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  1. I love what they do with x-wing balance and faq's,its not a perfect system but its clearly better than any other system out there and more balanced than it has ever been. What game Fantasy Battles game works better? Games with like 100 models in a typical game, not skirmish games.
  2. I love that they can easily update a weak unit just by making a few cards. Balance can be fixed at any time. Plus even my cheapest fantasy/kings of war armies cost 400$ plus.
  3. The Minis are of a higher quality and harder plastic than the Descent pieces. General, spearmen, cavalry and a Golem Which unit do you not want? There are only 4. Please tell me which Large scale 40 plus miniature on average, Fantasy battle Game that cost about 120$ or less would you suggest then?
  4. There are only 1 character and 3 units plus a Unit upgrade box. I have held a golem and they are hard plastic of good quality. 1 of each expansion box costs you 4x 18$ on several retailers websites and 75$ for the game which you split with a friend. Less than 100$ for every card in the game for atleast 8 months sounds like a steal to me.
  5. They are multi part to cast to make them easier, you would have worse mould lines and less detail with single piece casts.. The one way assembly is for new players. Experienced hobbyists can easily cut the pegs off and reposition things.
  6. Yes number 3 is very subjective, just my personal feeling. So are several of the others like choosing the undead because they paint faster. Sorastro is absolutely amazing. I just wish he had a speed painting guide. Also a brand new painter guide, about how to get the best results with very little highlighting. It was the highlights and finishing touches where I always ruined minis when I was new. Painting the eyes still haunts me.
  7. Just wanted to help people that are new to painting stuff like this. I have been painting fantasy battles for about 30 years. So I wanted pass on a few tips. 1. The undead can be painted 3x as fast as the Humans and will look much better if you are new. So If you aren't sure which faction go with the undead unless your sold completely on the humans. 2. Prime first, then paint the base color 2x as bright as the final color will be. 3. avoid the color scheme on the boxes and make your own. That way you and others wont be constantly mentally comparing them to the originals. 4. Paint bright, washes darken things a lot. 5. Don't judge you mini till the next day. Paint looks way differant after it sets a few days. Here is a quick guide for a good table top level skellie unit. 1. Double side tape on one side of a paint stir stick from a hardware store or a ruler. 2. Stick about 6 skeletons in the tape 2 inches apart 3. Hold them upside down and prime them white from below. Then flip them over and hit the tops stay very light with the paint. 4. spray a second coat of white because the first should still be showing grey through it was so light. 5. paint all the straps belts pouches etc. In tans, browns and greys. Paint metal in a medium silver. and a very dark gold or bronze. 6. pick a color for your cloth something that still looks good dirty. Blue, red, green, purple 7. Wash the whole miniature with a 50/50 mix of black and brown shade. Use the brush to remove puddles. 8. Use the original colors to touch up areas. Here is a speed painted example I did last night to teach a friend. following these steps. Primed then one color painted, shade and touch up its nothing fancy but looks great in a 24 man unit.
  8. No, but I froze every page when it was being flipped through in a video and magnified it to read. The Damage part could be taken either way.
  9. I was open to both interpretations, the rule book wasn't very clear. I was hoping and leaning towards yours.
  10. So a rune Golem has 4 armor and 2 wounds so it takes4 damage in one attack to do 1 wound. To kill the golem does it take 5 Damage in one attack or or 8? ?Do you have to meet the armor value every time to do 1 wound? How many hits to kill 2 golems outright in a unit of golems 7 or 16?
  11. Corona, Ca. also I am willing to help people learn to paint thie armies quickly, at shuffle and cut in La Habra, or Game empire in Pasadena. Thursday nights at 5pm. I have 30 years of Fantasy army painting experience.
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