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  1. Based on the suggestions here, I purchased the product below. If it doesn't work for x-wing, at least it will work for the crazy card games my wife likes that sometimes include 17 cards in a hand (especially difficult when trying to hold a baby while playing). Wooden Card Holders, 4 pack $17.99
  2. I am looking for something and I hope the x-wing community might be able to point me in the right direction. I would like a display folio in which I could put my squad's pilot and upgrade cards. I would like it to be able to stand up. I hope this will make my squad easy to see for my opponent and take less of the limited table space than laying out cards. Bonus if I can do something to manage damage cards assigned to pilots or charge tokens. This may be asking a lot. I have looked in amazon's office and business stuff but nothing is quite what I'm looking for. A long time ago there was such a product on etsy or somewhere, but it is long since out of production. Thanks, my dudes!
  3. Nice for the parade grounds. Not so great in the trenches.
  4. As a modification during an attack, it would happen in my window to modify dice (before the enemy modifies when I dook his dice, after the enemy modifies when I dook my dice). Could I make use of it along with my other modifications in any order? Are there any situations where changing a die to the called result after another of my own modifications would be good? I suppose if you had a lock and focus (or more force charges) it might be mathematically wise to reroll a natural crit if you're also rerolling any blanks. This way the rerolled crit could come back as a regular hit or focus, and you could dook a die to a crit that stayed blank after rerolling.
  5. In any case, here are some good times to dook: offensive crits obstacles, both friendly blanks and enemy crits friendly defensive evades, particularly when only rolling 1 green die bombs, both friendly blanks and enemy crits Damage card effects
  6. I see what you're saying. The problem is sometimes things happen that change dice but aren't modifications because they don't happen in the right step. The trigger here for Dooku might qualify as different enough. I hope that a general understanding of "if it does x,y, or z, put it in the Modify Dice step and treat as a Modification" evolves. The Han ruling points in the right direction.
  7. @TasteTheRainbow I like that. I am in the habit of saying "cleanup and dials". I adopted this because it bugs me when people leave their focuses, etc. out there. I might change what I say to "cleanup, recover, and dials".
  8. It should be a modification, if ruled in a consistent manner with Han, yes. Does there need to be a separate, official ruling for this to happen, or can we take the Han ruling as sufficient? I hope the latter.
  9. Yep. I use Burger Tokens and all they do is enhance anything they're near, so I don't mind pushing them around. Your mileage may vary.
  10. When I first encountered doocrew, I mentally treated it as reading "Before a ship at range 0-2 attacks or defends...", and that would be pretty good. It's way more broad than that, however. It's "Before a ship at range 0-2 rolls attack or defense dice...". You roll those dice in far more situations than attacking and defending. For example: for Asteroids and Debris Clouds, the text reads "it rolls one attack die", for Console Fire it reads, "roll 1 attack die", etc. You get the idea! It's the same range of triggers as for Rebel Han pilot, but broadened to include any dice rolled by any ship at 0-2. Granted, it's restrictions are in place: you must have full force and you only get a die change if the result you 'dook' does not appear. Hate seems like a good way for this to work more often, obviously. An interesting wrinkle: "If the roll does not contain the named result, the ship must change 1 die to that result." Meaning, if you're messing with your opponent's dice, he chooses which die is changed to the result you called, e.g., your opponent rolls onto a proximity mine and you dook a crit. He rolls blank + hit. He can change the hit to a crit, rather than the blank. Let the nightmare text wars commence regarding it's interaction with Han, Midnight, C-3P0, etc. The trigger for calling the result is clearly "before" dice are rolled, but it would be consistent (with Han) for FFG to rule that the altering of the die occurs during the Modify Dice step (when used during an attack). Thoughts? Wacky uses? I personally love the idea of dooking an enemy's Console Fire roll (especially if I landed the crit earlier this round as a result of a dooked crit).
  11. It helps me to keep the tokens in the play area near the ships.
  12. There is so much difference between many of these squads that in most cases I doubt the usefulness of attempting to create categories for them. The brain cycles are more productively spent figuring out the specifics in front of you rather than worrying about which label to stick on it (especially when the label doesn't carry much useful info).
  13. What I always see when looking at a Tri-Fighter:
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