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  1. Unbreakable Bonds - First game thoughts

    After reading the rulebook I, too, am rather disappointed. Coop would have meant dealing with at least bosses together (for regular monsters, it would have been overkill of course). The restrictions on trading are just weird, not sure why you needed them if it is not competitive, most players will houserule this anyway. But then that cannot be the answer to everything, then there is no reason for the whole expansion. Also, I'm not sure how well this automation will work, but I definitely like playing against other players when encountering monsters. They have good moves, ones that surely the "paper AI" will not do. I know it is good for solo and for people that don't like to fight agains others, but for multiplayer, I don't see the point. The pros for me are the new skills and items, the heroes and scenarios. I'll pay the price for them. But this leaves me with no choice but to do the cooperative ruleset myself We already made an OK coop scenario for the game but in that one you have as many villains as many heroes. So it is time we made an All vs 1 combat ruleset. I really hoped FFG would do it, but no problem...
  2. Hi Runebound 3rd ed. fans! I am looking for playtesters for an unofficial scenario I made for Runebound 3. The scenario is set during the same time as Fall of the Darkstar but instead of focusing on PvP, it is cooperative. Here's what it has... I'll try to list these without any spoilers so the surprises in there have a bigger effect: 2-4 player fully cooperative scenario with 2-4 bosses. Can also play solo with 1 boss 12 story cards, 4 villains, 8 new cards for the "new" mechanic (see next one) one mechanic from Runebound 2nd edition which many would like to see in 3rd edition 6 new combat tokens for villains and 3 other tokens 3 variants for harder or more versatile gameplay cards with full artwork and rulebook that can be printed in the same quality as the original cards (WIP, should take approx. 2 more weeks to finish) If anyone is interested in playtesting now (word document with text, print it, cut it up, and play) send me a message. If you are only interested in the full artwork version with cards and all, it is work in progress, will take about a week or two to finish. Of course, there is no point in printing the cards with top quality before they reach their final form after a fair amount of playtesting. Thanks in advance for anyone who volunteers.