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  1. What card does the emporer come with e1
  2. Is the k-wing a small or medium ship (old edition)
  3. Can you perform an action if you bump a ship and does it have to be an enemy ship
  4. Thanks I’ll try the quad just jumper
  5. I usually use kad but I was creating a new list and didn’t know who to use
  6. I can’t decide if I should use kad or old for a partner for fenn which one is better
  7. I just want to know which ship to custom paint But I need help choosing which one
  8. Thank you the rules in the handbook never made sense
  9. Look at team covonent on YouTube the have a discussion video and an example game both talking about rules and why they did it
  10. How do get un-ionized (Ion tokens are the one rule I don’t understand)
  11. I really want to make a custom paint for a ship. But I have no clue which to use for it. The ships I have: protectorate starfighter - 2 xwing - 1 t-70 xwing - 1 tie/fo fighter - 2 tie bomber - 1 quad jumper - 1 punishing one - 1 melinium falcon - 1 lambda shuttle - 1 tie intercepter - 2 kwing - 1 Bwing - 1 awing - 1 auzituck gunship - 1 Star viper - 1 Kihraxz fighter - 1 what should I use
  12. Is this a custom or is it from another game
  13. i really want to make a custom but I don’t know which ship to paint
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