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  1. Drakoniss

    10mm epic legion! I wish

    It would be the most amazing game ever to me. 5 troops to a base. So many at-ats. X-wings and tie fighters strafing!
  2. Drakoniss

    Smaller than a Football Field

    I wish legion was 10mm size. Epic Legion! I would never play anything else again.
  3. Drakoniss

    Health of the Game?

    It is an amazing game but you have to check your local area. Someone has to be leading and show up every week to keep people coming.
  4. The unit is allowed to make a shift. The direction is meaningless, because being allowed to shift causes you to use the terrain shift rules. The obscene special rules has additional text banning shifts in terrain. That would be the scuttle card if it was not allowed to shift using its special rule.
  5. Drakoniss

    Regionals Results Thread

    Small Regional today in SoCal. It was at a store that has no Runewars locals. So 4 of us Drove down to it. We knew it would be a small crowd. But we hope for atleast our monthly average lately of 6 at our Home store. There where 3 people that paid online but did not show up. 2 Uthuak 2 Waiqar Uthuak both won their first game 9-2 Then faced each other. 36 point Mov.
  6. Drakoniss

    Boxes shipping!

    Mostly threshers army won in North Carolina also.
  7. Drakoniss

    Boxes shipping!

    I won with Uthuk before the box was released at Gameology and just won a 6 man tournament with nothing but spined threshers on the table.
  8. Drakoniss

    Vorun thuul place in Waiqar list building

    I would seriously consider him with an all worm army of various sizes. Then try an all knight build, then try sprinkling wraiths in.
  9. Drakoniss

    The Future of Runewars

    Welcome In Southern California or league currently has 9. Developing a set night to play that other games are played. A busy shop is key to growing, when people see the game.
  10. Drakoniss

    Scout Excitement

    Spined threshers with scuttling horror can disengage from a flank. Before initiative 1
  11. Not only can you disengage from being flanked, you can them move up to 4 or charge some else in the same turn.
  12. Why o why did they not just give this to golems!
  13. Ravos. 2 2x1 spined threshers with scuttle and 2 2x2 flesh rippers with dead sprint, is a powerhouse. The key to stopping it is making sure you get control of 2 of the terrain pieces.
  14. Do not forget flesh rippers with dead sprint is super super strong also.