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  1. 2 tray Deathknights charged a 9 tray oath sworn on turn 2. Turn 3 they died. Deaths Grasp killed 10 oath sworn over the next six turns, very cool.
  2. I am assuming Deaths grasp remains in play, even if the unit that applied it dies? I do not see anything that says otherwise.
  3. Their difficulty moving around terrain is key, most games I can dodge them all eight turns. Whilst killing the rest of their army. Every army I build has 4 wind runes. Set a terrain piece 2.9 trays from a board edge so they don't fit. then another piece 2.9 trays from a piece of terrain you opponent placed if you can, often they can be denied 1/3 of the board. With Latari I love to see them. Leonox get on it's flank and charge. Then next turn withdraw on initiative 2 or 3 depending if you have raven tabard. Receiving no attack back and reposition to do it again and I also have 2 Scion units with Vicious roots. I never run archers so they have no good target to lumber towards. Aliana on turn 8 with ambush predator and pack leaders spear gets you a few points off them if you need 1 mortal strike and 11 damage before any dice are rolled. Just charge on initiative 7 after their attack. But mostly dont run archers and run circles around them and root and run again.
  4. Always play a unit that can shoot and fight. Shooting prevents turlteing so does extreme movement 1. Never play without using a scenario. 2. run into them from outside of range 4 3. have 2 units of shooting 4.move around and trade a 15 point unit for a 20 point unit and move away yourself. 5. wind rune. 6. uncontrolled geomancer 7. dispatch runner you cant turtle against my 2 main lists 3 2x2 leonx raven tabard 3 2x1 scions raven tabard or 2 3x1 crossbowmen single golems and small cav with wind rune
  5. I play runewars at Gameology also. If he can't demo for you, I would be happy too. I have all of both factions. Weekdays at 12 are best for me. But I can do Saturdays also. socal runewars tmg on Facebook.
  6. Ok i will bite. A concern is only a very small worry. The most simple correlation I can think of is a card game I play test . The company makes a game where each deck is color coordinated. Blue, Red, Green, Black etc. The game was going great. Then the Blue deck got some of the red decks cards and they did not up the play testing time. But as a tester the combos to test where upped by 30% in the Blue deck. A few slipped through and 2 cards where banned in tournaments and new ones come up every time blue gets new cards, a never ending problem . Then Universal color cards where introduced into Black that came from the other 3. Mathematically the new combos where in the 100s above the norm. Now every time the put even one card into black you have to test 4 times as many games as putting a new card into red. In summary my concern is whether or not they realize this. To reiterate, concern is a small worry.
  7. I know how you feel I can't figure out your responses either . Have a nice day.
  8. Say we are play testing Daqan alone. About 5 lists can get us a good result because there are 4 units. with Kari that goes up to about 8 units. So 2x as many balance test games. If you do it well. with Anker you have 16 unit combos to test plus 12 new upgrade card interactions. It more work to test this right, than adding 2 new armies from scratch if it is fully tested.
  9. 12 units from the other factions would all need to be playtested using Waiqar upgrades on top of everything else that needs to be balanced.
  10. I also don't see anything preventing you from putting Ardus in the front of a Spearman unit or any other unique upgrade from Waiqar for that matter. I very worried about how all these combos can be playtested and balanced.
  11. How are you ruling that upgrades are purchased for units that do not belong to your faction? Does the Spearman unit in a Waiqar army take Daqan or Waiqar upgrades? Or I guess there's a third option if they get no upgrades at all . I hope the designers Rule that they get no upgrade at all .
  12. How are you ruling that upgrades are purchased for units that do not belong to your faction?
  13. I had a frontline golem, Kari, and a standard bearer left as my only models in a spearman unit. Also when the last spearman died there was still 5 damage left but no accuracy symbols. I have read the rules over and over no idea how to fix it. What am I overlooking? 38.4 figured it out
  14. That is how we have been doing it also. But Player 2 counting is the simplest , since it is up to Player 1 to play first when they have a unit with that initiative.
  15. There is no room for more than 200 points, In most of my games the deployment is nearly full. Several of my games have turned into conga lines and rugby scrums. 2 large pieces of terrain and 1 small, leaves you with only 2 viable fighting lanes most of the time..
  16. Once you play all the scenarios and a lot of 200 point games you will realize there is no room for an increase.
  17. 2 3x1 crossbows with rank discipline a big spear block and 2 cavalry. It would be extremely flexible.
  18. I am terrible at artsy ideas. Maybe viking style glyphs, or just a number at one end and a Faction Symbol.
  19. I would definitely buy them as is. I'm a big fan of your stuff. I would prefer them without the line, It comes off as messy. I like the range rulers a lot because its plain. I love love love the trays.
  20. I have no problem with the system. i have never had a Fantasy battles army that cost me less than 1000$, this game is a steal. Most armies take me 400 plus hours to build and paint. So worth every penny. I have 4 cores. So cheap per model.
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