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  1. Loc; Denmark Want: Armada FFG Acrylic Squadron markers promo Armada FFG Acrylic Raid and Chaff Tokens Promo ISD 2 AA VSD I AA VSD II AA Cr90 a AA Neb b - Support refit AA Have : 2 x GR - 75 AA 2x Gozanti AA 1x Doube side Skilled Firstofficer/Dual Turbolaser Turrets 1x Double side Chimaera/Profundity All Alt art Admirals ask maybe we can figure something out
  2. Wining my first Tournament (Store Championship) this summer and placing 7 in Nordic nationals with help from people on the FFG and Discord forum/channel Thank you, started playing last year and its the first time aswell touchin/playing anykind of miniatures game.. Now iam hooked and cant get enough.. **** you FFFG Picture below is the fleet i used for the Store Championship
  3. Hougaard also played flawlessly, and people picking his solar corona obejctive add'd to that..
  4. Content? could have been nice with a CC 'ish expansion( imo need more missions) or some moaar ships, at least we get something....
  5. 1) mauler mithel very strong ability and with scatter and a brace too much value imo 3) Make Rogues great again
  6. Danish Regionals 1st Place - Sloane http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=149922&key=32cf3be2a4efd6a7098f22f6d7c45096 2nd Place - Raddus http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=170736&key=47680ae3e4bb9fbb3b2efb355d04d600 3rd Place - Vader http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/print_text_export.php?token=170405&key=0ca2f104d4be5d0c4fbd934d1c575aed 4 th place - Motti http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=169635&key=8df6f3377e0b10c6c46e05e3776d27cd
  7. Reporting a good Trade with @Asperon
  8. Anti Squad Setup - Sloane , works nice with Quasar Stronghold Title Ciena Ree Dengar Howlrunner Mauler Mithel Colonel Jendon Sontir Fel Zertik Strom Tempest Squadron
  9. too early to state that flotillas are useless
  10. Great vid as always Would you guys look at my list and give some feedback http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=104977
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