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  1. Stress move

    It's ok
  2. FFG cyber Monday?

    Will FFG be doing a cyber monday or what?
  3. Lambda shuttle?

    I've only played for just a tiny bit over a year now
  4. Stress move

    Thanks I finally know what everyone means
  5. Stress move

    So they don't choose your monuvour anymore?
  6. Stress move

    But who do I trust
  7. Stress move

    Do you still get stressed
  8. Stress move

    If I am already stressed and execute a red monuvour, what happens to my ship?
  9. Lambda shuttle?

  10. Cyber Monday FFG

    What do you mean by that?
  11. Lambda shuttle?

    Should I get a lambda shuttle?
  12. Cyber Monday FFG

    Will FFG be doing cyber monday?
  13. Critical shield

  14. Critical shield

    When you still have shields and you get a crit, do you still have take the card to see what the result is?
  15. Chewbacca upgrade

    Sweat thank you so much