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  1. It's super easy to pick up for new comers to RPG's, if there into Zombie movies or Apocalypse themed things (Fallout, Mad Max, etc.) this is definitely something to get them to try.
  2. I want to say hands down, this is one of my favorite systems to use for ANY Genre of RPG (FATE and Dread held that spot for Narrative Story Telling until I found The End of the World) Anyways, I'm finding I gotta take a lot of downtime to come up with Powers, Magic Items, House Rules, etc. for my game I run (It's a weird mix between Zombie Apocalypse and Wrath of the Gods.... Think Modern Day Ravenloft if your familiar with old school D&D) Have any fan sites been made or any resources for the game that would give inspiration or new ideas for adding onto the game? I wish they'd release more content for the game but it looks like they've stopped after the 4 books Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
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