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  1. Everyone, Card games act like economic bubbles; they expand until bursting. Look through the FFG catalogue. All of the old games burst. For example, FFG developed and released Android Netrunner. It ran the tables for a few years then popped. When you buy into a card game like Destiny, acknowledge that the company-supported scene will one day end. If you want a game that will last until Kingdom Come, go get yourself a Pokedex and play Pokemon with the middle school kids. If you want to have some fun, jump into the next, big game FFG will announce.
  2. I feel the same way. I'm looking for the next, strong LCG. I'm sure that a week after FFG pulled the plug on Netrunner, they got the in-house design and development team in a conference room and started on the next LCG. I would greatly enjoy a Dune LCG, but FFG knows the damage of losing a license. I'd hope that they would negotiate a six-year deal for a license or create a game with an in-house I.P. like Terrinoth or Twilight Imperium. So many thousands of people played Netrunner. The live streams of games and the ones archived on YouTube show how large and diverse a following a well-built game can create and sustain.
  3. Hey-O, Everyone! Looking back over the L.C.G. catalog, I wonder if F.F.G. has the design talent to release a new card game that has the in-game depth of Android Netrunner. To provide my view, it seems like L5R's design is a little too short-sighted and AGOT is a little too wide. Do you think that F.F G. can make a truly great L.C.G. that has the design and in-game decision-making space to succeed for years like Android Netrunner did?
  4. Radix2309, I'm hoping big-time for the same thing. I hope that FFG doubles down on the viability of the LCG!
  5. It seems like FFG has so much invested in the Android Universe. They have to do something huge with this intellectual property, outside of a half-baked, Netrunner spin-off.
  6. Yes, Ersatz I feel very excited for the reprint of VTES! Do you feel like the gameplay needs any tweaks? Also, I don't know, Radix, I feel like FFG could drop a game a couple of weeks prior to Gen Con to get that draw-drop, instant-buzz effect, like, "FFG announces Dune LCG!"
  7. Hey-O Everyone! As we saw the Star Wars and Android: Netrunner games leave town this year, I feel a real need in my gamer soul for a new, jam-packed L.C.G. As far as I know, FFG hasn't announced anything debuting at Gen Con. The past helps me induce that the company will have something new and amazing in their hands at the convention. What do you all think they will debut at Gen Con? As for me personally, I cannot talk myself into investing in a blind-purchase,booster-pack, collectible, card game. However, I'd get in line for a well-playing, living card game.
  8. LCG success breaks down as: FFG designs a quality LCG. Thousands and thousands of players buy in. FFG makes enough money from the game to allow the sorted booster packs to continue.
  9. We have got to get more LCGs because it opens up the gameplay space to people who want to enjoy card-based decision making, without hearing about how, "This card costs $.50, and this card costs $44." Also, players having the exact same pool of cards to draw from really demonstrates that you are competing on an even playing field between newbies and veterans. For example, during one of my very first games of Netrunner on Jinteki dot net, I ran like my pants caught fire and pulled enough agendas from HQ to win on turn two, while my veteran opponent screamed that I played the game incorrectly by not setting up first. Sure, that game qualifies as a total fluke, but I had equal footing with that other more experienced player. FFG has got to keep the LCG fires burning.
  10. Hello, I would like to suggest that they create Conquest 2.0 with The Twilight Imperium Universe. It couldn't get any more Fantasy Flight than really making every detail of that world come alive. They could include about six races in the core box and a new race in each deluxe expansion. FFG people, make this happen! You know you want to!
  11. Oh, Man, I care about FFG and their goals in providing tabletop-gaming excellence. I hoped for a homerun, not for them to fall over. And yes, early L5R had multiple first-turn win conditions. Those people had no idea what game design meant. Haha
  12. Hello, Thank you for the views and posts to this discussion. Please allow me to add: when designers restrict cards, they admit that they have over-powered a card or not caught how it interacts with other plays in the game. I wish that they would raise the cost or lower the effect of restricted cards and then reprint them for free in a future expansion rather than allowing the players to use only some of the cards they bought. Also, in gameplay, one player draws and uses a restricted card, while their opponent's deck fails to produce the over-powered, restricted card she needs to play. Furthermore, in the old L5R, the publisher would nerf cards just as they came out, so I would open a pack and see a cool card. Then, another player would tell me to go online to see how that card works now. I feel very sad that we can't update cards like we can computer games. I feel very excited for the L5R roleplaying game on the way and hope that it affords us the ability to experience Rokugan.
  13. Hello, Thank you all for viewing and responding to this post. Both previous posters commented that I may have added this discussion to the incorrect forum. I felt that talking about cards and rules of the game most closely represented my views on the loss of evergreen abilities from Old L5R, rather than discussing the lore or specific, gaming groups. I lament that the designers have chosen to lose some of the keywords that really helped bring out the flavor of Old L5R. For example, battling a Spider Clan deck of fear-inducing characters allowed me to bravely defend my homeland as a strong Crab Clan.
  14. Hey, Everybody! When I saw the first notes on FFG's webpage that they would re-tool and release L5R, I thought about how they should keep 95% of A.E.G.'s game in-tact. I played old L.5.R. for years. The game had a couple of problems, like the Cavalry keyword made for completely jank combats, but when that big battle finally happened, it produced truly, truly cinematic moments better than all of the movies playing on theater screens. A Dragon invasion squad attacks a province and the Lion volley back with their arrows, blades, and tactics cards. Wow! I checked FFG's webpage every day, like a devout, religious follower, waiting to see a preview of the game. Then, last year, when the first preview dropped, I felt like the FFG designers created a different game, that widened the asymetrical issues of L5R, like a political-heavy deck not interacting with a military-heavy deck. Then, I saw the designers talk with the boys at Team Covenant and realized that they just threw some ideas into this world, like seven economic points to spend each turn and wonky cards with semi-tricky abilities. After reading all of the previews and watching all of the videos, I felt like I couldn't trust the designers to really deliver on this game experience and thought that once a real player-base got their teeth into this LCG, its design flaws would rip open. Now, here we are six packs in, and here's the unfortunate inevitability, a huge restricted list and an admission that the crew at FFG are learning on the job rather than delivering a top-shelf game. I passed on their L5R game when it came out and feel glad that I did. I completely dig FFG's production values, artwork, graphic design, and intellectual properties. I just really, really, really wish that they would take the time to develop a more straight-forward, faster playing LCG that could act as a gateway for new players and have the rock-solid gameplay that veterans like me can appreciate. How does everyone else feel about the revisions on the go for L5R?
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