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  1. Sweat thank you so much
  2. I'm in the middle of a game so I need to know asap
  3. Thanks
  4. With chewbacca can you use it when you had taken hits and you were almost dead or is it a one chance thing
  5. I'd easily go with #1 because if the power and swiftness of it.
  6. So if a ship has a 180 degree firing arc, it also has a normal one. When do you use each?
  7. I think people, including myself, should try to go lower in squad points so they can get anniciative. You get to move and attack before their opponent can.
  8. I've never used him but my friends just love to use him in each list.
  9. Ya they have way more starwars games than any other franchise. So destiney can't even compete with starwars
  10. This is a set up I love for lowhhrick that I use in one of my squads. •Lowhhrick (30) - Auzituck Gunship Selflessness (1), Wookiee Commandos (1) (And yes I do have lots of upgrades its just I love this set up)
  11. Actually I have a lot of ships over $300 worth, and my flying technique i don't want to tell so not everyone knows the exact way I fly just in case I face the later. Also thanks for the squad tips I'll check 'em out.
  12. I created this in Arorau squad builder Dove list •Poe Dameron (39) - T-70 X-Wing Proton Torpedoes (4), •BB-8 (2), Weapons Guidance (2) •Lowhhrick (30) - Auzituck Gunship Selflessness (1), Wookiee Commandos (1) •Garven Dreis (31) - X-Wing •R5-X3 (1), Proton Torpedoes (4) it it may not work for you but it is perfect for my strategie
  13. How do you change your photo that isn't one of the choices already there because I want to make it something for X-Wing miniatures
  14. What color should I paint my tie foes wings blue
  15. Thanks