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  1. I wanted to let you all know that my best friend passed away yesterday. Cancer took him in his sleep and ended his suffering. He really loved this community and loved traveling to Gencon and worlds to play imperial assault. Thank you all for the donations and all the prayers.
  2. What about splitting the attack buff and defense buff? while this card is unexhausted, gain +1 dmg while this card is exhausted, gain +1 block. It would make the timing interesting the play with, whether you need to play defensively or offensively. Could work the wording that you get the attack boost during the spectre cell attack.
  3. Hey guys, a new skirmish map was announced https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/18/prepare-your-strike-team/ There is an Ewok in the corner! Thoughts? New expansion coming?? edit: It’s called Endor Defense Station!
  4. I love this card, but maybe only because my deck had three of them.
  5. Thank you all, the card now makes sense!
  6. I have a question regarding the Untamed Action card “Key Charge”. It states “Play: Lose 1 æ. If you do, you may forge a key at current cost. “ So if if I have 3æ and play this, I lose one and can forge a key for 2æ at the start of my next turn?
  7. I second this. You could try my “Prepare to Comply” list. 2x eRiots 4x rRiots 2x rOfficer Zillo Cross-training (could swap for something else if you don’t want to have regular riot spies) melee command cards to taste strain for days!
  8. The strategy is the bum rush the ugnaughts while they are in the deployment zone. Cutting down activations really hurts an ugnaught list.
  9. R2D2’s command card is banned from 4 player skirmishes, just FYI
  10. If there shipments were delivered to the vendors, then we should see it at Gencon. Like you said, it won’t be at FFG’s booth, but at other vendors. I remember a few years back a table full of the latest wave of figures at a random vendor at Gencon. If it is available, we should see Tyrants for sale.
  11. Driving back from worlds, I was explaining what my upgrade card would be to @ryanjamal cost 2, rebels only. Force users with deployment cost of 9 or lower have -1 deployment cost. Then you could deplete the card to make an attack miss against a friendly force user.
  12. No, order and executive order require “another” friendly figure.
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