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  1. There are ways to do the knowledge skill thing for a species or probably as a talent, but I don't see a way to do it for a spec, a lot less customization there, since all they've had in the past is set skills and force rating grants, but if you can mine existing functionality from elsewhere hopefully that won't be too weird. For the Jawa thing, if it isn't too difficult, I'd suggest moving the "change skill char" button to the skills page, since it's no longer only the domain of spec talents, and when it is the talents themselves can still have the dropdown. If you have to hard-code it into Jawas that's probably not too bad, but if you can copy the functionality over from your talent menu to the species one that would be more future-proof. For more of a shortcut you could just treat it as a talent, which already mostly works, and just have the spec page always check if you have a valid talent rather than waiting for if you have one of the specs that have them like it does now.
  2. Also Jawas get a species ability for optionally using Cunning as the base characteristic for Negotiation. Existing functionality allows for a wonky workaround, but it has to be added as a talent, then you have to switch to a spec with one of the saber form talents to get the "choose skill char" button to show up.
  3. That was it. Not sure how that happened, but I fixed some driver stuff and rebooted and it's good now.
  4. I'm getting a crash every time I try to print a sheet. It hangs before loading the preview and just sits there, if I ever touch anything else it stops responding. I've cleared the cache, reinstalled the whole generator, no change. Happens in GM tools as well, though I don't normally print from there, just tried it while troubleshooting.
  5. In addition to this, sound in movies is never perfectly from the perspective of the camera, if you're going to complain about sound "in space" you also need to complain about being able to hear a single conversation in a crowd when the camera isn't jammed up into the character's faces or long pans out where you can still hear the characters talking. There is sound within the explosions, and that is what you are hearing.
  6. Having a species/archetype creation tool baked in would be great. From what I've heard the guidelines on that are mostly pretty tight, so you could have a lot of auto-calculated stuff, with options to manually input any special abilities and assign them an XP cost.
  7. Not exactly, but the free download follow-up to Mountaintop Rescue does have more about the planet. There's a "Spintir Gazeteer" near the beginning that has some of the kind of information you'd find on the planet sheets. More in depth on some things, but less inclusive. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/74/9f/749fc12b-fd71-489f-aee9-cf8b23b03e60/swfp01_lure_of_the_lost_lr.pdf
  8. Encountered a strange bug, suddenly shien reverse grip is functioning essentially backwards, adding advantage to all cunning checks except lightsaber and threat to all other checks period.
  9. I was accounting for that, but I guess not explaining it well enough. Here's a rough edit to show what I mean, there'd probably be a little more explanatory text around these, but the idea is if you get the mentor early they're all checked. Then you can remove the drawback for an XP cost, or uncheck others if you somehow lose the mentor. If you add a mentor after buying powers you could have it look for existing powers and default those to unchecked.
  10. That's what the checkboxes I was describing were for, so you can deselect any of the discounts that don't apply.
  11. Pretty much has to be done this way to not be a huge mess, I think. Could just be an option menu with a dropdown of the preset mentor types from DoH (and user entered ones, you know people are going to want their Ewok Shaman mentor in there) with one option for the old-school checkbox per power discounts. Then the costs change on the trees based on what is selected on the mentor screen. If you want to handle the possibility of not getting all of the bonuses from one mentor there could be a checkbox list after selecting the mentor type where you can deselect some of the bonuses (and pay off the drawback). Could be laid out something like the obligation screen except the right panel has checkboxes for which bonuses you got from that mentor. I think that would provide a clean way of interfacing with a much more complicated system than the old one.
  12. I believe you are most likely thinking of the rules for silhouette differences (p. 235 EotE core). It isn't directly about the weapons, it's the size of the ships, but since some weapons can only be mounted on larger ships, in that way it's true that certain weapons will always have increased difficulty on small targets. Edit: If that's not what you're thinking of, is it possible it was in a house rule set you've looked at in the past? There are a lot of ship combat overhauls out there and that sounds like something that might be found in one of those.
  13. Google is your friend. There are a few options near the top of the results. This one seems the best to me, but you may be looking for something specific.
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