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  1. Or, something else that would make it clearer on first glance is to add "TN" e.g. "TN 3 (Earth TN 1, fire TN 6)"
  2. Seconded. I'm reading the book in order and am reading techniques now. I had no idea where to find this information because it's introduced before it's explained in the text (I had to come here to confirm what it meant.) Since it shows up so much in resisting effects, it might be good to introduce it or add a reminder about what the parentheses mean under the explanation for resisting.
  3. I avoided posting in that thread for a reason.
  4. If your rules lawyer friend is the attacking player, they get the fate. From the Rules Reference document, page 14 (under "Rings"): "When a ring becomes the contested ring in a conflict, move all fate on that ring to the attacking player’s fate pool." Remember, just because someone is a "rules lawyer" doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong.
  5. This was something that struck me when I first read it, too, as hisabetsu burakumin is a more contemporary term . But I'm sure if you went and found the main dates of usage for every term used in L5R, it's not unlikely you would find that there are a hodgepodge of vocabulary from different periods being used together. But L5R draws inspiration from numerous different periods of Japanese history anyway, so this is to be expected. At any rate, given the derogatory nature of the word "eta," I can see why FFG sought to remove it as a standard term in L5R. Given that burakumin is a term in use today with a very particular meaning, and the still controversial nature of government programs and initiatives designed to aid burakumin and their descendants (tl;dr some people are upset that such programs exist at all,) for various reasons I don't think FFG would keep the term if they tried to release the L5R RPG in Japan anyway. The only other option FFG could employ I think is to use a novel English term to refer to this caste and present no "Rokugani" term for it at all.
  6. I don't consider the people who are opposed to the chant to be petty, or that they are trying to spite others, or are just loud, or are just complaining, or a lot of the other negative things/names people are calling them. I believe the people who are opposed to it, and FFG when they chose to stop it, have their hearts in the right place. The reasoning just doesn't seem to me to consider the full context of the phrase.
  7. Getting rid of the chant is whatever, but I'm still scratching my head at the reasoning. As was previously mentioned, "banzai" is still in use in Japan for a lot of things, most of which are rather mundane. For example, I've seen it used to try to pump people up at large company meetings (no, really) and the Hiroshima baseball team fans literally do three banzais every time their team scores a run. It is a purely American sensibility to associate it only with WWII. They say "the real world historical context" of the phrase in the article, but I feel like they are ignoring most of the real world historical context of the phrase. But, I suppose it is an American game by an American company, so American sensibilities prevailing is not unexpected.
  8. Sorry to make a notification show up, but I want to confirm that my understanding is correct that a solid date for the beta start hasn't been set yet. Last Tuesday we got "next week" and it's already Wednesday. In theory it could be today, but we also could be waiting for a few more days, right? But I mean, I feel you completely. I'm chomping at the bit for some sweet, sweet, L5R RPG stuff myself.
  9. Has there been any mention of this outside of the first Phoenix fiction? I seem to recall references to his untimely or early death, but no hard information either way on whether it was as ignominious as Burisagi's seppuku (in the old timeline.) I felt from the new fiction that Ujimitsu's death wasn't spoken of as shameful in anyway, and that he was treated as honorable dead.
  10. According to the news article: Unless they mean "sign and scan in a PDF page", I assume this alone confirms the existence of a physical product. But more to the point, I cannot imagine digital delivery only for a new RPG, especially for a large company like FFG.
  11. I remember being struck by the final battle scene in the Seven Samurai. "Kikuchiyo" (Toshiro Mifune's character) had a bunch of katana trust in a bale of hay near the entrance of the village and every time he broke a katana he would run back and pick up another one, which I think he ended up doing a few times. The thing is that scene doesn't mesh with the myth of the katana that has been thoroughly integrated into the lore of L5R. In L5R each katana is treated as a unique family heirloom and an irreplaceable fine piece of craftsmanship and if one would break in combat it would be a Big Deal. I'm of the opinion that ideally each group would just decide which style they want to play (katana as the god weapon or katana as a ceremonial weapon / symbol of prestige) but I have a feeling they'll probably stick with the existing L5R lore as the "base" option i.e. katana as an extension of the samurai's soul and thus special.
  12. Recently in my games (non-L5R) I have taken to having the players figure out themselves how they know each other and why they are working together. Trying to force a party together can result in players feeling like it's "out of character" and only begrudingly go along. Having them decide how to get the party got together themselves (mostly) guarantees it will be on terms the players have "bought into," so to speak. As for L5R I think two solutions could be 1) Clan Wars era. Due to extraordinary circumstances all of the social rules, and society in general, are in disarray. It would be easy for samurai of different clans to unite for a common goal to save the empire, etc. 2) Decide with the input of the players to limit the party to one or two clans (plus imperials, ronin, and minor clans.) Done well, it provides and opportunity for people to play characters of clans that they normally wouldn't.
  13. Everyone agreeing on something is not something the internet does. More on topic, I'm okay with (maybe even in favor of) vagueness in terms of population numbers.
  14. I was to the understanding that an "open" beta is literally open to anyone who goes to the website and downloads the rules, without any selection process. Am I mistaken?
  15. Ideally yes, but some players feel that any rule in an "official" book (especially the core) is something they are entitled to, and can get upset when the GM tries to balance things. I try to avoid playing with people who try to break the system these days, but I think a balanced product (or as balanced as reasonably possible) is better to help avoid any similar situations. And, as a GM, I went to spend as little time tweaking the system as possible and focus my efforts on the actual campaign itself.