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  1. Static Black Nien is still a go to fun piece for me. Some were skeptical of the odds of triggering the effects, I will reiterate: triggering is very easy. Add BB-8 for more options for the 3 forward > 3 tallon.
  2. I don't think it's the printed number 1, instead I think it's in the fact that each symbol only appears once.
  3. A local player recently asked a questions for which I thought there was an obvious answer: "Can the M3-A equip Barrage Rockets?" Obviously not, I thought. The M3-A ship ability allows you to equip a [missile] upgrade, but Barrage Rockets are a [missile] [missile] upgrade. These are not the same, so things that refer to [missile] do not apply to things that are [missile] [missile]. Right? He responded with a stumper "Captain Jonus also uses a single symbol and therefore couldn't re-roll Barrage Rockets with that logic." Hmm, good point. We have all been playing as though M3-A Interceptors cannot equip BR, because of the number of symbols. We have also been playing as though Captain Jonus' ability does work with Barrage Rockets, without ever being bothered by the number of symbols in the text of Jonus' ability. Is there something in the Rules Reference that could settle the key question: do [missile] [missile] upgrades allow [missile] attacks, or are are those considered [missile] [missile] attacks?
  4. Daniel's Crack Salad vs Oli's Passive Aces. A great matchup. At our local store we hold a World Championship (Local Rematch) tournament where each player uses one of the squads from the final table. Looking forward to this one!
  5. Last round is about to start.
  6. If removing the Lock caused the attack to stop, one could never spend a lock on an attack that required a lock, because modifying attack dice is not the last step of attacking. This is absurd. Ergo: jam away, Seevor, the missiles and torps are still coming.
  7. Aha! Mobile phone pdf confusion. Thanks!
  8. Pretty much, yes. Except nobody gets damaged. From Rules Ref p. 2 > Abilities > Replacement Effects: " When a replacement effect resolves, the replaced effect is treated as having not occurred." So the "if you do..." conditional of Feedback Array does not trigger. You gain 1 disarm and 1 stress and pass an ion. No damage for anyone.
  9. "Chewicide Squad" contains Resistance Chewie with Deadman Switch (he can boost and shoot THEN do another damage after being destroyed)
  10. I think someone will eventually figure out what else to put into a squad with Kanaan with Sense and Cassian Andor. That's a saucy combo just begging to be broken powerful.
  11. Based on the suggestions here, I purchased the product below. If it doesn't work for x-wing, at least it will work for the crazy card games my wife likes that sometimes include 17 cards in a hand (especially difficult when trying to hold a baby while playing). Wooden Card Holders, 4 pack $17.99
  12. I am looking for something and I hope the x-wing community might be able to point me in the right direction. I would like a display folio in which I could put my squad's pilot and upgrade cards. I would like it to be able to stand up. I hope this will make my squad easy to see for my opponent and take less of the limited table space than laying out cards. Bonus if I can do something to manage damage cards assigned to pilots or charge tokens. This may be asking a lot. I have looked in amazon's office and business stuff but nothing is quite what I'm looking for. A long time ago there was such a product on etsy or somewhere, but it is long since out of production. Thanks, my dudes!
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