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  1. How do you change your photo that isn't one of the choices already there because I want to make it something for X-Wing miniatures
  2. What color should I paint my tie foes wings blue
  3. Thanks
  4. Well the plasma torpedos are really good so I did it for the k-wing
  5. Can I use two of the same torpedos
  6. Thamks
  7. Can someone please explain what the twin laser turret card means i read it several times but still don't know what it means
  8. It looks like it may even beat championship
  9. I checked out the products on this website when I saw that a WAVE XI. And I hadn't heard of it before so I clicked on it and saw a new ship for each faction. But since I love scum I checked that out, and it looks fantastic. I will buy it right away when it comes out. But if you aren't into scum there are the other two. If you checked those out please tell me what you think.
  10. Where do you go to get paint
  11. I will look into all your recommendations thanks guys
  12. Hi Guys I <3 scum...heck, my screen name is a scum pilot. But there just aren't that many scum ships. I think FFG should come out with more so scum can compete with rebles and empire .
  13. I Know many people with the same issue there re are nice ones that grip around the little circle instead of going in. Maybe you should try those .
  14. I <3 scum i play 1protectorate starfighter 1quadjumper and soon to be a hounds tooth and whose john