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  1. I think FoF on RL is interesting for unicorn.. With actual fire provinces and fire-locked cards being not great choices, theres a chance no other clan picks the fire role at worlds.. In this scenario uni can always abuse the 2 fate char 1st turn and ther opponents will have to play around FoF until another restricted card is shown.
  2. I see at least 2 situations were goig first is more interesting: against voltron decks and many times against heavy control like scorpion is very rare 4 rings being claimed in t1.. that minimize the fate on ring t2 its a thing to consider to gain tempo. And against FoF is always interesting go first to choose void. Also if you want to be a hipster player you can run some ways of unicorn..
  3. For the most part, perhaps most conflicts are won by a single unit, even on swarm decks the requirement is quite simple to fulfill, and it being a reaction you do not have the risk of being bowed after using it , as with TMdnF. Certainly against the waves is superior and so is in RL, but, one copy of IW dont seem too much in any deck (but phx, ok). Even scorpion could make good use with shoju / kachiko / hiroue / magistrate. But as I said, it's just another one of the good options the splash offers, and by 2 influence it's very good. What Im talking about is that I dont see other clans ignoring some good cards like that, at least those who didnt got their clan pack yet.
  4. Lets be honest Dragon will always be one of the favorites splash choices, HT is a plus, cause it have many of the greatest cards in game, not just let go. Dragon has probably the best conflict deck, since most scorpions tricks like AFWTD are very limited as a splash. MF, let go, the 1 cost character that can give your big guy covert, other 1 cost with 2 glory to steal the favor.. great attachments, no other clan gives you that flexibility. In fact many clans conflict decks suffer from a lot of restrictive cards, demanding X or Y to play or trigger. When building a Dragon deck I cant find slot for some great cards like indomitable will. Thats a card I probably have a safe slot in every other deck I would build.
  5. About the Tyler interview I got the impression they will nerf the card too.. But thats an interesting point to think about: When Fury went to RL many dragons complained, but after playing they realized that most clans droped DG splash, and MF + let go getting out was not a bad deal for them.. I feel the same about HT, dragon may be upset with a RL or nerf on it, but if it get nerfed dragon probably could still keep 1-2 copies in deck cause it would still be valuable to bring back a voltron that was sent home or send a scout and move, but most clans will probably leave DG splash again, and in actual high attachment meta HT is one of the few options some clans are using as a trick to avoid voltrons, specially dragon voltrons armored with jade fingers, reprieves and pathfinders blades.. Like uni and lion that can combo HT getting defenders out to explore HMT. Seems the balance hung to the aggro side with elemental cycle, and in aggro X aggro matchups Dragon is in better position, at least while they keep the SoF role.
  6. Yes I heard a lot about HT being nerfed or moved to RL but in games I've played rarely it makes that much damage to be considered OP by itself, generally you need other cards to take the best use, like deathseeker or talisma.. Seems specially good for Uni and Lion with HMT but since this arent the tier 1 clans atm nerf or RL HT maybe is unnecessary right now. The impression I have with some games I've played is that the Dragon is the new tier 1 but Scorpion are still much close and since it is the Dragon nemesis this helps maintaining the balance. Crane and Phoenix improved a lot too, Crab/uni is old but gold, Uni and Lion are not tier 1 but HMT is a SH that can swing radically some games and make you win against more consistent decks than yours. So it seems the game reached a strange way of balance with elemental cycle, were some builds power level are much higher but you dont have a deck able to win every matchup easily. Talking about gameplay, Uni is super cool to play now, Dragon monks, Crane and Phoenix new possibilities make them much funnier too. Lion with HMT is humdrum, the most tedious conflict deck possible, Scorpion and Crab received some nice stuff for those who likes dishonor.
  7. So, we still had a few tournaments with all the cards available to set the new meta, but we're already testing the cards for weeks now, and I would like to know of those who have played quite a few the decks / splashes that seem to be highlighting. What decks looks like tier 1 now? Hawk Tatoo is that strong so it needs to be nerfed/go to RL? What cards seems to be auto-include for your clan?
  8. If they launch a Pack with some neutrals and some cards for the last 3-4 clans to receive a clan pack that should be great. It would be a good way to increase deckbuilding and encourage clan loyalty.
  9. To be fair at same time there were Strong Scorpion players most people arent used to play against HMT yet, and this was a good advantage for Lions in this first event too. Not demeaning our top8 players, on the contrary I guess they did very well considering just air pack being allowed so the deckbuilding was still very limited on the new SH strategy.
  10. Ikoma Eiji (yes I know everybody hates it, me too) seems to have a good synergy with the new SH, and Oathkeepers too. The Uni attach that moves called my attention cause is versatile, you can use it to defend POl and then move to make the third attack for example. But the more I play with HMT the more I think the tall / attachment builds are better and cards to ready / dont bow the char like Indomitable / Gaijin / Curry / Heroic / Clarity are the key to use it.
  11. I suppose their idea was stick with the 5 ancient races plus nezumi and naga to give each clan one.. so the Lion will probably get the kitsu.
  12. Lion will probably be Kitsu in elements unbound.
  13. Theres a significant difference here. Kachiko dont solve the scorp main problem thats the lack of MIL skills. She is more of the same. Its more valuable to Crane to have a decent MIL character with covert than another 6 Skill character with some good ability restricted to POL conflicts. Being the first player the Tengu is a great char, at same time he can break most provinces with his 4 MIL stats he will put your foe to make a choice between losing a province or loosing at least 2 MIL attackers, one of them being the best opponents choice for it like a kisada, brawler or doji challenger. Against POL dash characters he's a beast, new Lion and Uni 5 costs or even a matsu berserker or a moto horde, characters that can easily brake Cranes provinces and are imune to POL duels, off course we can Charge them but Voices of Honor and Censures are there for it..
  14. what about Web of lies X Crane Scout? the province will have 0 strenght?
  15. Is a very good holding, not broken but is another fate generator for scorps, that already have the core set ones that does this. If theres one thing that really pisses me off in the game is the powerfull holdings. First limiting one per deck is a terrible way of balancing anything, karada district for example is a calling favors on steroids, as if calling was not one of the great cards of the game. The game already have an inherent mechanic that favors playing few characters from dynasty that is gaining a fate from passing first, so, many builds can manage to keep 1 or even 2 holdings without huge problems. The first time I looked at the conflict characters possibilities in new5R I thought it was a smart decision to prevent bad dynasty flops. But on the otherside theres smart players too, and so they managed to abuse this to keep powerfull holdings, pass first, gain fate and play conflict characters, and if your holdings or SH enables you to draw extra cards every turn so the pack is complete. Holdings that draw cards, gain fate, steal attachments, keep characters in play, ready characters, all this without spending fate? without costing honor / conflict cards? Just for the cost of blocking a province? Many games are being won / lost based on the timing holdings show off, regardless of players skills.
  16. OK I'll fix that but, anyway you can rebuild after the conflict phase.
  17. New5R is a interesting game were resources management is one of the main points of winning. And for many players fate is the most important resource in the game, so the cards that can generate fate advantage have lot of value. Theres many cards that do this like Charge, Reprieve, FGG, Ambush, Reserves, Good Omen, etc... But Iron mines really seems totally unbalanced to me. Lets look at some of the cards that can generate a lot of value: Charge: up to 4 Restrictions: MIL conflict only Cost: 1 conflict card, 1 fate Counters: All clans can have access Good Omen: unlimited value due to attachments possibilities Restrictions: Lower Bid Cost: 1 conflict card Counters: All clans can have access Stand Your Ground: unlimited value Restrictions: Char must be honored Costs: 1 conflict card, 1 honor (honored status) Counters: All clans can have access Reprieve: unlimited value Restrictions: none Cost: 1 conflict card, 1 fate Counters: All clans can have access For Greater Glory: unlimited value Restrictions: Break the Province, Bushi Cost: 1 conflict card, 1 fate Counters: All clans can have access Togashi Kazue: unlimited value Restrictions: both chars participating Cost: 1 conflict card, 3 fates Counters: All clans can have access Vanguard Warrior: unlimited value Restrictions: Have another character Cost: 2 fates Counters: All clans can have access And so we have.. Iron Mine: unlimited value Restrictions: none Cost: a province slot Counters: 1 card restricted to Earth role Some people can say you can simply break Iron mines but the truth is 1- most times is easier to crab defend than other clans to break since defense is the crab strenght and 2 - you can Rebuild iron mines after the conflict phase. Too cheap too easy, being able to save a 3-5 cost character with several attachments like watch commander or multiple spyglasses. I think it crashes the economic system of the game. Maybe RL is not enought for this one and it needed a nerf like: Discard all character attachments. Or at least some restrictions to be balanced with the other fate generating options. What do you think?
  18. I agree Banzai / ornates / katanas can be replaced in some way but Court Games not, indeed it is getting more and more relevance since dishonor theme is advancing and dominating the meta, and plus to that and the fate investment on characters theres the pool of characters / cards that allow them to participate in 2 or more conflicts per turn, some of the most powerfull cards we have now, since in new5R provinces strenght are pretty easy to break.
  19. @psychie I think is a really good idea and will sugest you to open a topic to people discuss this..
  20. Now we saw Yoritomo we know that another good option will be splashs with good 3 cost conflict characters to abuse Gaijin Customs. Yoritomo + Satoshi and/or Kudaka, maybe if we get a good 3 cost neutral plus some good conflict chars will make this a solid build. Maybe we will see more public forums in meta cause Uni will potentially be able to break 4 provinces in 2-3 turns.
  21. I think Charge is much more valuable for Uni than FGG, even without being restricted. Even in Lion charge is more valuable in current meta. Theres no game you dont need or cant play charge. FGG is supervalued cause of course, is a card that win games sometimes, but sometimes is the problem. My POV is that province traps gained a lot of value with imperial cycle, and theres few ways to win games without making scouts, at same time provinces like public forum and cards like censure and mono no aware are some of the reasons Lion wide decks have lost a lot of power. I see that Uni will try to make a way through cheap swarm offensive, triggering cards by having more units in conflict, but as a Lion is just win-more effects, and I dont believe elemental cycle will give the support swarm need to be top decks yet. The game have a inherent mechanic that does not favor swarm, gaining a fate for passing first each turn. FGG helped to break this fate advantage, but it is a very restrictive card to trigger, and with rally to the cause, public forum, all the counters and other ways to stop it, its not a card you can count with anymore. Anyway for splash I think 3 influence dont make it worth, as you are losing 3 ready for battle for 1 FGG for example. But this is my playstyle, very conservative, cant deny reserves + FGG combo is fun.
  22. Yes thats pretty weird. Im more ok with the "gereric characters" but they could care a little more with this kind of stuff since l5r fans really care about lore and references, despite some mechanics dont make sense thematically I think this is important to dont loose L5R essence.
  23. I think Uni will be h2h with agro decks, like dragon and Lion, dont know how it will be against control yet. Uni have a huge problem with high glory chars and no in-clan ways to honor. There was a kotei were uni have lost 100% against SC. This said in my POV the best splash for uni is Lion, forget FGG and abuse the low influence cost cards like ready for battle and a legion of one. For me Giver of Gifts is a central char of uni and this build abuses low cost attachments such as ornates, katanas, spyglasses and specially Guard Duty, that helps a lot honoring chars. I run 1 stand your ground, thinking about 2 now with shono, but SiN is also a good replacement for it. And in the dynasty the main focus is: investing 2 fate on 3 cost characters, 5 cost only by charge/reserves. Some cards I give up: Ide trader, favored mount, way of uni, shinjo scout, shinjo tatsuo, alterasarnai, and now with the MKR I think I'll drop moto horde too, 4 cost will be just shono and 5 cost Juro and MKR. In this build I am Ready is truly effective.
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