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  1. Very nice! Especially the skin on the Gamorrean face.
  2. They are finished! They turned out the way I wanted, a little desert draped ragtag unit that are going to push the empire's finest. These are my elite, the regulars you can find in the first page. Oh and I very much know (from personal experience) that detonators don't have red buttons on military detonators but it looks so good!
  3. So, I did the conversion, swapped a blaster for a E11 and a pointing hand (no pic right now) on a ranger and the blaster pistol on the Saboteur was cut of and a hand with an axe replaced it. Cut the axe off and the weight at its bottom too. The weight was glued to the top as a big round button. While painting the hand came off. I decided to pin it in place a pictures below show. The hand hole drilled in arm Glued, just some glue to remove/paint over.
  4. So it's been a while. I've been busy with painting Fantasy Battle 9th Age miniatures getting ready for a tournament. Lots of elves and other things to paint. Besides I also only had Rebel Saboteurs to paint and I wanted to convert them again, not having two Duros but one, and a human. I thought of doing a Rebel Trooper helm? No. A ISB Infiltratir head? Maybe. Alliance Ranger head? Yes, that's it. Here is a WIP: The Ranger got the ISB head instead. Will make one of the Rangers a Twi'lek also as I've seen somebody else done and I've already done with one Hired Gun. Hmm... now that I think of it. I will make a weapon swap on a Ranger for an E11 and one of the Saboteurs will lose a blaster for a Thermal Detonator. This will be fun.
  5. I use the same methods as mentioned above, well two of them. I have red base edges for the elites (blue for rebel elites) and gray for regular but also use different basing for different groups. ST have forest and space station for the two regular and desert for elites. Some extra battle damage for elites also work good. Tusken raiders are both group desert inhabitants so they got sand vs. cracked earth desert. Check my thread Etheneus painting to see the difference.
  6. Alright so here is Biv after trying to save the mistake I did with the Matt varnish. I applied a great deal of gloss varnish and then resprayed with Matt. Maybe can't tell by the pictures but his front is acctually okay, some small grey on the glove and boots. His back is still "snowy". Especially his boots and trousers but also hair and shoulder. While going through here you might think why/how I could fail with so many, especially after doing the mistake with the ISB infiltrators above. Well the ghosting on them were not so prominent and all the models in this post was sprayed with varnish at the same time, one after the other and I didn't see the mistake until they were dry. I tend to spray models when several are done instead of just one. After painting Biv I made Saska Teft. Had the same problem with her after putting on varnish although not as bad as Biv. In her case the front was hit worst and is not as great in coloration as before. My wookie elite... had to check, haven't even posted my regular ones will do... was also a bit grey but here no trace is left with the method mentioned above with gloss and reapply Matt. The weapons are from my Games Workshop Wood Elves. BT1 and 0-0-0 was also hit bad and BT1 is by far the worst one. I'm thinking of buying a new pack and remake him and use this one as a junk droid or something. I also had this problem with my Tusken raiders but except the gaffi sticks it's not a big show Regular on dune sea base (dark picture, sorry) Elite on cracked desert. Finally here is my Rodian Alliance Smuggler whom got away with gloss and reapplying matt.
  7. Haven't touched IA since the accident above. Haven't felt like it BT1 is screwed, nothing I did helped. Biv's front is okay but his back is not. Triple zero is okay as are the other figures that was sprayed at the same time. Will post pictures of that when I got some pictures. In the meantime here is, just finished, Boba Fett
  8. About Jabba: Best eyes ever! The rest is great to but the eyes the best
  9. Well this was a mistake to say the least. Again went to heavy with the varnish and the whole figure became grey. Biv is my best example since you can see him before varnish above, not that he was the most grey one. I’m trying to fix this by putting some gloss on the figures (BT1, 0-0-0 and others) will update if it works (seem to do it for triple 0 but not BT1)
  10. I have had little time to paint recently but took some time to do these guys. As you can see I keep converting things to not have to many clones, in this case two ISB infiltrator and one alliance smuggler had to lose their heads to make this happen. Also one infiltrator had to lose his arm for an armoured gauntlet (Games workshop bretonnia knight's arm) I didn't like the purple of the character art so painted them after agent Kallus from the Star Wars Rebels. The picture doesn't show it but the alliance smuggler head was accidentally cut in the left cheek so I painted it like a scar. Will try to make another picture of it. After the picture was taken I put on some varnish and then ard coat to make them shine a little but went a little overboard with the varnish making the figures look even more grey. This picture show better how I painted them.
  11. Imgur is another great program I use for uploading pictures and very good looking hired gun
  12. I know what you mean about the heat, we had our first rain in three months here in Sweden and I think you Germans have sent some firefighters to help us with all our bushfires. (So thanks for that) I absolutely love all your models and Leia is so excellent I don't even know which words to use to describe it. Let's just settle for excellent.
  13. As I said in the Humor and drama topic in the campaign forum. In my first play through of the app campaign BT-1 showed up in every single mission. I just had to paint him next so here he is with his partner in crime. (The bases are not finished)
  14. I played through the App campaign and in EVERY single mission BT-1 showed up, often close to Diala. He really had a grudge against the team, and I was so afraid of him that I put all to take him out before activating. He is next on the painting table.
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