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  1. As a Rebel player... Imperials are and have been in a pretty good spot. Things to remember: 1: First Order is it's own thing now, so... forget them unless you wanna have them as a second faction. 2: The Core Set will have pilots not found in the conversion kit and they are definitely worth it. 3: Triple Defenders are dead... unless you're playing an Epic match. Points wise, you can't squeeze in 3 for a normal match. 4: You're going to be short on a few upgrades sticking JUST with Imperials right off the bat, but fear not! Just bare with it until the next wave when the new card packs come out! New pilots, a chunk of upgrades you won't get in either the core set or conversion kit 5: We're five waves in and swarms are still friggin viable! 6: Rebels and Imperials have been basically been declared "complete" as of right now, so you seriously only need to buy the core set and conversion kit and the up coming card pack expansions (at the VERY least the pilot expansion) to get the most out of your Imperial fleet. 7: You might not be able to fly EXACTLY what you flew before, but there are enough options that you'll figure out something close 8: Use the official app at your own risk. ANY of the third party list building apps are genuinely better in almost every aspect... speaking of the apps, either check the board here for announcements on upcoming points changes (minor ones for wave releases, major ones every 6 months, and emergency ones if something BROKEN rears it's ugly head like Triple Upsilons a few months back) or just keep an eye on the lists in the app. Alternatively, you could just print out the points PDFs every time if you wanna keep things low tech-ish. Lastly, have fun. I've been playing since wave 7 or 8 of wave 1 and I've been having more fun with 2.0 than I EVER had in 1.0. The new mechanics are great and most, if not all, of the issues I had with 1.0 were fixed or reduced to near non-existence with the version change.
  2. They are UNLESS you opt to use some other type of encounter (like a patrol)
  3. Anyone looking for a Ghost and Sheathapede? I'm looking to get rid of the 1.0 models with all the cards and cardboard from the 2.0 box
  4. It was an absolute pleasure Hope to see ya next week!
  5. I think it works pretty well as is. ****, can you imagine if it was in 1.0? By the end of that version, force would raise your attack and agility by 2 and force abilities so powerful due to 1.0s power creep dice would be meaningless! All new mechanics would need to be put in place... "Aggressive Negotiations" - during your attack phase, instruct your opponent to concede. What do you mean they said no? Hit them in the face! No! HARDER! Are you a kittem? Harder! Once blood is drawn, discard this card. Man, remember when we had to flip one time use cards face down? Man, so weird to think about...
  6. Yeah, definitely loving the news the GR-75 has some teeth AND ramming insta-death is gone for small ships.
  7. I'd love for flight assist Astros to return, but with new wording... maybe add a calculate after performing a boost or barrel roll. Rebels and Imperials need an influx of new options, not ships. Pilots, crew, droids... alternate configuration cards (works for the gunboat). If new material gives us new ships, yes, those too!
  8. Ah! A player in my old stomping grounds! GREETINGS! Toywiz was never big on X-Wing and was... super not friendly to newer players... or players outside their established clicks.... the employees of the store are amazing though. The store I play at is called Tier One Games in NJ, it's probably 20 minutes-ish from Toy Wiz. We play casual on Thursdays starting at 6 and we're going to open up Sundays to Epic/Scenario play when it drops. There's also Highlander Games which is roughly 30 minutes from Toy Wiz. Smaller store, but a more dedicated player group there. I think their X-Wing day is on Monday. If you'd like, there's a Facebook group for the area called RED DIE SQUADRON I've been a member of and I was just recently made an admin. If you'd like more information, I can contact you via PM here with that
  9. I'd HOPE it'd have a Space Config... Atmospheric Configuration" - remove any crew cards equipped to this ship. They're dead now... they're dead. You killed them. Idiot.
  10. Kehl_Aecea

    Huge Ship Kit

    Good thing I was picking up two kits anyway...
  11. I hope most of them! (Some were just garbage and favored one side over another). I really hope we get a branching campaign!
  12. So are we not gonna discuss the dual crit damage possibilities? I friggin LOVE that idea and I no longer care that Huge ship damage cards are on full sized cards
  13. Somewhere, @Darth Meanie is watching this stream with the same delight as a small child on Christmas eve
  14. A younger Kanan in a HWK could work. Sure he didn't use the force often, but that doesn't mean he COULDN'T. Bonus is he'd be in a new faction, so new ability.
  15. The Y-Wing... bothers me. I mean, it bugs me for a few reasons. It's a new(ish) design, so... why make it without armor plating... unless they did and they stripped it off for the same reasons as the BTL-A4... which again... why would they do that?! The smaller main engines and insanely long struts just look... wrong. I am digging the rest of it and the return of the bubble gunner, though. I dunno, maybe this'll grow on me. Hopefully we get a clearer shot of the B-Wing MK II soon. From what little has been shown, I like it. Sleeker than the original and sharper lines like that of the RZ-2 and T-70.
  16. It's a gift to you. The gift you share with those that gave it to you! The gift of "I told you so!"
  17. This is great for those who only play casual and don't wanna spring for pieced out damage decks on ebay or whatever for more and it's great for the upcoming multiplayer aspect of the game. I'll probably end up getting the FO and Scum versions
  18. That... looks a LOT like a Drake Cutlass from Star Citizen... but bigger... I like it That T-70... I... Fine, I'll grab that when/if it comes to X_wing, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to get it custom painted like I did for Poe's black and orange one... Also, guess that DEFINITIVELY confirms those A-Wings are RZ-2s... and that Y-Wing is DEFINITELY compensating for something with those engines....
  19. I already have two 2.0 damage decks (core and the pre-order that is already this larger size). I'm DEFINITELY getting two of these for the multiplayer stuff coming out later this year since my friends use my ships when we play, so... yeah... but which factions do I choose now?!
  20. I don't think the cards PROVE there will be one, just that it'll be easier to implement one if they decide to make one. I hope they make one, the game is a blast.
  21. Don't give up on the TIE Hunter! Remember what we went through with the Gunboat?? Oh no... just by mentioning it, I've probably summoned.... THEM... ANYWAY, I'm convinced the card and mission packs will be a hit and I while the Epic Missions box will most likely be a bunch of disconnected missions, I'm sure we'll get a campaign box at some point!
  22. In my experience, both can be casual. My store is almost ENTIRELY casual play up until two weeks before a tournament, but then again, our store community is kinda small. Hitting a store is a great way to meet new people to play against though and that will keep things interesting.
  23. I actually printed up a few "free" ones off of Thingiverse, but if you don't have access to a 3D printer those won't help much. A friend of mine bought a set off Etsy herself and likes it and we both bought "dashboards" to help keep things more together during gameplay.
  24. This would be a solid place to start to figure out what you need: https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/X-Wing_Miniatures:_Second_Edition_Wiki
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