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  1. Suzume Tomonori

    L5R app?

    I think I should start a thread called “Are Unicorn Good Now?” and see if the discussion focuses on an app for L5R.
  2. Suzume Tomonori

    L5R app?

    I guess it would depend on what the app does. Implementing the app for X-wing removed point costs from the physical cards, meaning you must use the app to make legal teams to play what you thought was a purely physical board game. If an L5R app was something similar, where, say, influence costs were removed from the physical cards and the values were shifted over time so that the app would be required to splash cards in my deck, then I’d say no thank you.
  3. Suzume Tomonori

    Upcoming L5R products

    I would add that (at least for Gold / Diamond / Lotus when I played) the cards in the sets for the second half of each arc were “dual-bugged” to be legal in the next arc as well. This meant that the set with the shortest length of legality would be the last, single-bugged, expansion of the first half of the arc, and those cards would be legal for about a year or year and a half (and more importantly, at least through the next Kotei season and worlds,) though they would br eligible for reprint in the next base set. But cards from sets in the second half of the arc would remain legal until the end of the next arc, so usually two or three years.
  4. Suzume Tomonori

    Upcoming L5R products

    I think it would be cool if there was a product supporting a solo version of the game (as I have no local scene and I’m lucky if I can arrange a game a month with a friend) but I’m not holding my breath for such a product. L5R is a one-on-one competive game at the core of the rule set, and I don’t know how much demand for a solo version would exist. But thinking about it is making me consider trying to make a house rules solo variant. Hmm ...
  5. Suzume Tomonori

    Upcoming L5R products

    I’ve never played Net Runner so forgice my ignorance, but is the Terminal Directive expansion still played competitively against another player? Does it have an option for solo / co-operative play or does it just add a campaign aspect to the normal game experience?
  6. Does Toshi Ranbo have no element, or am I just failing to recognize the symbol? Is it a “non-element” symbol?
  7. Suzume Tomonori

    Toshi Ranbo Season Article

    Has there been any in-world explanation / reference to what the roles are / do? If not (and it may just be that I missed it) there is no “role-playing” going on here. It just seems like mean-spirited denial. I know there have been Shadowlands players in the past who have been winning games that went to time and then the other player would refuse to concede the game, even though they were clearly losing, because the non-Shadowlands player refused to capitulate to the Shadowlands etc. etc. That’s not role-playing; it’s just bad sportsmanship. I don’t know, I kind of feel like I’d rather they just do silly story prizes for everything. Sure, the lore might get stupid, but at least people would’t get denied to play the cards and decks they wanted to.
  8. That analogy does not work.
  9. Good to see that they are opening up roles a bit, but to me it just seems like this is damage control; they committed to role locks early on without knowing how it would play out (a noble experiment, at least) and now they are seeing negative reaction from parts of the player base, so they are trying to change things to please more people. As I kind of suspected, they still aren't completely removing the role locks that they have so heavily pushed as a cornerstone of the tournament system; they are too invested in them. I still think freeing the roles is the best solution, but I think FFG deserves credit for admitting issues with the system and making an effort to improve it.
  10. I am firmly in the “free the roles” camp but since I only play casually with one friend in the end it doesn’t actually affect me much. That being said: I think some of the opposition (partly sub conscious?) to the way the roles are being handled now is partly that it creates a set of cards that you COULD play if only you had the proper role, but that you can’t play in tournaments because you can’t use the role you want (and realistically most people do not have the agency or means to determine which role their clan will get.) This is in contrast to in-clan cards which you could never play out of clan anyway (outside of splash) anyway so there’s less complaints about having your card pool limited by faction (e.g. Phoenix can’t run Way of the Crane.) On a related note I think with in-clan cards outside of your role it feels like that they have been completely denied to you because you can’t use them due to a role choice that you can’t make. I remember when they first announced the role lock plan, one of the things I was disappointed about was that I was hoping the roles would have lead to more archetypes within a clan, and that potential was in effect done away with. That is to say, we might have had a situation where not only does your stronghold determine the themes and feel of your deck but we might also have had a chance for different roles to define different decks. Especially with the recent sets I think it would be interesting if for example there were different flavors of the same clan in a tournament setting where their main difference was the role that defined their deck. Of course whether such a situation would actually occur if the roles were unlocked is another question altogether. I think a lot of people have made the point that roles only matter if you’re playing competitively but the fact of the matter is when many people play at their local shops game nights or wherever generally they’re going to match their deck construction to whatever the dominant format is. So in the end competitive role limitations will also affect what sort of decks many players get to play on their casual game nights. A lot of people don’t really like taking apart and putting together decks all of the time; they’d rather just have one that they can play at a moments notice.
  11. In normal, converstional English I would understand “instead” to be implied, but this is rules English so if “instead” isn’t on the English version then whoo boy this card went from “really good” to “stupid good.”
  12. I’m just speculating, but I have always assumed the FFG policy of not having their employees look at message boards etc. is meant to do two things: One, to prevent staff from being overly influenced by a small but vocal group in a limited corner of the internet. Two, to avoid creating the expectation among players that they can talk to staff about anything they have an opinion on at their leisure, and more importantly, so that players do not feel entitled to such access to the staff. If those are indeed the goals of the policy, I would say it’s probably effective and moreover, in this age of almost instant digital communication, probably very prudent. It does leave us a bit in the dark from time to time, though.
  13. If a troll shows up to court, are you going to be the one who tells him he has to leave?
  14. Suzume Tomonori

    Elements Unbound

    Michibiku would be great in multiplayer games, except they’ve got a record of banning ring manipulating cards you’d want to use as a Phoenix in multiplayer.
  15. In O5R usually there were story prizes for winning tournaments, some of which resulted in cards, but as I recall those cards were not on the whole consistently good or bad, so the effect of winning tournaments on the card pool and thus strength of any specific clan was somewhat limited, at least when I played in Diamond and Lotus. Often the result was just a flavor card, a piece of flavor text, or something like “Costs 1 less gold for X clan players.” I remember Phoenix got Kaneka as an in-clan personality after winning the last GenCon in Gold Edition (I think I got that right?) When Kaneka came out he was a powerhouse of a military character, but Phoenix didn’t really have a military deck at the time and it appeared that he wasn’t designed with any Phoenix themes in mind, so he mainly saw play in other clans, as most dynasty characters were legal for play in any faction’s deck in O5R provided you met honor requirements (and there was no equivalent of conflict characters.) The problem in O5R is that story prizes were numerous and varied and, as they hinged on tournament results, somewhat strange and random at times (see Kaneka joining the Phoenix, above.) In this respect FFG has done a good job of clearly limiting story results to choosing between sensible pre-written scenarios.