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  1. I think a card giving the Scorpion (and for that matter, other clans) a way to modify their dial is an interesting mechanic, but I personally do not enjoy the sort of “hey guess if I’m thinking evens or odds” mind game Maze of Illusion requires. But I might still run it in a Phoenix deck anyway. Harpoon shenanigans with Formal Invitation should be fun. I look forward to using Isawa Mori Seido to attach it to Marauding Oni just for laughs (even though I know he can’t be brought into political conflicts.) I suppose there are more practical targets, though.
  2. You both make good points about the make-up of Rokugani samurai. I appear to have conflated nobles and the samurai caste in my head somewhere (I still feel like I remember reading that all samurai were nobles of some variety back in the RPG 1st edition, but my memory is probably hazy.) And now that you mention it, the references to the buke do seem familiar. But, as mentioned, the setting leans heavily on the image of romanticized samurai noble elite, which is more what my main point is about. I feel “artist” better matches the aesthetic of the setting and the card in particular, but YMMV. (I feel there is also a discussion about whether ikebana is an “art” or a “craft”, and what those two terms even encompass, but I am probably not qualified to comment on ikebana and decidedly not inclined to have that discussion on a message board.)
  3. Suzume Tomonori

    Tainted Lands Preview

    I wasn’t around for this, but my understanding is that this was a misprint (i.e. unintended) that was later written into the canon. I’m not sure on that timeline, though.
  4. Rokugani samurai (especially Crane) are indeed often presented like this; sitting around watching cherry blossoms and thinking about honor and what-have-you, which I have always assumed was based on the popular image of Japanese samurai as these artistic and contemplative warrior-poets. I would point out that in the real world context, running out of money (and as a result, influence) is exactly what happened to a lot of the Edo period nobility in Japan (which are often presented as samurai) and I think you can see a lot of influence on the fictional creation of Rokugani samurai (especially the Crane Clan) from this image of Edo period samurai. As a fictional creation, however, Rokugani samurai do not have to worry about things like real economies or social shifts until the narrative decides that they do, hence some aspects of their lives will be un-realistic and “non-historical.”
  5. My understanding of the L5R lore (which may have changed) is that samurai constitute a noble caste, many of whom will be lesser nobles, yes, but they are by no means commoners. Again, the Rokugani samurai are a very romanticized version of real samurai, and they are often presented as wealthy (especially Crane.) Not filthy rich perhaps, but much better off than the other castes of Rokugan.
  6. This is true of Japanese samurai, which is why I made the distinction of Rokugani samurai, which are (or at least were) a very romanticized version of a narrow span of historical samurai.
  7. I agree with @Mon no Oni here; though the terms have some vagueness and are often used interchangeably, an artisan is usually someone doing the activity as a means of gainful employment. The baker Jeffery Hamelman made this differentiation in his book, “Bread”: an artist makes works or arrangements completely new and never seen before while an artisan makes something already invented but with high quality, repeatedly and consistently. The former is about creativity, the later is about craftsmenship. Rokugani samurai are nobility and hence rich due to their status, and as such do not need jobs, and needing a job would imply they don’t have enough money to sit around all day writing haiku and contemplating the beauty of gardens etc etc. Artisan sounds cool is probably the reason it became the card title, but unless the person in the picture is running a flower arrangement business she is probably an artist.
  8. I get what Brad is trying to say here, but man do I disagree. The fact of the matter is that game design is really hard and that even with extensive testing they aren’t going to catch everything. Not to mention that design for this set was likely finished long before the current meta formed. But if Brad answered “Game design is hard; we’re doing our best guys but sometimes we don’t catch everything,” he’d still get chewed out on these forums, so I appreciate the tough position he is in.
  9. Images of the spoiled cards have been uploaded in another thread:
  10. Online fictions will start back up to coincide with the Elemental Cycle release.
  11. New preview of a Scorpion holding that removes dishonor once per turn if you are at 6 honor or less. And a limit one per deck Scorpion event (unsplashable) that stops you from losing your last honor (one time only, obviously.)
  12. @Schmoozies, basically so far they are just going over the stuff they previewed earlier today.
  13. Suzume Tomonori

    Players in Japan

    Going to echo @LordBlunt here but, where in Japan are you?
  14. To be fair, with how long development cycles are I imagine this set was already in development and maybe even complete before the current meta solidified. Either way, I do not envy the spin job that has been thrust upon the people on the live stream today.
  15. Everyone’s all like “here comes the Scorpion pack” while I’m over here like “Cool! Daidoji Harrier stronghold confirmed!”