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  1. ...when the Explorator get the necrophagus mutation while the ship is docket at a station and before leaving the Rogue Trader orders: "Load some meat. Or some poor people. You know what? Poor people are cheaper!"
  2. Agreed, but where did you find the rules for counterspells? As I said, it is the only houserule I implemented because I couldn't find any RAW on the books.
  3. I have been running a RT campaign for about a year, with a couple breaks in the middle. It was the first time playing RT both for me and the Group and I ran pre-gen adventures, aside from a side-quest. We all had a great time and the games turned out quite balanced, both in the encounters and in the mechanics. The greatest difficulty for me was handling the Astropath character, so I’m going to share a bit of my experience hoping it can be useful. My player, being smart, focused its character on mind-controlling powers: the result was that she could see through any rouse and lie and that she could easily have any enemy leader shot himself before any fighting could start, or possess her way through the whole chain of command and do it herself. I needed to balance this clearly overpowered class with the rest of the game without punishing or nerfing it. Here’s my suggestions: · Remember that even Astropaths are seen with suspicion by regular folks. Any use of the powers in civilized situation such as shopping in a market or discussing with custom authorities is likely to be met with hostility, ranging from expulsion from the premise to a frenzied torch-wielding mob. · And peers of the party do act in the same way as them: Rogue Traders, Inquisitors, Admirals and generally any rich or powerful NPC will reasonably have its own Psyker at his side when meeting or running into the party. One of the very few house-rules I made was to introduce a mechanism similar to a counter-spell for Psykers. · Also, there are a few items from both RT and DH that gives a degree of protection against Psyker powers. It would be realistic for a quite powerful NPC to have one, especially one that expect such a danger. · Have the player stick to their character background and personality. If the Astropath is a religious zealot it wouldn’t be very fitting of her possessing a pious Cardinal to access the Temple relic chamber. · Puppet-master leave the Astropath body unconscious and vulnerable. Take it into account when she use it in the middle of a firefight without getting cover first. · Errata 1.4 made an important change to Mind control by giving it a short duration. What have been your experiences and what are your suggestions?
  4. I think it can be pinned down again the next turn if the enemy shoot a suppressive fire again, since it would be a new action.
  5. ...when an approaching bombardment is not a valid reason to hasten your afternoon tea. ...when before leaving an excavation site on an unknown planet for the orbit , the standard question is not "Is everyone here?" but "Have you plundered everything?" ...when the party's shopping-list for a day in town get copy-and-pasted as the supply list for the next Crusade.
  6. ...when the party venture into an unknown jungle alone because the troops they brought are left to plunder some old ruins. ...when the only time the party threaten to shoot the sociopathic Astropath is for handling a cat too roughly. ...when heavy machine guns make the concept of aiming pointless. And useless.
  7. ...when the first answer to a help request coming from another ship is: "What's in it for us?" ...when the first question the party ask after finding a Grand-Cruiser space hulk is: "Can we tow it?" ...when they decide not to try because it's quicker and cheaper anyway to buy one new than repair it. ...when the first thing the party do after boarding the hulk bridge is looking for something to plunder for their trophy room.
  8. ... when the basic response to being target by an unseen sniper us not "duck and cover" but "suppressive fire" ... when the most reasonable motivation for not wiping out every heathen city on a planet from the orbit is that macrocannon shells are not free, nor is the Rogue Trader time ... when the solution is striking a trade deal with the heathens, to last until it covers the cost of their postponed annihilation
  9. ...when the GM decides to do a refresher session to the players about how their abilities and equipments work. ...when the session is still played, and take place in a bar inspired from the lounge in The Shining during a Warp-induced dream ...when each of the players' characters is served a unique cocktail designed by the GM with actual ingredients from Warhammer lore ...when the only concer of the players at the end of the session is: "How do we get back there ?"
  10. ...when pirate ships' names are titles of heavy metal songs ...when Chaos ships' names are titles of black metal songs ...when it's easier to hit a ship travelling at sub-light speed ten thousands miles away than it is to make a double turn with your own. ...when "Now that we have captured that Chaos slave-ship, do we free the slaves and enslave the crew or leave it as it is?" is a reasonable question. ...when some prisoners are given to the Inquisition, the crew in return demand to witness the show interrogatory.
  11. ...when the solution to quell a rebellion on a gun deck is to blow up on purpose the macrocannon nearest to the position of the rebel leaders. ...when this is the most cost-efficient solution.
  12. ...when the Astropath, still on board in the possessed guard body, in order: possesses a Tech-Priest, generating an incursion of demonic voices in the process; dominates two guards and have them shoot a third; enter the cargo bay and get spotted by another Tech-priest downloading the video of its own demonic incursion from a terminal; dominates the new Tech-priest while the former get shot by the now domination-free guards, steal a Lander and crashes it on the nearest dock; dominate a firefighter, generating a second incursion of demonic voices, before eloping back to the party with the video disk. …when all of this happened because the party’s Explorator refused to infiltrate the ship- the party former admiral, captured by a rival – to recover other compromising data, because despite having faced Xeno horrors of all kind, being recognized and arrested by the ship’s guards it’s “too great of a risk”. …when the party then send the video to the Inquisition, who proceed to impound the ship, and then strike a deal to have it back. …when the Mechanicus don’t pushes too much its investigation on the Tech-Priests possession-and-murder spree because you tipped them off about the proscribed sentient probe stored on board in time for them to recover it.
  13. ...when the plan to infiltrate a rival ship docked at Port Wander involve the Astropath possessing the body of an off-duty guard in a bar. ...when the possessed guard then get arrested on board for being drunk and ordered to clean the latrines. Which he does.
  14. ... when the AM and the Tech-Priests decides that the best countermeasure against Eldar Warlocks are meltas, heavy machine guns and grenades. And they are right. … when the Navigator decides that the best countermeasure against an Eldar Ranger sniper is drafting his las-pistol a go get him at close range. And he is wrong. … when back in space the GM send in the opponent with the biggest ship as an expedient to force the players to leave. … when the players decide instead to fight it, cementing the decision by shouting “Fire it up”! …when they also attempt to board it but ends up with their own ship being taken by the enemy. … when before running to the guncutters to escape, the only thing they decide to take away beside their personal belongings is the content of the trophy room. … when the staff that served the Dynasty for generations is left to their fate because they fill the guncutters with the elite mercenary troops that costed them quite a fortune. … when the adventure ends with this cliffhangers and will resume after a few months, leaving the GM wondering what insane plan the players will draft in the meantime.
  15. .....when after an enemy ship surrenders, the first worry of the PCs is alerting the other party's ship not to blow up what remains of their enemy, because those 10,000 slaves they promised to the Red Cabal must be sourced somewhere.
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