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  1. My main ships have been the humble TIE Fighter, TIE Strikers, and TIE Advanceds. Really hoping the 5 TIE Bombers I have will become useful for the first time. I really want to roll around with them dropping bombs and shooting missiles.
  2. I can barely sleep in anticipation of what the unboxing will bring. REALLY hoping Scourge and Mauler Mithel make the 2.0 cut. I love those guys in my 6 TIE Fighter list.
  3. I would honestly be happy if RGT got erratad to just include +1 shield. Interceptors are just way too fragile in the turret and bomb meta.
  4. I think the thing should be a small based ship. It really isn't that much bigger than the Striker, and looks to be about same size as the ARC, K-Wing and Punisher. My take on the thing would be this: 3/1/5/3 Half tempted to give it 4 Attack since if you look at the actions I would give it, it lacks the Focus action and it's attacks might be a bit anemic with just Target Lock. Actions: Evade, Target Lock, Boost It would make sense to me that since it is meant for hot dropping troops it should be able to Evade to dodge incoming fire when approaching landing zones. Target Locks are there since it would want to track incoming threats while dropping troops. I went with Boost over Barrel Roll, because I don't think it would be rolling too much with a belly full of troops, but still makes it feel maneuverable as a TIE should be and fits in more with the Striker. Plus, it would be interesting to see a ship that doesn't have the Focus action, making you have to think whether you want to try and evade shots more, or get some rerolls on your attack. Upgrades: -Modification -System -Crew I think that since it is a fairly small ship, it shouldn't have too many upgrade slots, and more than one Crew slot would be a bit much. Half tempted to give it two Modification slots, since it seems to be a ship used primarily by an elite unit which could be given more leeway to change their ship based off the mission. For the movement dial, I was thinking of giving it the TIE Bomber dial, adding in 3 S-Loops and making the 2 hard turns white. Possibly even taking away the 4 straight. For a title, I think that it should give an ability that is purely support ike: Tactical Movement Relay (or some crap like that). -TIE Reaper only. Title. -Once per turn, before a friendly small based ship within Range 2 reveals it's maneuver dial, it may be placed in base contact with this ship. The ship placed into base contact with this ship can only be placed on the sides or rear of this ships base, and must be placed so that the corners of the base are equal to this ships base. The placed ship cannot overlap an obstacle or another ship. Wording could stand to be cleaned up, but it would be cool to see an ability that adjusts the location of this ships wingmen to cover it better (in the fluff). Plus, it works no matter what the Piot Skill of the Reaper is. And, I think it would play into the slippery nature of Imperial ships. Have no idea how to cost a Title like this point wise though, and thought of making it's effect Range 1 instead of 2.
  5. Or make it so the 100/6 games every other round give whoever did better the option of being attacker or defender.
  6. In this format I would really like to try a squad that has Howlrunner, and two Black Squadrons all with Crack Shot. Supported by two Gamma Squadron Vet Bombers with Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Deadeye and Guidance Chips. Gives you some good long range damage from the Bombers who can hang back on offense and be fairly safe, or be used to split the defense up. On defense the Bombers can lead the attack and get some good burst damage in early to rattle your opponent. Have the shuttle flanked by the two Black Squadron pilots with Howlrunner hanging a bit back. You can always block with the TIEs and punish with the Bombers. But even if you don't block, they can still lay some hate. To me that seems fun, thematic and fairly flexible.
  7. Very fun thread, are we talking in a 100 point list, or what are the restrictions?
  8. Darn, you beat me to it. Love it.
  9. Hmm, I love flying basic TIE Fighters. There almost always seems to be just the move I need to do something great with them. Opponents are surprised just how nimble a swarm of them can be. And it is gratifying to outclass greater ships with a throw away ship and grind it out, win or lose with the humble TIE. Before that was the TIE Interceptor, it still is the only ship that can really make my heart race or plummet with it's successes and failures in a game. I only ever field them with elite pilots, gives me feeling of going against the odds with aces deserving of that title. Recently, the mental challenge of how crazy an angle can I engage my opponents has been the TIE Striker. When all goes according to plan they are surgical scalpels, seemingly defying the laws of how a ship should maneuver. Flying five of them on the table at once in a game, I feel mentally drained in a good way afterwards.
  10. Unless you play against me. One of my favorite lists is; TIE Advanced: •Darth Vader (33) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x1 (0) Juke (2) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) TIE Interceptor: •Turr Phennir (31) Stealth Device (3) Autothrusters (2) Royal Guard TIE (0) Veteran Instincts (1) TIE Fighter: •"Mauler Mithel" (18) Veteran Instincts (1) TIE Fighter: •"Scourge" (18) Veteran Instincts (1) Total: 100/100 It isn't top tables good, but catches a lot of people by surprise and I am very rarely dissapointed by it.
  11. Yes, it really can matter if you place your ship behind a Fat Han. You might now be denying that ship a range 1 shot, or denying Finn activating, or have a chance to go after another ship. And with your Mindlink example. Since the victim can readjust all their dials if they want, or leave them the same and change the dial on the ship they can now move to wherever they want on the table, is knowing the maneuver of a ship that might now not exist in the spot where it was or be doing the same move matter that much?
  12. Hah, I think you missed my post about the individual (victim) can place their ship whose dial got looked at ANYWHERE in the play area AFTER the offending player has finished planning their maneuvers. Actually, scratch that, make it so any dials that haven't been placed by the offending player do not get placed and the ship performs a 2 straight white maneuver during it's activation, now anything that activates off of revealing a dial doesn't. THAN the victim can readjust their dials if they choose and can place the ship whose dial got looked at anywhere they want on the table if they want, and select a new maneuver for it.
  13. Would my last post not give us the solution that we are looking for? The offending player must now finish planning all of their maneuvers not knowing where the ship whose dial they looked at is going to end up. And the player who got their dial looked at gets to place their ship wherever they like and select a move for it. To me that seems a fair punishment and keeps the game going without slowing it down too much.
  14. Instead of a game loss, how about the individual who looked at the ships dial must finish placing all of theirs, and the ship whose dial got looked at can be placed anywhere in the game area and select a new maneuver by the victim.
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