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  1. Kehl_Aecea

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    Stuff gets bumped all the time... I forget crits, abilities, upgrades at least once a game... I once fired proton torpedoes 4 times from the same ship because I forgot to flip the token (they never hit, so it wasn't a game ender) Worst offender was back in the waning days of 1.0. One of the regulars gets very animated.wkth his hands when he talks and swatted an A-Wing off the table... then it bounced out the door and down a sewer. He was more than happy to replace it, until he realized it was the Rebel Aces version and had to pay 3 times the cost online to get it.
  2. Every ship and upgrade will cost 1 point.
  3. Kehl_Aecea

    A question about Temmin "Snap" Wexley

    Yeah, no one really likes playing him. He's a store drifter... annoys the **** out of entire player base of a game at one store, then moves on to another to continue the cycle. The Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh players have outright shunned him from their part of this store... and they were shunned from the miniature players to the back section of the store >_>
  4. Kehl_Aecea

    What ships have been surprising you?

    Oh, I know it isn't horrible, but it's just lacking. I'm sure there's some card that will help it and a minor point adjustment will help it too. The RZ-1 needs that second talent its younger brother has.
  5. Kehl_Aecea

    What ships have been surprising you?

    So, I'm curious, of the released and previewed ships we've seen, what's surprised you? I'm leaving out ships in the conversion kits out of this discussion as I personally feel they're not conplete/optimized (looking specifically at the RZ-1 and VCX-100... no way they release in the states they're in now). For me, it's the T-70. I wasn't expecting it to be as versatile as it is. Plus, that Black One title is awesome!
  6. Kehl_Aecea

    A question about Temmin "Snap" Wexley

    Well then... this is something I'm gonna have to try!
  7. Kehl_Aecea

    A question about Temmin "Snap" Wexley

    Thanks! Had a game the other day and I was told that he couldn't by my opponent... but they "let" me do it anyway and basically said if I won (I did) it wouldn't really count for my store win record (which, in all honesty, means nothing and is more for petty bragging rights... I hate it), but it's good to know the guy was just being a total jerk about it and that I wasn't playing wrong.
  8. Kehl_Aecea

    How many ships

    I fly primarily Rebels and Resistance (Rebels 2: Electric Boogaloo). My lists are normally 2-4 ships. My 2 ship lists do amazing against other faction 2 ship lists and many 3 ship lists. Once I go up against 3+ ship lists, I find my ships melting PRETTY quick.
  9. The card states you can perform a boost action after performing a 2-4 maneuver. Does that eat up his action for that turn or can he do a SECOND action during the action phase? (obviously, it couldn't be a second boost and assuming he isn't stressed) For instance: Snap does a 4 straight and performs his ability of boosting after doing such a move. Can he then target lock, focus or repair a damage card?
  10. Kehl_Aecea

    Just had one of the most fun games ever...

    I find elusive VERY good on any ship with less that 3 agility. As for it on Ello, yeah, it'll only regen on a K-turn. After playing the list more, I've swapped out the paint job for Pattern Analyzer and Rose for Tactical Officer. Then I threw on Instinctive Aim and swapped the missiles for Concussion Missiles.
  11. Kehl_Aecea

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    Wow... never thought of using them together like that...
  12. Kehl_Aecea

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    - Locked Turret Gyros - Modification 6 points Treat your (turret) upgrade slot as a (cannon) upgrade slot. After performing a primary attack, if an enemy ship meets your (cannon) firing requirements, you may immediately perform an attack with that weapon. You may treat your ship's (gunner) slot as a (crew) slot. I made it six points as this essentially duplicates veteran turret gunner's ability and negates him. This would be fantastic on Y-Wings as it would also open the gunner slot for Skilled Bombardier, some crew upgrade, or just leave it empty! - Stripped Down Hardware - Modification -4 points (not a typo, it's a reduction) -requires (torpedo or missile) slot You MUST ignore all (missile) and (torpedo) upgrade slots. You MAY NOT equip (missile)or (torpedo) upgrades to this ship I always loved the renegade refit and chaardin refit of 1.0... this opens it up to all ships while costing them a modification slot and ordnance.
  13. A book shelf CAN be a table if you lay it shelves down!
  14. That sounds like a small table from Ikea.
  15. Kehl_Aecea

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Right, okay... seismic charges in ALL lists now O_o