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  1. Kehl_Aecea

    Wait... Hyperspace format update!

    Ah... well... ya see... I'd love to blame this on the HEAVY DOSES of medication I've been on the last TWO DAYS.... but... Nothing to see here, folks! The village idiot is hopped up on cough syrup again!
  2. Kehl_Aecea

    Wait... Hyperspace format update!

    A-Wings and B-Wings are now available for Rebels! TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers for the Empire! Starvipers for Scum! Time for new lists!
  3. Kehl_Aecea

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    I had seen the minis on pegs for ages and didn't realize they were for a game... I thought they were high-end collectibles for the longest time (look, the models are sexy as heck! I was bamboozled!) and held off buying into the game for the longest time... I eventually bought the core set and the Ghost when that dropped... and never stopped buying everything >_>
  4. Kehl_Aecea

    Veteran Turret Gunner Cost

    Personally, I wouldn't mind a scaling cost to VTG... then again, I'd like MORE non-faction locked gunners as well >_>
  5. Kehl_Aecea

    This can’t be right...

    Oh gods! If only there were a way for FFG to get several months of player use out of these things to determine if the cards are over or undercosted for what they do! Why!? WHY WOULDN'T THEY MAKE IT SO THAT POINTS COULD BE ADJUSTED AFTER SUCH DATA AND FEEDBACK HAD BEEN COLLECTED?! WHY HAVE THEY FORSAKEN US! Oh, right, that's exactly what they did with the app! Silly me. Seriously though, points have been out for less than 24 hours and there isn't a single store that sells X-Wing merch that's open right now (at least in my area). Look, points are going to change in a few months. Remember how we got that extensive point adjustment across the board back in January? July is not that far away and we'll see costs get calibrated. Players will still manage to get lists to work wonders even WITH overcosted items on it, so let's just relax and have some fun with these new toys
  6. Kehl_Aecea

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    ****, sounds like I'll need to get 2 to fly 4 generics JUST in case... Seriously, I have so many duplicate ships because of "just in case"... at least I'm golden for when Epic returns!
  7. Kehl_Aecea

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    Gonna just implant my character and droid from Star Wars Galaxies: I4 YT-2400: You may receive 2 stress tokens and 1 ion token to flip 1 critical SHIP damage card or repair 1 damage card (I was constantly getting out of the pilot seat to repair damaged systems or quickly build repair kits in my larger ships... that ISD dungeon run was no joke) I4 T-65 X-Wing: 1 charge non recurring. When your S-Foils are closed, you may boost or barrel roll through obstacles. You may spend 1 charge to ignore the effects of obstacles. (I would often fly into debris fields to dissuade enemy ships from attacking me and more than once, my DSL lag would let me clip through objects XD ) AStromech droid: *"Twitch" - adds a white 5 straight, red 5K, and red 3 speed sloops. (my multipurpose R2 astromech! Little guy was filled with every advanced starfighter command chip I wanted PLUS was an asset on ground missions... I named him Twitch because for some reason, his animations would glitch out or his pathing would just be broken and decide travelling around the planet was faster than just moving 10 meters forward to get to a spot. Little guy was a pain in the neck, but I loved his quirks... his stupid, mission ruining quirks...)
  8. Kehl_Aecea

    2.0 Upgrade cards creator

    I actually REALLY like this, but I'd change the damage your ship receives to rolling a red die roll depending on points.
  9. Kehl_Aecea

    X-wing or something about Friday

    I want to see some new ships for the Rebels and Imperials or at least news of them coming down the pipe line. I'd love to get some hints at Epic's return as I feel that by the end of the year, we'll have enough ships/options for every faction to table an Epic scale game with plenty of variety even for factions without Huge scaled ships. Maybe a couple new cannons and turrets with some new non-turret dependent gunners to appear. Other than that, I don't know. I'm really quite happy with where the game is right now! I've been having fun with almost every list I can conceive even if they lose (there were two lists I made that were just either boring to fly or SUPER tedious to keep track of). I'm excited for the new factions we're getting this month and for Wave 4. That B-Wing... man... I know some people aren't thrilled with moving bits, but with everything the B-Wing can do, it opens up a LOT of future proofing for possible upgrades. Sure, it can rip off both flavors of X-wing with their S-Foil cards, but now we have cockpit AND ship body location options! It's a good time to be an X-Wing player
  10. Kehl_Aecea

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Large base ships could use another (small) point decrease. Any ship with a native cannon or turret slot should be able to shoot twice (so, a T-70 would be excluded from this and negates VTG in a few cases, but B-Wings, Gunboats, and TIE Defenders get their double tap!)
  11. Kehl_Aecea

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    I THINK B-Wings actually showed up in the later DLC levels of EA's first Battlefront, but as an AI assist or something (it's been a while since I played). When it comes to the B-Wing and video games, I think it comes down to how to balance them. The core 3 fighters are easy enough: X-Wing is the average all around, A-Wing zippy little gnat, and the tanky Y-Wing. The B-Wing? It leans a little too close to the X-Wing with it's canon agility, but tankier than the Y-Wing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED flying these things back in the X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance days (and of course now with this lovely miniatures game), but I'm well aware of how difficult these bastards are to fit into a game like Battlefront II's mechanics (yeah, yeah, I play it now... got it for under $10 and I only wish it released in it's CURRENT state because it's ACTUALLY a decently fun game now!)
  12. Kehl_Aecea

    Resistance ships for a 2.0 noob

    As said above, the Starfortress can do some work, but it's very clunky and will go down quick if left to its own devices... I don't use it much as it doesn't jive with my play style. As for the Falcon, the Rey/Finn/Rose combo is STRONG, but if you're trying to save some points, I've had some decent success with the Resistance Sympathizer with the Agile Gunner upgrade to get around the red rotate action. The X-Wings are SUPER versatile thanks to that weapons hardpoint, but unlike the T-65s, I rarely find a need to close the S-Foils especially if you equip them with BB Astromechs. The A-Wings... they're just FUN.
  13. Kehl_Aecea

    TIE Echelon

    I'll buy this only if it comes with individual Job boxes you can deploy to defend from in coming fire!
  14. Kehl_Aecea

    Another where to start thread.

    Okay, first off? Pick a faction you like. If that faction ISN'T in the core set, grab an ebay "essentials" pack (seriously, very cool idea people are doing and they're listed at decent prices). Now, go hog wild buying the ships you want. As stated above, since you have some FO and Resistance ships, it wouldn't hurt to at least get the FO conversion kit (if you go Resistance... get those flappy wing X-Wings... they're fun!) Or, be like a select few... the dedicated... the deranged... and buy everything.
  15. Kehl_Aecea

    Saw's Renegades

    It's just my preference, but I prefer using U-Wings over the HWks... plus, ya know, hyperspace legalities also help >_> They're a solid platform, though I normally keep a Tactical Officer stapled to the ship. Also, using Leia crew, being able to do a white stop maneuver is absolutely hilarious Last night, I did a white stop, coordinated a boost to an X-Wing which got it in range of a TIE Defender who bumped the U-Wing... nothing is more satisfying than unloading a fully modified Advanced proton torpedo show into a token-less TIE Defender and just DELETING IT from the game... then my dice went cold and I lost the match BUT STILL...