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  1. Okay, that's what I thought! Gonna need to print this out and hand it to that player next game night because They are DETERMINED to die on the hill of "stress gets removed on reveal". =_=
  2. Myself and another player have been having a back and forth on the timing of stress removing. Is the stress removed upon the reveal of a blue move or after the execution of a blue move? (I know the timing is basically the same, but for the purpose of other effects, this does matter). Thanks in advance!
  3. -cackles from the shadows- Good, good... the corruption SPREADS!!!!! Glad you're enjoying 2.0... KINDA had a feeling you'd have fun with 2.0 Empire
  4. Watch the powers that be totally spite me and a cache of pristine T-65s are discovered in either the Resistance show or Ep IX so we'd have 4 flavors of Resistance flappy wing fighters.
  5. Wouldn't the next points/slots adjustment be in December/January? Or are we summoning points and slots for Wave 5?
  6. Look, I love me some X-wings, but I REALLY don't want the Resistance faction to have 3 different models of friggin X-wings =_=
  7. You're not kidding. I'm VERY tempted to pick up a second one to repaint in First Order colors...
  8. They're releasing a conversion kit that covers all 5 of the 1.0 huge ships.
  9. Well, you have the conversion kit, so you can always proxy a Decimator before you buy the model. I haven't seen them too much locally, but they make for a BEEFY command ship. It's a meld between the Rebel's Ghost and Falcon. It's a pretty versatile and durable platform. One of the players at my store flew RAC with only Tactical Officer and 5 Academy TIEs and did pretty well.
  10. First off, congrats on the kids! You seem to be off to a good start with what you have and filling in the blanks of the conversation kit will set you up nicely! As for weighing the bases, it's still a good idea and something I desperately need to get around to doing. For flying practice, set up a smaller-than-standard area to mess around in. For one or two ships, a 1x1 square with 2 or 3 obstacles should be fine and add more debris as you get more comfortable flying. Last bit of advice: be sure to grab the Aces and Hotshots card pack and Fully Loaded pack that's coming out soon! The first will add 3 new pilots to your roster and I think a few crew membera (so, uh, maybe split it with a non Imperial player in your area) and the Fully Loaded pack will add a bunch of extra upgrade cards you'll already have and a few that come with non-Imperial ships. Oh, and some scenarios to spice things up... there's also the "Don't tell me the odds" pack with every type of obstacle and more scenario cards.
  11. What needs fixing? Not too much... Oh! Deluxe ship bases! They'd be a little thicker and heavier than standard bases, but only because they house built in laser lines for firing arcs! Make them available with green, red and blue to match your favorite fiction's weaponry! Bonus perk: potential blind your opponent while removing a ship after it's destroyed!
  12. -throws out his CIS ships- Thanks for making it worse.
  13. It's nothing new. We saw X-wings and Y-wings brought down in single hits
  14. I see absolutely no reason why we won't see more card packs in the future. Every pilot we're getting is for a ship that will have released in the first 5 waves of Second Edition... which is basically why we don't see RZ-1 A-Wing pilots in there (though why we don't have a few Rebel Y-wing pilots in there is beyond me). I'm hoping we don't have to wait another 5 waves to see a second pilot card pack, though!
  15. From what we've seen, they're the same models with engine glow painted in... possibly some small changes in paint scheme, but that's it.
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