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  1. OH GOD.... sorry, got distracted... a LOT going on over here. Standard TIE Fighter dials... That's what I meant >_<
  2. OH! TOTALLY FORGOT! If you have 1E dials for those, you can still use those since NOTHING changed on them fundamentally (greens are now blue). Also, yeah, the conversion kits had a few odd decisions made, but also it was impossible for them to make it so they covered everyone's specific collection. Depending what you're short on, you may want to look into the card packs that came out. Plenty of duplicate weapons and the re-institution of cluster mines in the Fully Loaded pack, more duplicate upgrades as well as NEW gear and pilots in Hot Shots and Aces (B-Wing S-Foils... B-WING S-FOILS!! Oh, and a few new pilots for the original 5 factions), and extra/new obstacles in the Never Tell Me the Odds pack (as well as some extra upgrades like rigged cargo chute and spare parts container... ).
  3. Shield tokens for sure (cover one side with red tape if you plan on doing tournaments) as well as bomb tokens.
  4. We had this happen just yesterday due to a few players forgetting strain and deplete conditions. If the incorrect roll didn't affect the play state, we ignored the goof and continued (things like all blanks or the Defender would have been destroyed no matter what). In the few cases where play state was affected, if the attacker was at fault, they re-rolled using the correct number of dice and after, the defender was given the option to keep their results or reroll. If the defender rolled incorrectly, the attacker was given the choice to allow the defender to reroll or not.
  5. Alright, so this is the new era of focus we'll be getting and seems like the powers that be already have a ton of ground work laid out. Think we'll see the High Republic and opposing forces in X-Wing?
  6. 2 more RZ-1 A-wing, TIE Interceptor and TIE Defender pilots. Rebels cast in appropriate fighters Republic - MORE CLONES AND JEDI! (because what else are we gonna get?) CIS: MORE SITH AND DROIDS! Scum, First Order and Resistance... no clue.
  7. I don't play tournaments (much) and play for fun. I bring no less than 5 lists with me and the stuff I need to play said lists (usually, there's always that awkward moment when you realise you brought this wrong whip dial or pilot card). My group also communicates before hand what game style we're playing well before game night. In first edition I brought my whole collection and it was impractical and rude then. It's more so now. The ONLY time I bring everything is when we may have a new person interested in the game showing up so they can make any list they want.
  8. Haven't flown it, but flew against it and it's a VERY cool ship I'll be building some lists around it in the near future.
  9. I've found angled deflectors on B-Wings to be pretty **** good. Best to have something that can coordinate them so they don't lose out on any action economy though!
  10. Oh, next week? EXCELLENT! I've been waiting on those since they were announced and it'll be my return to regular game days
  11. So, I know of the new ships and point changes, but I keep seeing there being a few changes with how tractor beams and gas clouds work. What are these changes and are these base rule changes or are these scenario use only?
  12. This is brilliant... however, now that they're doing pilot card packs and other upgrades, it's not AS sketchy. Now, as to the op's question of how important X-Wing is? I'd say it falls somewhere between "not at all" and "more important than breathable air".
  13. While not exactly what you're looking for, the card packs will come with environment cards that add a little extra flavor to games. I've also been slightly tweaking the scenarios that came with the original release of large base ships
  14. Their app has always been... questionable since 2.0 launched. Officially, the app is being replaced and we've been told to use the official PDFs for point references... unofficially, they know they were conned by whomever they had make the app for them and these other apps, especially YASB, have always worked better and more reliably than the official one... and they support epic as well as being more adaptable to "house rules" point rules and faction restrictions.
  15. Okay, if the core factions you're gonna play are the original two, grab the core set... has a few pilots for both that aren't in the conversion PLUS the extra TIE Fighters and the X-Wing. You may also wanna pick up the Epic Missions box to mix things up at home JUST in case things grow stale. Between what you have, what you'll get in the core, and the recommendations of what others have said, your son will have a LOT of solid options to choose from. Eventually, you'll want to get a second damage deck just for convenience... and those are coming soon in faction specific themes! (they're also full sized cards)
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