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  1. Awesome. Can't wait . I am always looking for the increase in quality no matter how small.
  2. It dies to fast that small. After a ton of 200 point games I will never run reanimates smaller than 3x3. I have tried it often 3x2 and taking another lancer.
  3. 3x2 spearman w/ Kari 3x2 spearman w/war crier [4] 2x1 cavalry w/ rank discipline Has Been working great for me. But not as well as 3x3 reanimates w/ lancer 2x1 archers w/ rank discipline 2x1 archers w/ rank discipline ardus w/ancient technique lancer lancer 2x1 lancer w/rank discipline
  4. https://www.wargamingindustries.com/runewars
  5. 1. Prime in white 2. Use army painter red primer 3. Air brush red areas 4. Use citadels darkest red to start. red is always difficult over dark primer
  6. The solo worms flanking and getting 4 dice to mortal strike with has been key for me. Most Daqan players in my group are running 4 cav units. Single worms can also stand right in front of archers so they can't be charged and the archers still have line of sight.
  7. ++ Standard Army (Waiqar the Undying : Wave 0 (2017)) [200 Points] ++ Ardus Ix'Erebus [39 Points]: 1 Tray, Ancient Technique Reanimate Archers [22 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Rank Discipline Reanimate Archers [22 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Rank Discipline Reanimate Archers [22 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Rank Discipline Reanimates [50 Points]: 3x3 Trays + Siege + Carrion Lancers [15 Points]: 1 Tray Carrion Lancers [15 Points]: 1 Tray Carrion Lancers [15 Points]: 1 Tray ++ Total: [200 Points]
  8. Spearman will be able also when the lance corporal comes out.
  9. The biggest one was realizing what you can do with shifts modified by turns/wheels and how to work out colliding with the enemy with the side rear of your unit. Charging a unit behind you and to the side will be very new for people. Several times my leonx have charged things diagonal and behind them. I backed right into the enemy on a charge several times after shooting past in the early turns. Aliana 2 straight backwards charge won me a game.
  10. I have had a 2 sets for over a month and play 5 games on Thursday nights and 3 games usually Friday at a friends house. Saturday and Sunday I play with my Teenage sons. I have a full set of Proxy Elves dials Printed from the website and stuck onto old x wing dials. I am an all or nothing sort of guy lol.
  11. Yes I love the game. 200 points fixes all of Waiqars issues was my only point. No complaints here.
  12. Drop one of the reanimates for 2 more single worms and you have what is probably the strongest list in the game, with only what has been released so far.
  13. At 200 points it is reversed, very clearly
  14. I have about 45 games in at 200 points and assure you waiqar may even be too powerful. 3 archers, 3 solo worms, ardus and a block of reanimates is 10-0, in our group of 9 players. Being played by 3 Different people. 4 mortal strikes from a single worm is not uncommon. Flanking worms with 3 blue dice on a mortal struck cav unit is not joke. Ardus rolled up on a unit today that was unblighted. 5 surge icons rolled, used the first to to apply blight with the archers surge power then used the last 3 he used the worms surge power to kill 3, armor 3 cavalry.
  15. All of an armies rules and upgrade cards will be in thier armies upgrade boxes.
  16. Why are videos of Developers saying, you will get all the cards you can use in your faction within your faction boxes, somewhere., not enough for people?
  17. 6x3 every game 3 pieces of card board terain. Have been played about 35 games at 200, definitely no room for more units without making the game just run straight at each other. Placing terrain in the middle of the board 2.5 trays apart is a very common. Cutting off 3 feet of access to a 3 wide unit.
  18. He had 2 large spearman . He estimated his space poorly at the diagonal. But if you get 2 of the larger terrain pieces there is clearly not any extra room. Already have conga lines if you deploy against a refused flank. people are not realizing how much room things need to turn yet and how long it takes to go around one thing. I love the game! but it will always be 200 points, unless they decide to make it an upgrade arms race at 250. At 250 people would need to leave a unit out and take more upgrades.
  19. There is not enough room. The deployment zone and the table where packed in my 200 points games this weekend. We had the corner set up one game and my opponent couldn't even fit his last unit, because he deployed poorly in the space allowed and the rulebook says the unit is lost if it cant fit. 3 pieces of terrain and the board seemed full to the max. 200 points is the limit for sure.
  20. 1 one isn't being undestood without a diagram. So just leave it aside.
  21. So if Kari didnt have surge + she would do 4 sets or 2 damage never surpassing a carrions armor? but since she has + it does 8 damage In one group?
  22. Yes the second you become the defender you chose to use it or not.
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