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  1. Thank you soo much really needed that 4th page. I tried to make my own and they are terrible this will help soooooo much.
  2. I would absolutely love a 4th sheet. It is crazy that they released it with out one.
  3. i just found it i had to apply the Campaign name in the group section
  4. I am having a hard time trying to find where i can apply a base to a character. i have made multiple bases in there editor but i dont know where to connect them to a character or a group. can anyone help me please.
  5. Thanks man, plus this is the best generator I have ever seen. Your continued dedication and selflessness to this community is literally awesome. May all your en devours be grand.
  6. i am having trouble finding how to make a base i found the stuff for it in editor but main user is it not ready yet or am i missing something
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