing, though it is a bit more expensive because of its 2hull 2shields and choice of actions. A good combo is Crynyd+Blount, the first blocking and intimidating and the second shooting 3 dice primary, while Cracken may help you fire some missiles. You can make a swarm with an A-Wing first line supported by Cracken passing TLs to missile Zs in second line, something like this: Arvel Crynyd (36) Intimidation (3) Phoenix Squadron Pilot (30) Phoenix Squadron Pilot (30) Airen Cracken (36) Squad Leader (4) Bandit Squadron Pilot (23) Concussion Missiles (6) Bandit Squadron Pilot (23) Concussion Missiles (6) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 With Crynyd and the A-Wings going for the block and Cracken passing 2 TL to the bandits (one by squad leader, one with his ability) so they can fire their concussion missiles with full mods (possibly at an intimidated target). One A can be swapped for lt. Blount, making it 4Zs and 2As, if you like, but, as i said before, the Zs are not supposed to play the main role in a battle line.
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