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  1. ****, yeah! I'd be up for ANY new stuff for this game. It's a shame that FFG have a Forum available but don't seem to want to do anything else with the game. Sure, the fan base is small but they could make something of this game. Fireborn 2e FTW!!
  2. Someone else may correct me if I'm wrong, but I punched all the details you gave into the Character Generator app and it seems you've overspent by 15xp. Also, your Wound Threshold should be 12 and your Strain Threshold should be 14. Hope this helps!
  3. This was where my idea of perhaps 2 Rivals would come in as opposed to one Nemesis. That way they each get one to deal with when the climax of the adventure arrives I'll take all these suggestions and see what I come up with. Hopefully my players will have a bit of fun and a nice surprise. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the reply, GandofGand. Good to find another Predator fanboy! Ok, Brawn 5 it is! I was wondering about the Soak thing as he doesn't really wear armor, but even using a few ranks of Enduring won't stand up to their Breach 1 Lightsabers so not sure what to do there. Perception is good, but rather than Coersion what do you think about a few ranks of Fearsome? It's passive and could give them some Conflict due to Fear, which is always fun. Adversary 2 sounds good. I don't want to cause a TPK but I also don't want them to wipe the floor with the beastie. Doesn't Sunder only apply if the player activates it with Advantages? I know my players and they'd probably rather Crit (or regain Strain if they only get 1) so I'm not too worried about Sunder for the time being. Pierce 2 on most of the Preds weapons could be a handy thing to have. After all, most of his weapons seemed very capable. I'm not too familiar with Disruptor weapons so I'll need to read up on those. Thanks for the pointer! I do like the idea of the merc team they stumble on. Gives me something to start killing off in gruesome ways to make them realize things are not what they seem. "Get to da speeda!!" Thanks for the tips GoG!
  5. I GM a game for 2 of my friends whose characters are not far out of Character Generation. Let me give you some info on their abilities before I ask my question: One has a basic lightsaber (no mods as yet) and rolls YG for her saber skill. She is a "Shien Expert" though she's only so far bought Conditioned. She has Enhance, Seek and Sense (all Basic power only). My other player has a double-bladed saber (again, no mods yet) and rolls YGG for his saber skill. He is a Makashi Duelist who has so far bought 1 grit, 1 Parry, Resist Disarm and Makashi Technique. He has Move (basic only) and Enhance with the Coordination and Horizontal Force Leap add-ons. As you can see, they are very early characters. They've just crash-landed on a remote planet they know nothing about. It's going to be an alien flora/fauna planet, but (as we're all total sci-fi nuts) I want to surprise them by having them hunted by either a Nemesis-level Predator (yes, the one from the Arnie movie), or 2 Rival-level Predators. So i was after a brain-storming session to collect some ideas together so I can make these suckers. Any suggestions are welcome, and I'll start. I'm thinking Brawn 4 or 5. Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 3, Presence 3 if I go Rival or maybe a couple points distributed extra for a Nemesis. Rival wounds could be 18 (they'll have no armor, not that it matters due to the PC's lightsabers anyway)? Nemesis could perhaps be 25 wounds? Melee 3 or 4. Ranged (Any) 3, Cool 3, Vigilance 2, among other less important skills (remember it's just a one-shot so skills like Astrogation and various Knowledge skills aren't so important)? Retractable Claws could use Knife stats? Telescopic Spear could use Force Pike stats but without Stun? Shoulder Cannon could use Blaster Rifle stats which reduce Difficulty to hit by 1 due to the laser targeting. Maybe allow the target a Perception check to see the triple red laser on him. Success negates the range advantage (or even makes it worse)? Throwing Disc could use Vibro-knife stats in Melee, and Heavy blaster Pistol stats for Ranged (maybe including Vicious 1, Auto-Fire 1 and the ability to return to the users hand)? Stealth field could upgrade Stealth twice if stationary, once if moving, and be useless in water? Helmet could provide a respirator, and also Cybernetic Eyes when worn, but upgrade Perception and Vigilance difficulties by 2 if taken off / damaged / destroyed? He'd carry a couple stim-packs. Not sure if I'm missing anything but what do you think so far? What would you do differently? I'm not interested in "I'd not use a Predator in the first place" answers thanks. If you don't want to contribute then don't feel you need to, m'kay? It's purely for fun (and one session of my game!).
  6. A quick Google search reveals that, although little was known about his species, they were unusually strong in the Force. I'm thinking Brawn 1, Intellect 3 (Don't want to pick Willpower here as it may make them too much of a no-brainer for Force Users), 2's in everything else. WT 8 + Brawn, ST 12 + Willpower. Species Abilities could be Gain 1 Rank of Discipline, Small (Silhouette 0), and something Force related... What about ONE of the below ideas: Always counts as having a Teacher for a -5xp cost to Base Force Power costs (does not stack with actually having a Teacher) If they don't generate any Light Side pips on a Force activation roll, they may change 1 Dark Side pip to Light Side (becomes less useful as their Force Rating increases, though). As above, except they don't change a DS to an LS. Instead, they generate an LS for free if they don't roll any. Always generating an Advantage on Discipline checks? This would allow them to always recover at least 1 Strain when ever they make a Discipline check. When they buy the Force Rating talent, it's 5xp cheaper than listed. Then finish with only 80 or 85xp to start with. After all, the above abilities are all pretty good so you'd need some balance there. Finally, you may only make a character of this species if your GM lets you, and there may only be 1 of this species in any Campaign. Thoughts?
  7. I wonder what stats he used for Yoda. I expect Brawn 1, but where would the 3 go? Intellect or Willpower? And what species ability would he have used? We need more information on Yoda's species. Shame we may never get it Still, this has sparked my curiosity!
  8. Did he ever post the Council builds, or did he make them and just post the points cost? I'd love to see what he came up with.
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